Registered Phenomena Code: 379

Object Class: Omega-Yellow

Hazard Types: Climatological, Extra-Dimensional, Teleportation, Destabilization


Puerto Pirámides.

Containment Protocols: RPC-379 is surrounded by a perimeter of Protection and Research Division assets, prepared for the deployment of supply and reinforcement missions within ALTR-1313. This perimeter possesses a large number of potent floodlights to illuminate RPC-379 and the crater under it. A secondary perimeter has been erected 5km away from RPC-379 to prevent civilian entry. Both of these perimeters are designated OL-Site-379.

OL-Site-379 is primarily staffed by a Protectorate task force composed of personnel from the Firezone Rescue, Trauma Team and Neutralization Team subdivisions, prepared for swift aerial deployment to ALTR-1313 in case extant Authority forces require urgent support. Basic Security Rotation ASF forces currently guard the outer perimeter.

A Research Division Anomaly Experimentation Team is currently investigating potential ways to open alternate gateways to ALTR-1313 or reverse the manifestation of RPC-379.

Plans for the reintegration of Puerto Pirámides' citizens are currently ongoing; amnestics have been deemed an insufficient measure for the reparation of operational security — primarily due to the strain mass amnesia would provoke in the public conscious —, and as such testing with alternative methods (such as Extergito Glyphs) are ongoing.

Development of antimemetic shielding for RPC-379 and its surrounding crater is ongoing. A long-term amnestic and gaslighting campaign will be necessary to eliminate the city of Puerto Pirámides from the public consciousness.

All transcripts on this file have been translated from Spanish.

Description: RPC-379 refers to a massive spatial anomaly currently occupying an area of approximately 6km2 in the province of Chubut, Argentina, whose manifestation displaced the coastal city of Puerto Pirámides into an alternate reality designated ALTR-1313. RPC-379 is suspended 50m above ground. Its surface is black in colouring and is constantly shifting in shape, acting as the single known entry to ALTR-1313.

The exact conditions within ALTR-1313 are obtuse, but the following characteristics are known;

  • Primarily composed of a red sand-like substance, save for the intact parts of Puerto Pirámides
  • Constant strong winds, shifting between 80 and 140km/h moving northwest
  • Presumably volatile temperature — the exterior of structures is known to spontaneously combust
  • A faint sun-like light source is occasionally visible through the constant sandstorms

RPC-379 abruptly manifested on May 26, 2020 following two weeks of anomalous activity throughout Puerto Pirámides. Originally being approximately 2.3x its current size, it gradually shrunk after manifestation, leaving a significant crater along the coast that has since been filled with sea-water.

Audio and video communications with Authority assets and civilians inside the anomaly is maintained via a set of two interconnected Gen-5 Reznor Reality Observation Engines. However, maintenance of both devices is intensive and their functioning unreliable, a situation exacerbated by the extreme conditions of ALTR-1313.

RPC-379 is a one-way entry to ALTR-1313; all personnel and equipment entering it will remain inside indefinitely.


Addendum 379/1: Incident Response

Following the manifestation of RPC-379, SOUTHCOM entered high alert and mobilized a large number of Protectorate assets, along a team from the Protocol Laboratory and an emergency deployment from the Engineering Component, establishing the initial structures of OL-Site-379.

The nature of RPC-379 was quickly discovered by the Prolab team, noticing that seawater that entered into contact with the anomaly seemed to disappear inside it. Testing with other objects confirmed that matter in contact with RPC-379 was being "absorbed".

A Protectorate scout drone was requisitioned from the area by the Prolab team with the intent of discovering the destination of matter absorbed by RPC-379. By then, its properties were suspected by Physics Department researchers, and the drone underwent significant alterations before deployment — namely, its control terminal and receptor upgraded with a set of experimental signal amplifiers that proved vital in maintaining communication with the drone.

Despite numerous attempts to resume contact with the drone employed for the above exploration, communications with the other side of RPC-379 — newly designated ALTR-1313 — remained impossible for the following week. Collaboration between the Protectorate and Engineering Component units proved vital in developing a method to reliably deliver materiel; roughly cylindrical containers constructed from on-site cannibalized materials were built to withstand a drop of approximately 300m without harming their contents, and dropped from a rescue helicopter above RPC-379.

These containers were equipped with parachutes requisitioned from nearby OL-Site-███ in order to ease the delivery, using the wind of ALTR-1313 to carry containers away from the center of the city, then breaking before leaving it entirely, hopefully dropping them in the outskirts and avoiding the civilian population.

While this last invention proved half-functional in testing — intentionally-weakened parachute tethers would break too soon, potentially dropping containers dangerously close to civilians — the first delivery attempt was carried out on June 4th, carrying a set of sixteen hand-held two-way radios, together with one base station unit powerful enough to allow rudimentary communication between ALTR-1313 and OL-Site-379.


Addendum 379/2: ALTR-1313 Status (June 2020)

OAS UNIT-254 REPORT - 17/06/2020

------- -------

I am glad to announce that thanks to the collaboration of Anomaly Experimentation Teams Spike and Hammer, my unit is making smooth progress in our investigation of ALTR-1313. What follows is a sum of our discoveries;

ALTR-1313 is not quite similar in constitution to what we'd normally designate "ALTR" — it is not quite an ALTernate Reality —, but instead is more akin to the small pockets of existence that populate the nothingness between alternate realities, however unique in terms of stability. This has two relevant effects.

  1. It will be significantly harder, perhaps impossible, to open a two-way gate into ALTR-1313. Although Project Portal was halted in development short from its primary goal, the remains of the investigation at Site-014 point very clearly to the conclusion that "signatures" from these pockets are variable or nonexistent. This means that the RPC-379 anomaly is a dimensional rift of uniquely stable properties, which signifies that;
  2. It may be possible to reverse the manifestation of RPC-379. Team Hammer8 has solid proof that the immediate surroundings of Puerto Pirámides have a difference of about +0.5 in coherency to the rest of ALTR-1313, with the difference point being a circumference approximately 3km away from the Municipality Square. While normally negligible, the area in question is consistent with the size of RPC-379, which leads this unit to believe that the manifestation of the anomaly consisted in a form of dimensional folding - a process by which a fragment of space is transported to an area of equal size in a pocket of reality "smaller" than the origin reality. Thus, RPC-379 is the remnants of this ongoing process; a process that may be reversed with the intervention of a set of phenomena that have not been replicated to date, dubbed the Actuating Set.

The above theory is nearly impossible to reliably test without access to RPC-379, and the Unit fears that it may risk the continued existence of the anomaly. Thus, research on the matter will be inevitably slow.

We encourage the Protectorate Rangers and civilians inside of ALTR-1313 to continue to hold on while we investigate this possibility. Do not give up just yet.

------- -------

— Aaron Torquemada, Physics Department Unit-254


Addendum 379/3: June 24th Incident

ALTR-1313 24/06/2020



[The inside of the Municipality building is dark; several windows line the walls of the entry hall. Red light floods in from the outside, vaguely illuminating the silhouettes of numerous civilians and Protectorate Rangers huddling against the North wall. Assault rifles, handguns and a pair of grenade launchers are recognizable amongst Rangers and civilians alike. Everyone's clothes are baggy and have long sleeves, but most are ruffled back. Other pieces of clothing are wrapped around their heads and necks; some are using goggles.]

[The camera is located beside a corner, facing the westmost window in the North wall. Heavy breathing is audible, as well as the slight echoes of movement and certain panic in innermost segment of the Municipality. Rangers and civilians occassionally peek out the windows, struggling to see anything beyond the red sand; despite this, it is evident that the sandstorm has waned, and the shapes of nearby buildings are visible.]

[A civilian peeks once more on a window, his face becoming briefly visible; he is recognized as Mayor Alejandro Postolovsky. He wields an assault rifle confidently, but is visibly afraid and his hands slightly tremble. He whispers to a Ranger beside him.]

POSTOLOVSKY: Hey, Lara. You think it went for the restaurant?

KEEGAN: It might've.

POSTOLOVSKY: Maybe check with them. We should go help.

KEEGAN: Give it a few minutes, radio chatter could get someone in deep shit.

POSTOLOVSKY: Right, right.

[A few minutes pass in total silence.]

[A loud noise then alerts everyone; the hall is briefly lit by sparks showering from the ceiling, as well as old ceiling lamps. Some have burned away and do not shine. The others quickly lose brightness. Whispers of relief are audible. A brief fire engulfs the shape of a building outside. A few heads peek in concern.]

[Half a dozen oblong shapes fall from above in quick succession, piercing the red sand beneath them and audibly crushing the asphalt of the streets. They have the aspect of crustacean legs, but are gray in colour and have a skeletal quality to them. Some Rangers and civilians whimper and curse; others hold their breath. A thin, elongated shadow descends onto the building on fire, as if expressing curiosity.]

[The creature stands briefly still, then starts walking; every step makes the ground tremble, but the moving legs avoid touching any buildings. What seems to be several dozen legs succeed each other in front of the windows. The echoes of panic in other rooms of the Municipality grow louder; a Ranger quickly crawls toward the main double doors in order to keep them calm.]

[The legs finally leave the windows. The streets have been ground to dust, but the buildings remain untouched. The ground continues to tremble for a while, then it stops. Rangers and civilians remain tense. Ranger Martínez speaks aloud.]

MARTÍNEZ: It went for the damned restaurant.

POSTOLOVSKY: God smite me from the heavens, we have to go.

KEEGAN: "We" are going. Civilians are staying here.

MARTÍNEZ: We're just five people! If that miserable shit Cisneros doesn't feel like sending backup, we'll have to make our own.

KEEGAN: Holy fuck, not this again. We have to—

POSTOLOVSKY: It's very simple — Walter, Uriel and the other two in the corner, you're the youngest and coming with me! The rest of you stay here.

KEEGAN: Christ, you're a goddamn mayor. Stop trying to play spec-ops with civvies!

MARTÍNEZ: Stop talking, start moving. Go! Go! Go!

[Keegan loudly sighs. Martínez runs toward the double door exit, followed by three other Rangers, Postolovsky, and four armed civilians. Keegan then follows, stopping a civilian to shout something; it appears to be repeat instructions regarding firearms safety. Martínez covers his mouth with a shirt wrapped around his neck, and drops a set of goggles from his forehead to his eyes, shortly imitated by his followers. He kicks the door open, then screams.]

[An immensely long skeletal neck extends from above the building and curving over the front doors. It terminates in an avian skull with six eyes set in a circle around the beak. The entire entity leaks small puddles of a red mass. The front three Rangers and Martínez open fire and step backward. The skull splits into four parts, revealing four sets of teeth, then lunges toward Martínez, closing around his abdomen then retreating. Postolovsky stumbles backward.]

POSTOLOVSKY: Back, back, back, get back! Inside!


[Keegan runs outside the Municipality building, followed by another Ranger and the cameraman. The neck retreats into the skies, getting lost in the sandstorm. The innumerable legs of the entity are disposed across the entire city; one of them steps near the Municipality plaza, nearly crushing both Rangers, who quickly open fire on it. The cameraman raises a handgun, and opens fire too; their aim is imprecise and the gun trembles in their hand.]

[Martínez's screams grow louder, then abruptly stops. Keegan stops firing.]

[In complete silence, Keegan runs back inside the Municipality building, then quickly returns; she has ditched the assault rifle for a grenade launcher. She fires two rounds in quick succession against the entity's legs. Its scream is otherwordly and machine-like. Video feed is distorted, and briefly goes black as the inside of the Municipality building is lit by falling sparks.]

[When the video feed returns, it is apparent the entity is walking away from Puerto Pirámides. Four legs are visible in the distance, and quickly vanish into the sandstorm. Keegan stares quietly while the Ranger team returns inside the building. Another Ranger stays with her.]

[Keegan weeps, and the video ends.]


In the hours following the above incident, it became evident that the constant sandstorm within RPC-379 was losing strength; wind speeds reached a record low of 40km/h at approx. 18:30, recovering to 55km/h an hour later. The waning of the sandstorm allowed for ALTR-1313 to be perceived with unusual clarity, revealing a large number of helical structures spread in the distance. Estimated dimensions are 5km in height and 2 in width, but the upper portions remain obscured.

These structures appear to have intricate designs carved onto them. The material from which they are constructed remains unknown, but it has been observed to withstand repeated ignition without visible damage. The closest structure is approximately 3km away from Puerto Pirámides; exploration via scout drone is considered inviable due to the effects of ALTR-1313 upon electronics. Of note, of the 43 containers delivered to Puerto Pirámides and abandoned in the outskirts, 17 are missing.

Numerous silhouettes of entities akin to that observed in the above incident log have been observed on the horizon.

On June 26th at 14:23, members of the newly-reinforced Protectorate guard in ALTR-1313 saw a human figure in a white, tattered and bloodied cloak limping toward the outskirts of Puerto Pirámides. Initially assumed hostile, it was quickly identified as Xavier Martínez, assumed deceased in the June 24 incident.

Martínez was carrying a unique weapon as a form of crutch — its tip was partly torch and partly spear-like, with a circular cavity lit on fire, from which sprouted three blades. This weapon was greatly damaged, with its blades blunted or broken and the torch nearly extinct.9

Martínez's abdomen was cut wide open with an unidentified implement, and most of his digestive system removed. Upon arriving at Puerto Pirámides, he fell unconscious, but still remains alive. How he continues to survive despite the loss of blood and organs is unknown. His body remains hidden in the outskirts of Puerto Pirámides, in hopes of preventing damage to morale. The implications of Martínez's return are still under discussion.

Rangers on the perimeter of Puerto Pirámides have claimed to occasionally see humanoid silhouettes hidden in the sand. Opening fire on them appears to drive them away, but they are large in numbers and routinely return to their positions.


Addendum 379/4: ALTR-1313 Status (July 2020)

On July 5th, Rangers manning the southwest perimeter of Puerto Pirámides retreated to the city center, following a skirmish with a group of unidentified entities. Visual records of these entities is pending; they have been described as somewhat humanoid. It is believed that they are the same silhouettes that perimeter Rangers alleged to frequently see among the sandstorm after the June 24th incident.

All of Protectorate Task Force "BEATRICE" has been alerted; should the situation worsen, additional rangers will be deployed to ALTR-1313.

Numerous reports of massive structures on the horizon of ALTR-1313 have been received. Descriptions are inconsistent and vague, but often include pyramidal shapes, chains, moving silhouettes and great fires. The helical pillars previously described have been confirmed to be moving closer to Puerto Pirámides at an uncertain rate. Physics Department Unit-254 has been urged to abandon safety testing in order to develop a solution to the problem presented by RPC-379.


Addendum 379/5: Update

On the 10th of July, the manifestation of RPC-379 was successfully reversed by the efforts of Physics Department Unit-254, as well as both Anomaly Experimentation Teams. Reconstruction and reintegration campaigns are ongoing; the impact of the manifestation of RPC-379 was greatly softened by the COVID-19 lockdown, thus eliminating the need for a large-scale gaslighting campaign. No anomalous entities native to ALTR-1313 have yet been identified in Puerto Pirámides.

Sergeant Raúl del Toro and Ranger Xavier Martínez are considered Missing in Action. A full casualty report is still in the process of redaction. Reclassification of RPC-379 to Neutralized is pending.

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