Exterior of the Quarantine Zone.


Interior of the Quarantine Zone.

Registered Phenomena Code: 382

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Toxic Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: Perimeter walls that measures 5.9 meters tall and 1.8 deep in the ground, along with electrical barbed wires were constructed around the Quarantine Zone of OL-Site-132, as to contain and prevent instances of RPC-382 from escaping. Due to the unavailable to transport the instances of RPC-382, OL-Site-132 was retrofitted with a permanent research facility outside of the Quarantine Zone. Any suspicious activity observed within the Quarantine Zone are to be reported to security personnel immediately.

By no means should onsite personnel enter the Quarantine Zone without the approval of the Director of OL-Site-132. However, upon approval, personnel are to be accompanied by four security personnel, and wear a Level B hazardous material protection suit as the Quarantine's atmosphere is environmentally contaminated with high levels of cyanogen chloride (See Addendum 382.01).

Progressing further into the ecological habitat of the instances of RPC-382 is strictly prohibited. In the event of a containment breach, all instances of RPC-382 that are attempting to breakout of the Quarantine Zone are to be immediately terminated on sight.

Description: RPC-382 refers to a species of sentient organisms that resemble the spider species of Lycosa Tarantula, but are different in terms of size towards their counterpart, which a matured instance can be measured at 2.48 meters tall and weighing at approximately 975 kilograms.

Instances of RPC-382 have a unique chemical within their poison gland that releases a neurotoxin upon initial injection onto a subject. These neurotoxins would later develop into cells at an accelerating rate, which overtime have been observed to developed into these invertebrate eggs that would later appear on the subject's skin as bulging boils around their body, and can appear hundreds— if not thousands over the period of twenty four hours. Upon initial injection within twenty four hours, these aforementioned eggs will hatch by bursting and instantly kill the subject in the process.1 The deceased corpse of the subject will then be used as a food source for the developing instances of RPC-382. (See Addendum 382.02)

RPC-382-1 refers to a larger sentient than RPC-382 instances that have been identified to act as a principal leader towards the RPC-382 instances, which is highlightened by the facts that RPC-382-1 appears differently as it has a larger abdomen; six white eyes; and appearing to be accompanied by six instances of RPC-382 that have also been observed to act as a security guards towards RPC-382-1. However, information regarding RPC-382-1 is currently unavailable as previous attempts to attempts to main visual contact have been unsuccessful, and the latest visual contact of RPC-382-1 was in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Arachnologists stationed within the permanent research facility of OL-Site-132 have been studying RPC-382, and have discovered that they have a defensive feature that involves web projectiles from their abdomen. These webbings have been analyzed to be ten times tougher than a Level IIIa ballistic armor.2

The ecological habitats found within the Quarantine Zone are built and hosted by RPC-382, and are widely believed to be massive habitats for incubation of captured and injected subjects. Under the orders of the Director of OL-Site-132, along with the approval of the Global Directors, the termination of these ecological habitats are to be operated once per month as a means to control the rapid population increase of RPC-382.

Discovery: In ██/██/██, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was monitoring an unidentified object that had passed through Kepler-186f as it drifted off course at an accelerating rate, which was estimated to be traveling at the cruising speed of [DATA EXPUNGED]. By the ██rd, the unidentified object had collided with a military satellite upon entering the Earth's orbit, and crashing onto a nearby isolated town in ██████████, Arizona, USA.

Following the object's initial crash in Arizona, a U.S Army detachment was dispatched to investigate and contain the crash site, and established a military exclusion zone around the vicinity of the crash site. A decontamination center was also established due to environmental concerns of extraterrestrial bacteria, or other organisms that may threaten the Earth's biosphere.

During the initial phase of decontamination, communications with onsite military personnel failed to report back prior to their check-in three hours ago. Eighteen hours later, the military exclusion zone had gone silent, along with the nearby town of ██████████, Arizona. The U.S Army had then expanded the perimeter of the military exclusion zone into a five mile radius, and redesignated the area as the Quarantine Zone. Due to the unsuccessful attempts to maintain security and communications within the Quarantine Zone the Authority was shortly contacted, and had immediately took over onsite operations.

Addendum 382.01: Environment Report of the Quarantine Zone.

The Quarantine Zone had been analyzed by onsite environmental specialists, and discovered that the atmospheric levels contained high concentrated levels of cynaogen chloride. It's currently unknown to how the atmospheric levels were altered, but it has been theorized that the crashed object within the military exclusion zone had released some sort of chemicals that merged with other chemicals, such as sodium cyanide, to form cyanogen chloride.

With concerns of these atmospheric levels spreading outside by onsite management, a controlled ventilation system was constructed to control the atmospheric levels that entered and exited out of the Quarantine Zone.

Addendum 382.02: Transcript of Neurotoxins Experiment.

On ██/██/██, Dr. Rieper was supervising the experiments of the neurotoxins sample that was taken from a captured specimen from the Quarantine Zone. An ASF Team, equipped with Flamethrowers, were standing by outside of the testing chamber for the termination of CSD-24738.

Note(s): The experiment was to observe the administer, and the biological side effects of the neurotoxins reacting within the human body.

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