Registered Phenomena Code: 388

Object Class: Omega-Orange

Hazards: Grouped, Mechanical, High-Velocity, Sentient, Informational, Organic

h-mechanical.pngMechanical h-sentient.pngSentient h-grouped.pngGrouped h-organic.pngOrganic h-infohazard.pngInformational fast-hazardHigh Velocity Hazard

Containment Protocols: A barbed wire fence that is 4 meters tall is to be erected around the RPC-388-A of RPC-388-B-321, and is to be patrolled by ASF personnel at all times. 160 Spotlights are to be mounted on this fence, and focused on RPC-388 at all times2. Both the electrical equipment and containment setup are to be moved along with RPC-388-A. Under no circumstances are personnel to get within 50m of RPC-388-A, or RPC-388.

During a relocation event, personnel are to evacuate from the RPC-388-A perimeter, MST Papa-4 ("Big Rig Vedas") is to be mobilized and will enact protocol Lambda-18 until RPC-388 enters a new constructive state.

Additionally, RPC-388-B are to have their own containment protocols designed by the Protocol Laboratory specifically for that instance.

Protocol Lambda-18 overview

Required Equipment
Name Designation Modifications (if applicable) Amount
Gray Eagle Military Drone Lambda-1 N/A 1
Boeing CH-47D Chinook Helix-1 Carries an Electromagnetic Polar Oscillator3 that can be raised an lowered by a complex winch and pulley system. 1
Boeing CH-47D Chinook Helix-2 Carries a large electromagnet that can be raised and lowered by a complex winch and pulley system. 1


  • Lambda-1 is to follow RPC-388 to the best of its abilities, and relay information to Helix-1 and Helix-2.
  • Helix-1 is to use its EPO to prevent RPC-388 from taking unwanted paths, such as through population centers.
  • Whenever a vehicle is seen in the path of RPC-388, Helix-2 is to remove the vehicle from the path of RPC-388 using its electromagnet.
  • This will continue until RPC-388 enters a new constructive state.

Description: RPC-388 is the designation given to the group of 6 biomechanical organisms that resemble construction vehicles, individually designated as RPC-388-1 through RPC-388-6 respectively. RPC-388-1 through RPC-388-6 possess various anomalous abilities/modifications that make them more effective at their respective tasks than traditional construction vehicles.

RPC-388-A is the designation given to the area in which RPC-388 creates structures in its constructive state. The structures created by RPC-388 are designated as RPC-388-B and always display anomalous properties of some kind. While in a constructive state, RPC-388 will completely ignore human subjects within RPC-388-A, and completely focus on the creation of RPC-388-B. RPC-388 is able to produce an RPC-388-B instance in a time span of roughly 3-4 months, with the quickest time of construction being 2 weeks and the longest being 16 months. No limit to the complexity of structures that RPC-388 is able to make has been discovered, as RPC-388 has been observed creating complex computer systems and organic matter with fully structured DNA.

RPC-388-1 resembles a front loader, that has extensive modifications to its loader lift arm, bucket, and hydraulic systems. Additionally, RPC-388-1's wheels have been replaced by wheel shaped organs made from a combination of flesh and bone. RPC-388-1's wheels have the ability to change into leg like structures which allow RPC-388-1 to traverse terrain that would be far too extreme for a regular front loader. While in a constructive state RPC-388-1 will dig foundations for RPC-388-B, and load the removed terrain into RPC-388-6.

RPC-388-2 is similar in appearance to a hydraulic excavator. The performance of RPC-388-2 suggests that modifications have been made to its treads, boom, arm, bucket, and hydraulic systems. Despite using treads RPC-388-2 is able to move at the same speed as the rest of RPC-388. RPC-388-2 is capable of drastically increasing the length of its boom and arm by separating at various seams allowing the flesh like material underneath the metal hull to expand. During a constructive state RPC-388-2 will dig molds for RPC-388-3 in order to make parts for RPC-388-B.

RPC-388-3 appears similar to a concrete mixer truck. The mixing drum on RPC-388-3 is completely hollow and houses a large biomechanical organ that is capable of producing a wide variety of chemicals by currently unknown means. During a constructive state RPC-388-3 will pour unknown chemicals into molds created by RPC-388-2, to create components for RPC-388-B.

RPC-388-4 appears to be mobile hydraulic crane. The winch and hook system has been replaced by a spherical fleshy organ the surface of which is covered in eyes of various size, shape, and colour. This organ is capable of projecting beams of cold plasma that are used by RPC-388-4 to move objects, and can be used in order to assemble pieces of RPC-388-B into full structures. Additionally, RPC-388-4 possesses the ability to strengthen the ground beneath it, which it uses to prevent itself from sinking into the ground when moving massive objects. During a constructive state RPC-388-4 will take completed components of RPC-388-B and assemble them.

RPC-388-5 appears to be crawler bulldozer. The blade and all mechanisms related to it have been replaced by an array of structures resembling eyes and other biological components that are capable of projecting cold plasma, taking the shape of the blade. RPC-388-5 can form the cold plasma into other equipment such as drills, pile drivers, lifts, and ect. Additionally, RPC-388-5 has the ability to deploy wings4 made of a thin flesh membrane stretched over a bone structure which grant it flight, allowing it to move at the same speed as the rest of RPC-388. During a constructive state RPC-388-5 will level the area in which RPC-388-B will be built.

RPC-388-6 is almost in distinguishable from a non-anomalous monster dump truck. The only observed difference between RPC-388-6 and a traditional monster dump truck, appears to be the replacement of the standard hydraulic tipper with a biomechanical organ resembling a hydraulic system. RPC-388-6 is capable of converting matter in its bucket into building materials and other objects. These materials can range in complexity from simple steel rebar to complex electrical systems.

The reason for RPC-388's reduced productivity during the day is believed to be the result of the optical devices used in RPC-388 being over stimulated. This results in RPC-388 having to filter out the extra stimuli, therefore reducing the amount of mental power available to for the construction of RPC-388-B. Forcing a decreased work speed. Additionally, RPC-388 will avoid areas with a rapidly fluctuating magnetic field, presumably due to RPC-388 perceiving it as a potential hazard.

Upon completion of RPC-388-B, and by extension its current constructive state, RPC-388 will begin a relocation event. During a relocation event, RPC-388 will leave RPC-388-A and move at approximately 50km/h towards the nearest road or highway in a single file line. When RPC-388 reaches a road or highway, it will rapidly accelerate to 150km/h. RPC-388 will make no effort to avoid collisions with vehicles it encounters on the road and will commonly run them over or off the road. During relocation events RPC-388 demonstrates an immense knowledge of all roads/highways that it's traveling on. Additionally, RPC-388 has shown the ability to go off-road for long distances.

At some point RPC-388 will reduce its velocity to 50km/h and exit the road/highway to go off road. During this period RPC-388 will go a distance of at least 21km away from the road/highway, before settling on a new RPC-388-A and enter a new constructive state. RPC-388 has never been documented to decelerate during a relocation event before this point.

Personnel with extended access to RPC-388 or information surrounding RPC-388 will occasionally report having dreams, designated as RPC-388-C, in which RPC-388 will be seen constructing a city. RPC-388-C are also reported to be much more coherent than other dreams that subjects may have.

Description Updated: Post RPC-388-B-32

Certain subjects that have knowledge about RPC-388 will occasionally have dreams in which they report having a conversation with an unknown entity, designated as RPC-388-C. Only subjects that have either work experience in construction or similar trades, knowledge/experience in industrial manufacturing, or a degree in an appropriate field will receive these types of dreams.5

RPC-388-C itself is described as being humanoid with an appearance similar to that of featureless wooden doll. RPC-388-C is also always described as wearing a black and white robe with various unknown unknown patterns visible on it, and a solid red tie. When RPC-388-C is present in a dream, it try to convince the subject to accept a job from RPC-388-C. Ways in which RPC-388-C has tried to convince subjects into selling their services include, but are not limited to:

  • Generous wages and benefits packages.
  • Extremely comprehensive dental coverage (70%-90% of all dental expenses covered).
  • Skills training and a red seal in their appropriate field (validity unknown).
  • The ability to make credible change in the course of human history.

If the subject refuses the deal offered by RPC-388-C, then no further anomalous effects will occur. It should also be noted that when the deal is declined by the subject, RPC-388-C will state that "[they] understand [the subject's] decision and will respect it." It's currently unknown exactly what happens if the subject accepts the deal. But the examination of various disappearances within OL-Site-105 has lead researchers to assume that subjects are taken by RPC-388-C. How this is accomplished and what RPC-388-C does with these subjects is currently unknown.



Recorded RPC-388-B instances

Recorded RPC-388-C interview transcripts

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