Photo of RPC-383 prior to containment


Registered Phenomena Code: 383

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-contact.png Contact h-electromagnetic-force.png Electromagnetic Force h-radiation.png Radiation h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional

Containment Protocols: No non-Authority individuals are to be within Stirling Castle after it has closed to the public. Any civilians found to have entered Stirling Castle after this time are to be administered Class A-1 amnestics and handed to the local authorities as trespassers. After it has been determined that no non-Authority personnel are within Stirling Castle, monitoring equipment is to be placed near the French Spur of Stirling Castle, but not within the diameter of RPC-383, as they have been known to damage electronics in the past. Individuals are not to enter the space in which RPC-383 manifests between 8 PM and 4 AM British Summer Time, or 7 PM and 3 AM Greenwich Mean Time. Data gathered from monitoring equipment is to be sent to Site-007 for analysis. In addition, due to close proximity, RPC-383 is to be considered under the jurisdiction of Site-007, and any concerns or requests regarding the anomaly are to be directed to Site-007 personnel.

Description: RPC-383 is an inter-dimensional anomaly located in Stirling, Scotland. It has consistently manifested on the French Spur of Stirling Castle, at times between 7 PM and 3 AM GMT. RPC-383 manifestations are generally characterized by floating lights, crackling/popping sounds, and visual distortions. There are exceptions to this however, such as the incident outlined in Addendum-A. RPC-383 events can also be identified by changes in local electromagnetic forces, spikes in radiation, and drops in local coherency. Such changes have been minor, and not enough to warrant a higher level of security or concern. However, direct contact with any RPC-383 events is dangerous, as the effects are far more concentrated within the space itself, especially when coming into contact with any of the visual abnormalities of an RPC-383 event. Testing regarding this has concluded that contact with an RPC-383 event could cause radiation poisoning, electrocution, and coherency-related injuries/malformations.
RPC-383 events are believed to be the result of regular testing in an alternate reality. This hypothesis is based upon a particularly quality recording of an RPC-383 event and the circumstances under which it was obtained, the regularity with which the event occurs, and the effects produced by RPC-383 events. While such conclusions are largely speculative, they are generally accepted as the most likely explanation as such effects are a potential theoretical result of low coherency testing. As for what is being tested, theories are far less conclusive but are primarily split between inter-dimensional travel and weaponry. Proponents of the inter-dimensional testing hypothesis propose that the cause for such tests breaching into our reality is that it is an intentional action, and that the changes in coherency are typical of instances of inter-dimensional travel. Diversely, proponents of the weapons testing theory suggest that the radiation and electromagnetic energy is a result of a weapon firing. They also propose that the reason it has breached into our reality may simply be an unintended side effect of a weapon test, and that the events described in Addendum-A are indicative of such.

Discovery: RPC-383 was discovered in 1965 due to a local newspaper report of supernatural events in Stirling Castle during the night. Upon investigation an RPC-383 event was witnessed by Authority agents, during which the photograph shown in this article was obtained. Shortly after, a temporary containment was established under the guise of restoration work, while a long term solution was being devised. During this temporary containment, the regularity with which the event occurred was discerned. Through this understanding the more permanent containment protocols were established.

Addendum-A: On 13/11/1983, at approximately 11 PM GMT, during an RPC-383 event a particularly large light manifested, while a spike in radiation and electromagnetic interference was measured. Shortly after, while not visible to the naked eye, an X-Ray laser manifested. It was mostly below the soft X-Ray threshold, and no signs of any lasting effects were found in the surroundings. During this, a recording was obtained, which can be heard below.

Addendum-B: On 21/08/2002, at approximately 2 AM BST, during an RPC-383 event a piece of radioactive material manifested within RPC-383. Personnel were quickly dispatched from Site-007 and when the interval during which RPC-383 manifests had ended, obtained the sample and quickly determined whether the local area had become irradiated or not. Upon determining it was, Stirling Castle was closed to the public for a week under the pretense of a termite infestation. During this time Authority personnel cleaned any remaining radiation, and monitored the anomaly for any more instances of radioactive material. Luckily, as the radioactive material was small, the clean up was relatively cheap and quick, and mostly consisted of replacing the turf on the French Spur.

Addendum-C: The sample obtained in Addendum-B was found to be a piece of Neodymium glass. Its appearance and irradiated status is believed to have been caused by a nuclear detonation. This would explain the spikes of radiation and electromagnetic interference detected in RPC-383 instances, as such effects could be expected from a nuclear detonation, though why it would breach into our reality is unclear. It is worth noting that early experiments in attempting to produce X-Ray lasers used Neodymium glass. This may explain the X-Ray laser detected in Addendum-A, as it may be related to the theorized testing being conducted.

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