Registered Phenomena Code: 385

Object Class: Omega-White (UC)

Hazard Types: Teleportation Hazard, Infohazard, Mechanical Hazard, Sentient Hazard (Presumed), Extra-Terrestrial Hazard (Presumed)

Containment Protocols: All personnel operating within the limits of the Pacific Ocean are to be alerted to the existence and nature of RPC-385. Personnel are to additionally be advised to remove any valued items from their person should they encounter it as their loss will not be compensated for. Vessels travelling through the area are to be stocked with spare equipment and uniforms in the event that any are taken by RPC-385.

Due to the minimal threat presented to ongoing operations and past failures, no attempts are to be made to terminate or capture RPC-385. Patrols that encounter the anomaly are not to pursue it.

Description: RPC-385 is an unidentified flying object active throughout the Pacific Ocean. It is circular in shape and smooth across its surface. No means of propulsion are visible on the object's exterior, but it is nonetheless capable of extreme speeds and maneuverability; its maximum speed is unknown at this time.

Under usual circumstances, RPC-385 is completely undetectable to systems such as motion detectors, RADAR, audio-visual recorders, etc. As such, it can only be identified through the naked eye and mechanical, magnification tools. However, its propensity to maintain a distance of no less than 3 kilometers from human subjects makes this difficult.

RPC-385 possesses a localized infohazardous property. The precise range cannot be ascertained due to the nature of the object but is estimated to be between 3-5 kilometers. When a subject becomes aware of RPC-385's presence and then stops focusing on that information, a random item will disappear from their person. Upon the disappearance of an item, the affected subject will be immune to the object's infohazard for a 2 hour period. Exiting the area of effect will cause this temporary immunity without demanifesting an item. Removal of all items from an individual's person mitigates the effect of the infohazard but does not result in immunity from it. When no subjects are being affected by the infohazard, or if affected subjects come within 4 kilometers of land, RPC-385 will vacate the area.

Of note, when a hat of any kind demanifests, RPC-385 will radio broadcast unknown music of various length, similar to songs of a sanguine mood. Songs consist of purely instrumental tracks played with unidentified instruments.

Discovery: RPC-385 was first reported by Authority agents present in the US Navy on 19/04/1951. Originally on assignment to identify People's Liberation Army's Special Directorate assets in the East China Sea, the agents present on the U.S.S. [REDACTED] reportedly observed the object rapidly descend from the sky and hover above the horizon. The vessel's crew panicked upon initial observation and opened fire after multiple failed attempts at communication. RPC-385 avoided all volleys fired by the vessel. The U.S.S. [REDACTED] then retreated to port whereupon visual contact was lost with the anomaly. Following this incident, 219 items were reported missing by the crew, with 163 of these items being service hats.

Addendum 385-1: The following test logs have been declassified to level 1 security clearance for the purpose of clarity on RPC-385.

Date: 19/02/1956
Procedure: Agent Casanova was to be stripped down and have all items removed from his person. He was to then converse with Researcher Williams until a period in which an object would normally demanifest.
Results: Subject was unaffected for the 3 hour duration of the experiment, but had their shirt demanifest upon attempting to redress.

Date: 03/07/1956
Procedure: Personnel at the nearest port to RPC-385 were to be informed of its presence. They were to then converse with one another until a period in which an object would normally demanifest.
Results: Subjects were unaffected for the 3 hour duration of the experiment.

Date: 14/01/1957
Procedure: Agent McNamara was to be amnesticized upon being exposed to RPC-385.
Results: Subject's left sock demanifested upon amnesticization.
Notes: It takes months to find this thing every time. We have to start being more economical with our research opportunities. - Head Researcher Donald

Date: 04/10/1957
Procedure: A Protection pilot was to attempt to deploy a tracking device on RPC-385. Subject was equipped with an F-102 Delta Dagger aircraft. A decoy vessel was deployed to assist in locating the anomaly.
Results: RPC-385 began to flee once subject came within 3 kilometers of it. After being chased for 918 kilometers, RPC-385 suddenly began to rapidly ascend. Contact was lost with it and the operation was deemed a failure. 7 minutes later, personnel again reported it following the decoy vessel. Further requests to pursue were denied.

Date: 30/11/1960
Procedure: 3 Protection pilots were to attempt to ground RPC-385. Subjects were each equipped with an F-102 Delta Dagger aircraft. Subjects were authorized to neutralize the object if necessary. A decoy vessel was again deployed.
Results: Same results as last experiment. RPC-385 avoided all damage and fled. Test aborted 340 kilometers into pursuit.
Notes: I'm fucking sick of this. Let it be at this point. If it wanted to do something it clearly already would've. I'm not spending another summer hunting this thing across the largest ocean in the world. - Head Researcher Donald

Addendum 385-2: On 13/04/2015, an incident occurred on the Authority naval vessel [REDACTED] during which Agent Sherman's mobile device was demanifested by RPC-385 during a video call with Agent Bells. A transcript of this call has been created based on descriptions provided by both agents.

<Begin Log>

Extraneous dialogue removed.

Agent Bells: Can't imagine why they'd do that, seems rather short sighted, don't ya think?

Agent Sherman: I'm not Secretary of State man. Quite frankly I don't think i-

Agent Sherman's phone demanifests due to RPC-385. Video feed shows a dark, metallic room filled with humanoid figures constructed from various, random objects. Objects include clothing, tools, containers, etc. Figures are posed as if performing activities such as maintenance, sweeping, stacking containers, and pointing towards the ceiling.

Agent Bells: ████? You there? What happened?

Audio and video feeds are lagging and cutting considerably. Mechanical creaking can be heard emanating from above as a white light fills the room and the phone is lifted into the air. Phone is turned to face a large, crystalline, compound eye which now encompasses entirety of video feed.

Agent Bells: What the he- Is this… a prank? Or… are you… some kinda phe- ooooh right RPC-385… You must be… related to that… Uuuuuh, would you, mind submitting to an interview?

A vocalization, presumed to be in an unknown language, is heard before the call is ended.

<End Log>

This marks thus far the most successful, if accidental, attempt at communicating with RPC-385/its possible crew.

Addendum 385-3: Listed below is an abridged list of known items which RPC-385 has demanifested. A full list is available to any level 2 personnel.

217 shirts
381 right gloves
210 left socks
873 food items
19 wallets (contents left behind)
1 wallet
405 power tools
103 crates (varying size) (contents left behind)
2 pints of 2% milk (containers left behind)
117 weapons (ammunition left behind)
5392 Hats

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