Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Multi-Site Operation

Director of Research: Dr. Abram Jamie Dr. Joseph Turk

Assigned MST(s): N/A.

Director of Containment: Dr. Maria June


Registered Phenomena Code: 372

Object Class: Omega-Red

Hazard Types: Explosive Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: All reports of RPC-372 instances are to be covered up as arson/homicides. Class A-1 amnestics are to be administered to civilians who witness the RPC-372 phenomenon. Media recordings of the RPC-372 phenomenon are to be removed by online Authority assets. RPC-372-1 instances are to be held within a standard beta-class humanoid containment chamber for further observation.

Due to the nature of the anomaly, the Theistic Department has been tasked with studying the phenomenon.

Description: RPC-372 is a phenomenon affecting priests, rabbis, and imams with knowledge of an unidentifiable esoteric ritual that connects subjects with an unknown entity or location. Attempts by the Theistic Department and the Department of Occult Concerns to recreate the ritual have resulted in failure due to the ritual site experiencing heavy alteration by an unknown party or entity. Evidence of the phenomenon has been documented since the 15th century by the Auctoritas Imperata.

Subjects affected by RPC-372 (designated RPC-372-1) will have their eyes spontaneously combust causing fourth-degree burns. Authority forensics hypothesize the combustion begins at the cornea and expands throughout the eye. 70% of all RPC-372-1 instances do not survive their injuries due to extreme shock. Surviving RPC-372-1 instances suffer from psychosis and severe dysphasia1. MRI scans of RPC-372-1 show that these effects are due to severe inflammation within the prefrontal and temporal lobes.

The ritual and/or entity that causes the RPC-372 phenomenon are unknown. Initially, the Theistic Department hypothesized that the phenomenon was caused by an unknown demonic phenomenon/entity. However, no signs of a demonic presence2 have been found at the scenes where RPC-372 have occurred. Theistic Department personnel equipped with Almagro-Variant Groves counters who investigated the scenes of RPC-372 occurrences found that the ambient Groves3 in these locations had risen by 10 Vi. Additionally gold, silver, and iron dust has been found at the scenes of the RPC-372 occurrences.

Discovery: RPC-372 was first documented during the 15th century by the Auctoritas Imperata scholar, Beorhtric Eastone. Eastone was tasked with the investigation of the deaths of a coven of supposed “witches” in Torun, Poland. Eastone is believed to have found the source of RPC-372, but his works were deemed heretical by the early Auctoritas and his findings were burned. This information is currently known to the Authority due to the writings of Herman T. Wertz, a member of a council of Auctoritas members tasked with determining the fate of Eastone.

In 1840, Authority MSTs raided an Islamic cult in Afghanistan known as the Viewers of God (د خدای لیدل). The raid was conducted upon the cult’s compound, known to the Viewers as “The Ascension.” Seven of the thirteen cultists were found dead, with autopsies showing severe shock as the cause of death. The surviving cultists were found speaking incoherently in Pashto (پښتو). Investigative personnel found the remains of a thaumaturgic ritual at the center of the compound, with silver and gold residue layering the interior of the compound.

In 1977, the phenomenon was given an RPC designation after the death of Authority researcher Daniel Martin. His body was found deceased within his home. Journals owned by the young researcher revealed that he attempted to conduct an unknown ritual while in a state of lucid dreaming in an attempt to reach the afterlife. Regretfully, Researcher Martin did not detail the steps on how the ritual was conducted.

Addendum 372-A: On 03/01/2012, an RPC-372 occurrence occurred in the town of Lockberry, Louisiana, USA. The following is a transcript of a recorded conversation between Adriana Smith (Designated Mrs. Smith) and a Lockberry Emergency Service Dispatcher Jason Lee (Designated Dispatcher).

Addendum 372-B: On 06/11/2016, Authority agents alongside MST Charlie-2 (“Fire Fighters”) responded to a church fire near Aakkar, Lebanon. Charlie-2 operatives were able to put out the fire as Authority agents entered the building. Authority agents found three RPC-372-1 instances standing together with blindfolds covering their eye sockets. Unusually, the RPC-372-1 instances were coherent and turned to the Authority agents in unison. The RPC-372-1 instances spoke together and asked the Authority agents to take them. Authority agents bagged the RPC-372-1 instances and transported them to Site-187.

Due to the unusual properties of the RPC-372-1 instances, as well as the lack of dysphasia in the instances, the trio have been designated RPC-372-A. The trio were identified as Thomson Hamil (RPC-372-A-1), Jedediah Lehrer (RPC-372-A-2), and Ulfah Hadi (RPC-372-A-3).

On 06/21/2016, an interview was conducted between Dr. Jamie and the RPC-372-A instances within Site-187’s interrogation room 017.

Incident 372-A: During the transportation of RPC-372-A to their containment chamber, the five RPC-372-1 instances contained within Site-187 began to speak and act in unison. Altogether the RPC-372-1 instances got on their knees and stated:

Forgive me. I did not mean to cause their death. Forgive me Father, I am a fool. I am sinful.

All RPC-372-1 instances within Site-187 have been reclassified to RPC-372-A instances.

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