The Broken Tank






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Main gun of RPC-368


Registered Phenomena Code: 368

Object Class: Alpha-Purple

Hazard Types: Ballistic Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-368-1 is to be contained at Site-███. Any information regarding RPC-368 is to be considered highly classified, and any documents pertaining to it requires Level 4 clearance to view. Currently, RPC-368 is broken up into four (4) parts: the main gun, the chassis, the treads, and the engine. The four parts are separated and held by three respective parties. The main gun, designated RPC-368-1, is currently in Authority custody. The engine, RPC-368-2, is held by the BundesOkkultAbteilung, otherwise known as the FOA in Germany. The Chassis, RPC-368-3, is held by the GARD organization in an unknown location, although it is theorized that RPC-368-3 is located somewhere in Argentina. Finally, the treads, RPC-368-4, are held in MI13 custody in Britain. Intelligence and intelligence-gathering regarding any instance of RPC-368 is to be considered high priority. Authority personnel are to monitor RPC-368-1 for any active signs of communication with the other RPC-368 instances. Under no circumstances is any information regarding RPC-368 to be shared with the FOA, MI13, or any independent organization.

Description: RPC-368 is the designation given to an unfinished anomalous, sentient tank made by Germany during the 1940s. RPC-368 was to be a vital asset to Operation Barbarossa1, a self-operated tank that required no additional manpower usage. However, it was never able to be properly finished. If completed, RPC-368 would stand 15 meters in height, weigh approximately 200 tons, and would easily be capable of producing at least 419 PJ of energy with its main cannon. RPC-368's main cannon fires a form of heated plasma. How RPC-368 is able to generate said plasma, and how GARD engineers were able to produce such technology during the 1940s is currently unknown. An unknown third party providing GARD with the technology is one of the more popular theories among Authority investigators.

Each piece of RPC-368 are highly coveted by each of the aforementioned GOIs, and frequent operations aimed at procuring every instance of RPC-368 have been attempted in the past. There have been six (6) attempts by GARD agents to infiltrate and secure RPC-368-1 residing in Authority custody. It should be noted that at least two (2) of these attempts are believed by some staff to have been FOA agents posing as GARD so as to maintain relations with the Authority. However, the FOA fervently denies all accusations levied against them. Both the Authority, the FOA, and MI13 have attempted to procure RPC-368-3 from the GARD. However, the GARD frequently re-locates RPC-368-3 by unknown means, making any operation more complex than intelligence gathering extremely difficult.

RPC-368's primary anomalous ability manifests in the form of sapience. Each part of RPC-368 is sapient, and are capable of expressing independent thought. RPC-368 can only communicate via Morse code on a specific radio frequency, which all instances of RPC-368 are capable of transmitting. It should be noted that RPC-368 is, in its current form, only semi-sapient. Instances of RPC-368 display only limited intelligence and problem-solving skills, with some instances, such as RPC-368-1, showing a distinct lack of situational awareness. RPC-368-1 continues to believe that Operation Barbarossa is still ongoing, despite numerous attempts to convince it otherwise. In addition, each instance of RPC-368 possesses only a certain aspect of its personality, with no instance possessing enough sapience to create a fully formed personality. It is theorized that should RPC-368 be completed, and all instances brought together, RPC-368 would be able to fully form its personality, and become far more intelligent in the process. This theory is further supported by each instance of RPC-368 having the single-minded goal of completing itself, as well as reuniting with its other parts.

RPC-368-1, while it does have optical lenses giving it the ability to see, does not have the equipment necessary to hear what is going on around it. This, in addition to RPC-368-1's distinct lack of situational awareness, makes communication with RPC-368-1 largely impossible.

Addendum 368-01: Discovery RPC-368 was discovered during the final years of the Second World War. In 1944, Allied forces launched an assault on, and successfully captured, a research facility supposedly operated by the German Anomalous Research Division (GARD). Upon initial capture, Allied forces were successful in deactivating the facility's self-destruction charges. Within this facility was RPC-368-1, which was promptly handed to Authority custody due to the discovery being linked to GARD activities.

In the years that progressed, other facilities were captured, and both RPC-368-4 and RPC-368-2 were captured by other Allied powers before the Authority could properly contain said instances. During their flight from Germany, GARD forces were successful in evacuating RPC-368-3 without detection by Allied forces and eventually relocated to an unknown location.

Addendum: 368-1: Transcript of Messages

The following is a list of the messages sent via Morse code by every instance of RPC-368.

  • The entire lyrics of the Song "Erika." Sent by RPC-368-1.
  • Various messages of approval from RPC-368-2 and RPC-368-3 in response to the previous message. Reprimands are given by RPC-368-4.
  • A 17-hour argument about what RPC-368 will do once it is reunited. [See Addendum 368-2 for partial transcript.]
  • Various accusatory messages from RPC-368-3 accusing the other entities of secretly being traitors to "the Führer." These accusations are made several times, even after being debunked.2

Addendum 368-2: Transcript of Argument

While the conversations between the instances of RPC-368 are frequently repetitive, uninteresting and otherwise unworthy of extensive recording, the following instance has been considered worthy of record. The reason for this is how the following transcript shows how the various RPC-368 instances hold fundamentally different belief systems.

Addendum 368-03: Incident 368-A On September ██, 20██, a massive containment breach occurred at Site-███. A total of ███ RPC entities were released from their containment chambers. During the chaos, a rogue Authority agent attempted to steal RPC-368-1. However, due to the actions of Agent ████ Lee, the rogue agent was unable to escape before ASF forces regained control of Site-███, and was apprehended by ASF forces. Unfortunately, Agent ████ Lee was terminated by the rogue agent before he was captured. ASF forces were successfully able to re-contain the majority of RPC entities, but were forced to terminate several high priority instances. RPC-368-1 was successfully re-contained.

The rogue agent was later identified as ASF agent Harold Oswald, a long-standing ASF agent under Major ████ Thomson. Interrogations of Mr. Oswald revealed that he was a GARD mole, sent to locate and secure RPC-368-1. See Interview Log 368-B for details.

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