Lucy in the Sky





Registered Phenomena Code: 384

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-384 is to be kept in a containment cell in Site-002 and provided luxuries such as music and drawing equipment at the discretion of the head researcher. At 3pm every day the subject is to be isolated in this containment cell and must remain there for the hour. Under no circumstances must LA-384/RPC-384-1 be taken from RPC-384, and any who do so are to be warned if this is their first infraction, reprimanded if it isn't.

If any testing is to occur CSD are to be used. Researchers and ASF personnel are prohibited from volunteering (see Test-03) however containment personnel wanting to volunteer will need to see Researcher ████ for adjudication.

Experimentation is limited to CSD personnel, and requires the permission of two researchers with Level 3 clearance.

— Site Director ██

In the event RPC-384 enters a distressed state, Authority personnel may not enter the containment chamber unless wearing an issued gas mask.

Description: RPC-384 is a female human of English descent, weighing 65.4 kg and measuring 160 cm tall. The attire of 384 consists of a white summer hat, 384-1 (otherwise known as LA-384), a rainbow dress that ends at the knees, polka dot leggings and red flat shoes1.
RPC-384's behaviour is categorised as very friendly, social and outgoing, despite periods of "aloofness". 384 additionally does not appear to require sustenance, but is capable of voluntarily consuming nutriments/beverages.

RPC-384 claims that it originates from the 1968 film "The Yellow Submarine." 384 often refers to its place of birth as "Pepperland", claiming to have voluntarily departed said location for the purpose of exploration and "to search for the Beatles."2.
There is currently no evidence to fully determine both RPC-384's place of birth and motivations. Please see Addendum-04.

RPC-384 also references lyrics of the Beatles albums "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”,“Magical Mystery Tour” and “Revolver" in dialogue. This appears to be an involuntary effect on 384's behalf, as they do not appear to exhibit awareness or recognition of said effects. In some cases, 384 will make several quotes in quick succession (whether they’re relevant to the conversation of not is still undecided), leading to them becoming confused3.

RPC-384-1 (or alternatively known as LA-384) is a pair of big, wire framed glasses that when worn by a humanoid creates an animated kaleidoscope effect to onlookers, however no effects to the users have been noticed. When used by researchers who commonly use prescription glasses, they noticed no improvement of vision and thus 384-1 has been classified as purely cosmetic. RPC-384 becomes extremely distressed when 384-1 is not on her person, and due to its effects being purely cosmetic, RPC-384 is allowed to keep wearing them to ensure continued good behaviour.4

RPC-384 has a passive effect on nearly any person interacted with, which will make the person more positive to social situations and overall induce a state of agreeableness. However, at 3pm in whatever timezone 384 is inhabiting, a new state will activate, which will be cued by them rising into the air and hovering 80cm off the ground. 384 will then produce a sphere of influence, rendering people inside it unconscious and with psychedelic dreams. The overall ratio of regular states and negative states during experimentation stands at: 5 regular : 1 negative. This does not count the █ negative states intentionally induced by 384.

Regular states seem to use the subject's consciousness and memories to enact a dream state of sorts constructed out of their own mind. Many depict typical psychedelic imagery mixed with images and concepts popularised/associated with The Beatles; and taking part in events that resonate with the subjects in particular ways. These events appear to vary in disturbing content, but the more severe events can lead to depression, anxiety and in some cases, suicide.

Negative states have never been described by testers as whatever events witnessed usually leave them with a fear of people, speaking only in Beatle quotes and complete delirium. RPC-384 has taken to call these states “an overdo” or “overdone”. 384 also appears to use these negative states defensively by creating an instant but small area of influence which immediately subjects a person to negative state properties. 384 is able to use this mechanism when they feel threatened, and they are able to expel it once they feel safe again.5 An Authority issued gas mask has been confirmed to bypass this mechanism.

RPC-384 seems to be observed in nearly all psychedelic states, either as a cause or a contributor to the events. When asked about the activation of this state and her involvement, 384 stated “It’s the magical mystery tour! I want to help people, with a little help from my ‘friends', of course!”. Upon further investigation, it appears there is no evidence of any outside forces contributing, and it has been assumed that a portion of this statement was unconsciously said. On the contrary, there is evidence to say that RPC-384 has total control over these states given early testing and Interview-01.6

Discovery: RPC-384 was discovered in a local church in Liverpool, England. Authority agents posed as guards of a nearby mental ward and were able contain her before 3pm. This was due to an anonymous call warning of “a damaged girl that can do serious harm”. Any witnesses to 384 were administered amnesties and the town was closely monitored for any signs of Maximilian ████, who was credited as the creator/owner of RPC-384, as put by the anonymous caller.

Experiment logs:

Addendum-04: File-384 and Letter

A portfolio on RPC-384 was mailed to an Authority site 3 days after the anonymous phone call. It appears 384 was created by one Maximilian ████ as an entry piece into the Academy of True Art.

The Portfolio is currently under study by Researchers to further understand RPC-384's properties

A message was mailed along with the Portfolio:

Now you see why we called you.
It’s a shame the Academy brings the likes of these psychotic individuals to our doors, but we usually handle this ourselves, calling your Organisation as a last resort. This was a special case as Maximilian has been asking for admittance for 5 years now, and with each year he has brought us a piece more disturbing than the last. This was the last straw and we called you as soon as we separated Maximilian from Lucy during his audition. We were hoping to set a trap for Maximilian by leaving Lucy in Liverpool and calling your agents, however Maximilian was able to evade capture. This could be somewhat problematic to your Organisation, as Maximilian will surely look to outdo himself for next year’s admittance. We will try coercing him to create safer projects, but if that isn’t possible we will release his personal information to your Organisation to ensure he is incarcerated and never able to create another work. I surely hope your Organisation has found his previous 4 pieces, for the sake of the public more than ours.

As for Lucy, please go easy on her. She’s been through so much suffering and deserves a rest. We can firmly say she is in her own way sound of mind, and won’t attack someone for no reason like the other people you may have there. But nevertheless, we'll just repeat again: Please be nice to her, she is still an innocent person at heart.

Regards: Dali and Lennon - Professor on Surrealism & Curator of Music
L'Academia della vera arte

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