Registered Phenomena Code: 366

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-366 is to be kept in a 5mx5m chamber, guarded by two ASF personnel. The room doesn't require any furniture aside from two chairs placed opposite to one another in the center of the chamber. Any attempts at entering the chamber holding RPC-366 for any purpose other than the scheduled tests shall result in detention or (if needed) termination.

Description: In its passive state, RPC-366 appears to be a humanoid entity that is made up entirely of an incorporeal black matter1. Due to its appearance to be a phantom phenomenon, the structural matter is currently unknown. When in a dormant state, RPC-366 will seek a place to sit on. If an item that is eligible to be sat on is not available in its closest vicinity, the object will sit on the floor. RPC-366 always sits with its forearms resting on its knees, and its torso leaning forward and its head hanging down.

RPC-366 becomes active once a person (designated RPC-366-1) sits in front of the object, looking directly at its body. The object will then raise its head and, within a few seconds2, change its appearance. The active state of RPC-366 manifests itself as a deceased direct ancestor relative of RPC-366-1. Once the transformation is complete, the object will indulge in a conversation with RPC-366-1. The exchange will be conducted in a language chosen by the entity. Both interlocutors will be able to communicate in the chosen speech, regardless of RPC-366-1 having any previous experience with the language, dialect and form. If the conversation was conducted in a language foreign to RPC-366-1, the subject will typically preserve the fluency, even if the language is not used for an extended period of time.

As a result of the conversation, the behaviour of RPC-366 will often be modified. The impact of the change varies in intensity, from acquistion of new habits to an absolute alteration of worldviews, and even development of mental sickness.

All material recovered from RPC-366 during its active state has the expected molecular makeup, and doesn't show any anomalous effects. It is worth mentioning that the materials do not disappear or dissolve once the object returns to the passive state.

Discovery: In late December of 1993, rumors started to spread in [DATA EXPUNGED], ██, USA, about an underground passage on [DATA EXPUNGED] Street being haunted. ASF Rapid Response Team ("Nightcrawlers") were sent to investigate the issue. Following the recovery, it was decided that the administration of amnestics and interference in the press record was not required, as the rumors quickly subsided.

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