Registered Phenomena Code: 385

Object Class: Beta-Yellow Neutralized (see Addendum-4)

Hazard Types: h-organic.png Organic Hazard h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-auditory.png Auditory Hazard h-memory-alteration.png Memory-Alteration Hazard

Containment Protocols: All historical records of "Wojtek the War Dog" are to be erased or labeled as a hoax by the DHPS1.

Description: RPC-385 is a male Canis lupus familiaris3 of a mixed breed. Despite RPC-385 's physical examination indicating it to be just an average adult male member of its species, for currently unknown reasons RPC-385 gained sapience and is capable of fluent speech in the Polish tongue and has a B-level understanding of both English and German. Its ability to converse, however, is often impeded by its non-human voice box. Additionally, RPC-385 was noted to possess the knowledge necessary for the operation of military technology from the middle of the 20th century including tanks, artillery, and light machine-gun.

Prolonged interaction involving conversation centered around RPC-385's recollection of its time in the military will result in the subject (now designated RPC-385-1) fabricating fake memories of itself and RPC-385 participating in numerous real and fabricated military actions during the World War 2. All instances of RPC-385-1 are convinced that the described events occurred despite their improbability. The extent of RPC-385's ability can result in instances of RPC-385-1 developing PTSD4 and other mental disorders commonly associated with Frontline combat. Audio recordings of RPC-385 lack this anomalous property and therefore are a safe method of recording an interaction. RPC-385 was noted to mention various stories while conversing, with some of the recurring tales including:

  • RPC-385 and RPC-385-1 flying over the Geneva lake in the British Supermarine Spitfire
  • RPC-385 and RPC-385-1 fleeing occupied Poland by train
  • RPC-385 and RPC-385-1 stealing rations from a German military camp
  • RPC-385 and RPC-385-1 being members of a tank crew operating TKS tankette
  • RPC-385 and RPC-385-1 participating in the Normandy Landing of 1944

Discovery: RPC-385 was discovered by Authority's field agents during post-war Eastern Europe sweep of ██/09/1945 in the town of ██████████ (Mazovia Province, Poland). RPC-385 was found living with its owner's (Cpl. Julek █████) in the remote part of the town. Upon the Authority's intervention, it had been noted that RPC-385 had already become an urban legend amongst the Polish soldiers and resistance fighters, with RPC-385 having its rank (Sgt.), serial number and payroll. RPC-385 was seized by the field agents following which all the residents were administered Class-G amnestics.

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