Vampiric Towel





Registered Phenomena Code: 376

Object Class: Beta-Yellow Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Animated, Sentient, Sapient, Ballistic, Aggression, Mind-Control

Containment Protocols: RPC-376 is to be held in a standard containment cell in Site-014, and given a liter of goat’s blood twice a day through an automatic dispenser on the wall of its cell.

RPC-376 is currently uncontained after an incident regarding Ranger Macdonald, and is being tracked down for recontainment by MST Romeo-7. Customer service complaints, especially those in hotels, regarding towels are to be investigated as well as any uses of the name Frank Macdonald and all transactions with a Frank Macdonald for any connection to RPC-376.

Description: RPC-376 is an animate cream-colored body towel that can manipulate its body to mimic the body structure and behavior of certain species of animals. RPC-376 can almost perfectly replicate the animals in both their appearance, size, and capabilities, even if the animal’s body has a much larger surface area than RPC-376. RPC-376 has thus far demonstrated the capability to mimic three animals, a Canis lupus, or Gray Wolf, a Pteropus, or Flying Fox, and a Vampyroteuthis infernalis, or Vampire Squid. RPC-376 can also fold itself into a humanoid form that is about 1.8 meters tall, although this is rarely seen and almost never used by RPC-376. When it is not assuming one of these forms, RPC-376 will fold itself up, with no apparent differences between it and a typical towel. Whenever it is being directly observed by RPC personnel, RPC-376 will always assume this form even when items that would seemingly be hazardous to it are used near or at it. It has been noted that RPC-376 seemingly has an awareness of when Personnel are approaching its cell or even about to watch it’s live surveillance footage, as it will have always folded itself up by the time somebody directly looks at it. When it is not being watched, it will sporadically fold itself into multiple other forms and roam its containment area, sometimes attempting to break through walls or the door.

RPC-376 is able to sustain itself through consuming the body fluids of various animals, typically preferring pig blood. RPC-376 appear to need or heavily desire a constant supply of fluid, with the only aggressive behavior being seen after staff did not provide its usual allowance of blood. When attempting to sustain itself, RPC-376 will clump its bristles together into a set of makeshift fangs that are strong enough to pierce the skin of most animals. It uses these fangs to bite its target1 at which point it siphons the blood coming from the wound. As it siphons this blood out of its prey, the fluids it absorbs flow through the towel in red streaks which resemble pulsing blood vessels throughout its form.

These blood vessels can be seen on RPC-376 until RPC-376 dissolves this liquid through an unknown digestive process. As this liquid dissolves, RPC-376 slowly loses all pigmentation it gained. All tranquilizers used on RPC-376 have been unsuccessful in sedating it, and as such the Authority has been unsuccessful in performing many tests.

Addendum - Site-014 Failsafe Incident: Security footage that was transmitted from Site-014 in its final moments show RPC-376 acting abnormally after the emergency alarms began ringing. RPC-376 unfolded itself to be completely flat and laid itself in front of the entrance to its containment chamber.

What happened next is still not fully understood by watching the tape. Most of the footage transmitted after the failsafe was activated is of very low quality2. However, through this footage, RPC-376 appears to slowly disintegrate, leaving nothing but small scraps of cloth visible. Whether this is the result of an ability RPC-376 had yet to manifest before the incident or this is simply a video artifact is still being investigated. Approximately 3 minutes after this footage is recorded, personnel reported a large albino bat had attached itself to the emergency tram leading out of the site.

After the incident, RPC-376 was quickly spotted and captured by MST Charlie-2 who had been dispatched to the site. It was in its humanoid form, pinning down and attempting to rip the clothes off a member of personnel who had begun feeling the effects of acute radiation poisoning due to their proximity to the nuclear explosion. RPC-376 did not appear to be affected by the nuclear explosion or radiation at all. RPC-376 was placed in a modified quarantine cell, guarded by 2 ASF officers.

Incident 376-1: After RPC-376 was placed in a modified quarantine chamber as a way to temporarily contain it, it seemed to be very complacent with the room. It became less frantic in its movement and only turned into their humanoid form once, not utilizing any of their other forms. However, on June 30th, MST Echo-3 had accidentally struck multiple members of the cleanup effort while attempting to capture or subdue an unknown anomaly. RPC-376 was able to take advantage of the incident and escape its temporary containment chamber by what is believed to be some form of mind-control.

The two ASF personnel stationed to watch RPC-376, J. Patton and L. Farnsworth were observing the incident, which had captured their attention. This allowed RPC-376 to "influence" them to investigate the scene. From the testimony of L. Farnsworth:

At the same time, we both heard the exact same sentence coming from somewhere. It sounded like two voices mixed into one whispering into both ears at the same time. One of the voices sounded exactly like the other guard, but the other voice sounded real soft and light, almost like a little kid, but much gentler and mature. It just said "I think we should go and check that out" and I needed no further explanation, no questions about any of this, nothing at all. I just knew I was going to listen to him, as if he was somebody I trusted more than my own mum.

After both ASF personnel had left RPC-376's cell, it broke out of its containment cell by by ripping open one of the walls. After walking about 10 meters in its humanoid form, it ran into Agent Macdonald of MST Charlie-02. Macdonald was about to replace another member of Charlie-02 that had been hurt during an incident with an unknown anomaly when he ran into RPC-376.

Due to the lack of resources, Macdonald was forced to wear an ASF Uniform instead of the MST outfit, although this meant he was wearing a body camera which would capture his encounter with 376. After attempting to coax RPC-376 back into its cell, he fired upon it, but was unable to subdue it before it pinned him to the ground and siphoned about 4 liters of blood from his body, leaving him completely emaciated, although it did not immediately kill him.

When Agent Macdonald's corpse was found, his body was missing all clothing except his undergarments. His body camera was found a few feet away, where it was retrieved and all data analyzed A detachment of Romeo-7 was organized to begin looking for RPC-376.

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