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A stack of RPC-378 instances. Picture taken by Agent Dashing after retrieving RPC-378 on 03/02/1968.

Registered Phenomena Code: 378

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-378 instances are currently stored in permanent Alpha-class storage containers at sites with such facilities. All newly-retrieved instances of RPC-378 are to be incinerated.

The level of mathematical expertise of CSD personnel involved with RPC-378, most notably that related to probability, is to be gauged and documented1.

As of 12/03/1968 usage of RPC-378 for personnel is permitted, with a limit of one(1) instance per month. Personnel who fail to properly document their usage and results are to be removed of RPC-378 usage privileges.

Description: RPC-378 is 250,000 240,000 sheets of white A4 paper with printings related to The ███████ ██████████ ██ Hong Kong on one side. The anomalous behaviors of RPC-378 are demonstrated whenever RPC-378 is used for calculations related to probability.

RPC-378 is capable of transforming the results of calculations which would otherwise have a result of a low probability2 into a result of higher probability3 by causing the individual executing the calculations to subconsciously make several elementary mistakes. This process is unavoidable, regardless of the individual's level of mathematical expertise.

The error(s) within the faulty calculations made by the subject is/are unable to be identified by individuals that utilize RPC-378 and will insist that the calculations are not faulty, regardless of the level of knowledge about RPC-378's anomalous properties. The fault(s) within the calculations are detectable by unaffected reviewers, given that said reviewers possess the level of mathematical expertise required to identify the error.

Furthermore, in the event that the constants and conditions of the function correspond with any real-world systems directly related to the subject executing the calculations with an accuracy of 3 significant figures, correspondence to said calculations will occur for the aforementioned real-world systems. This alteration often causes incidents that are otherwise infrequent to occur at a significantly higher rate. It is currently theorized that a 40-hour limit is present in the choice of system altered, as no system corresponding to the individual after 40 hours has been modified.

Ripping or cutting RPC-378 has no effect on destroying RPC-378's anomalous effects; In fact, physical damage towards RPC-378 will only cause extra RPC-378 instances to be created. However, RPC-378 may lose its anomalous properties from printing on the unprinted side of the paper, as well as other methods that result in the complete destruction of RPC-378 instances. As a result, incineration is currently the most effective method of destruction for RPC-378.

RPC-378’s existence was discovered on 03/04/1964 after several students of The ███████ ██████████ ██ Hong Kong had won an excess of 200'000HKD4 from betting on horse racing within a short period of time. However, searches for RPC-378 remained fruitless until 27/01/1968. See Addendum 378.2 for more details.

Reclassification to Theta was denied 5-12 by the Board of Global Directors on 12/03/1968. However, with RPC-378 having potential positive effects in research and containment5, a revote has been suggested.

Addendum 378.1

10 individuals were determined to be in possession of, or have prior experience with RPC-378 during RPC-378's discovery in 1964. Of the 10 individuals, 3 were successfully apprehended by Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen) and questioned.

Of the 7 individuals who were unable to be interviewed, one individual was terminated from being crushed by a vending machine, one individual sustained severe concussions from slipping on a banana peel, three individuals were terminated from a traffic accident6, one individual was knocked unconscious from an impact with a beach umbrella, and one individual was sucked into a jet engine.

Searches for RPC-378 remained fruitless for 3 years, until [See Addendum 378.2].

Addendum 378.2

RPC-378 was rediscovered on 31/01/68, during an unusually successful series of North Vietnamese military operations during the Vietnam War. The subject, whose location was provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation9 was apprehended by Agent Dashing on 02/02/68.

Addendum 378.3

Usage of RPC-378 for Authority personnel was proposed by Dr. Lai on 03/02/68 and was approved on 12/03/68.

An allocation of one(1) 74mm*105mm11 instance is provided to all personnel with Level 1 Clearance or above, with extra instances for non-research purposes available by submitting a formal request to either Dr. Lai or the Site Director.

Personnel utilizing RPC-378 are required to document the purpose of usage as well as the results before and after using RPC-378. [USAGE OF RPC-378 SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] Usage of RPC-378 was reauthorized on 13/09/78. Personnel who wish to utilize RPC-378 are required to submit an application to the Site Director and the lead researcher(Currently Dr. Callaghan), with approval from either personnel. All data related to the equation used for any particular actions have been expunged.

Addendum 378.4

On 03/09/78, after Event 463-A, 10'000 instances of RPC-378 were discovered as lost from Site-074.

Investigations revealed that the 10'000 instances of RPC-378 were accidentally taken by the foreign agents, believed to have mistaken RPC-378 as documents containing information regarding RPC-463. The foreign agents were later forced to abandon RPC-378 during the confusion near a security checkpoint. The instances were later accidentally mistaken as used paper and were sent to the surface for disposal. However, before the instances could be loaded onto the disposal truck, several individuals were able to identify and seize the RPC-378 instances.

These individuals were unable to be identified as security footage was destroyed when both Researcher Norman and Researcher Bless were hit by a damaged fluorescent tube while delivering the hard drive and backup hard drive, respectively, containing the security footage for review.

Further investigations revealed Dr. Lai's involvement in the incident amidst the discovery of 10 instances of RPC-378 with calculations related to that of fluorescent tube failure.

Dr. Lai was terminated on 25/09/78 for causing a security breach, with Dr. Callaghan replacing Dr. Lai as the Lead Researcher of RPC-378. Containment Protocols were subsequently updated accordingly, now requiring the unanimous approval of Dr. Callaghan and a Site Director.

Attempts to relocate the lost RPC-378 instances has been approved by Site-002 Director Holloman. Attempts to relocate the 10'000 instance of RPC-378 using RPC-378 resulted in failure, and such practices were halted by Site-074 Director Yeung.

All attempts to make significant geopolitical or economical alterations via RPC-378 will result in immediate termination.

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