Registered Phenomena Code: 389

Object Class: Omega-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-climatological.png Climatological h-geological.png Geological h-sapient.png Sapient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-contact.png Contact h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature h-teleportation.png Teleportation
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-ecological.png Ecological h-organic.png Organic h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-389 is currently contained within the Nash Stream Forest in New Hampshire, USA. RPC-389 inhabits a 1.5 km radius around 44.7500, -71.4049, as per agreement with RPC-389.1 Warning signs of black bears in the area are to be posted roughly 0.5 km away from the border of the forest to limit the number of civilians encountering RPC-389. RPC agents disguised as park rangers are to be posted .1 km away from the border of the forest, ordering any civilians to turn back. Should any civilians breach the 1.5 km radius, they are to be tracked, amnesticized, and released. When entering the designated containment area, personnel are required to wear a respirator and hazmat suit. Skin-to-skin contact with RPC-389 is strictly forbidden; any personnel who breach this protocol must be kept under surveillance for approximately 4 hours, as well as issued a psychological evaluation and drug test. A designated RPC agent is to arrive at 44.7390,-71.3996 on the night of each half moon, both waxing and waning, entering the forest no earlier than 2 hours after sunset and departing no later than 2 hours before sunrise. The designated agent must wear the standard protective gear, and must carry the provided video camera. RPC-389 may make requests during these meetings. Any and all requests made by RPC-389 must be submitted to Researcher Brower for review. If a request for a physical object is approved, it is to be delivered to RPC-389 the following meeting.

RPC-389 is currently pending transfer to a bio-dome in Site-███. This transfer should be completed as early as possible. After thorough consideration, as of █/█/2021, transportation of RPC-389 has been deemed impossible at the current time. The creation of an OL-Site has been approved as of 11/25/2020 by Regional Director ████████.

Following the first successful harvest of produce grown inside RPC-389's inhabited area on █/█/2021, CSD personnel2 are to be stationed on site indefinitely. These CSD are to follow standard safety protocols when entering RPC-389's inhabited area. CSD personnel stationed at OL-Site-82 are tasked with the sanitary gathering of produce3 from the forest once a week. CSD being considered for transfer to OL-Site-82 are to have their files sent to Researcher Brower.4

Discovery: RPC-389 was discovered after an undercover agent infiltrated a cult based in New Hampshire and confirmed connections to an anomalous entity on █/██/2020. A task force was deployed, and all members were administered class G-2 amnestics except for the cult’s founder, Angeal H█████, who was detained and interrogated.

Description: RPC-389 is a female humanoid 6583 years of age, 2.4 meters tall (2.7 meters including antlers), weighing 164.2 kg. RPC-389 possesses several cervidae features along with disproportionately long limbs. RPC-389's fingernails are structured similar to animal claws. Despite RPC-389’s anomalous and active nature, it possesses a slight buildup of fat in its abdominal, inguinal, gluteal, and femoral regions. RPC-389 possesses a groomed coat of brown fur covering nearly its entire body, changing its shade and length seasonally.5 RPC-389's head resembles a bare cervidae skull, possessing antlers reminiscent of a common deer. Despite the lack of lips, RPC-389 is able to communicate in perfectly comprehensible and fluent English, French, Latin, German, Chinese, Russian, and Algonquin.

RPC-389 possesses regenerative properties; although, these abilities are limited by the amount of viable organic matter RPC-389 has access to. RPC-389 will manipulate the molecular structure of acquired organic matter, primarily of plant origin, into replacement cells. How RPC-389 is able to rewrite matter on a molecular level is currently unknown.

RPC-389 is able to teleport by dematerializing and rematerializing its body within a maximum range of 1,000 km. The teleportation process will typically last no more than three seconds. When using this ability, RPC-389 will retain all aspects of its physical form, including any existing injuries. RPC-389 does not appear to be able to apply this effect to anything other than its own physical form.

RPC-389 possesses control over local weather, climate, and geological phenomena. The majority of these abilities defy the first and second laws of thermodynamics, as changes in barometric pressure and temperature appear limited to the controlled area.

The 1.5 km radius RPC-389 inhabits is covered in a gaseous chemical agent, hereby referred to as RPC-389-1. RPC-389-1 appears to act as a benzodiazepine-like substance, preventing anxiety and encouraging a state of calmness. RPC-389-1 is extraordinarily fast acting, absorbed through the lining of the lungs. Human subjects of average build begin showing effects approximately 30-40 seconds after initial inhalation, with effects rapidly growing more noticeable; effects reach their peak after approximately 4 minutes of continued exposure.

RPC-389 secretes a substance through its skin on command, referred to as RPC-389-2, which is absorbed through the pores of human skin. This substance is usually administered in a controlled dose by RPC-389 and appears to be designed to induce dissociation in a human subject, leading to increased suggestibility. RPC-389-2 takes effect almost immediately; humans of an average build will show full symptoms after only 10 seconds of exposure. Such symptoms may last up to 4 hours after final contact.

The following is the first four interviews conducted with RPC-389. Subsequent interviews have obtained little to no critical information regarding the containment or overall nature of RPC-389. Interviews deemed not significant enough for addition into the main article are to be added to Document-389-IL.

The following is a list of forest regions previously inhabited by RPC-389.

The following is a log of any and all requests RPC-389 has submitted to the RPC Authority.

Notes provided by Researcher Brower.

The following are reports of incidents which have led to significant discoveries regarding the nature of RPC-389. Minor incidents, such as uneventful civilian amnestisation and release, are not listed.


RPC-389 has volunteered to submit to various medical tests at the request of the Authority. The following is a list of conducted medical tests, along with a summary of their results.

Notes provided by Researcher Brower.

On █/██/2021, RPC-389 requested a batch of various seeds of fruits and vegetables. This request was approved. Following this, various fully grown fruits and vegetables of the same type have been discovered in the area RPC-389 inhabits. These fruits and vegetables have shown to be of extraordinary quality, and upon further testing, have been proven safe for human consumption. An agreement has been made with RPC-389 to allow the RPC Authority the use of the food it grows, exporting them to various sites weekly.

The following is a record of which foods, and which amounts, are exported every week. The list is to be updated accordingly upon a noticeable change.

Notes provided by Researcher Brower.

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