Registered Phenomena Code: 360


A sketch depicting RPC-360-B, provided by a local eyewitness.


Object Class:

Gamma - Yellow

Hazard Types:

h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional Hazardh-teleportation.png Teleportation Hazardh-sentient.png Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols:

Due to the circumstantial nature of RPC-360, traditional containment methods have been deemed ineffective. Continuous expeditions into the Pabbay anomaly ("Cair Aisling") will be required in order to better understand the phenomenon surrounding RPC-360. At this time, containment efforts will instead focus on compiling relevant data discovered within the anomalous zone, including forensic evidence which may prove beneficial in the ongoing investigation. A collaborative effort with Thievesport authorities has been proposed to the Duke of the Mists1 but official approval remains pending.

Furthermore, any deceased individuals discovered within the realm of Cair Aisling who are believed to be victims of RPC-360-B are to be transported to OL-Site-CA ("Camp Crannóc") for a preliminary inspection before being extradited to Site-007 for further evaluation. The "epitaph" scrolls found alongside the deceased are to be digitally transcribed and uploaded into the electronic archive at Site-007.


RPC-360 is the designation given to the recurring phenomenon during which an individual, hereby designated RPC-360-A, will be spontaneously transported to the realm of Cair Aisling before subsequently falling victim to a specter-like assailant, hereby designated RPC-360-B. To date, Authority assets have discovered a total of 6 deceased instances of RPC-360-A during routine visits to Thievesport.

Forensic research into the identities of the deceased has revealed that they are all individuals who were officially documented as missing shortly before being discovered within Cair Aisling. Additional evidence suggests that an individual residing beyond the boundaries of Cair Aisling may be inadvertently transporting instances of RPC-360-A into the spatial anomaly through the use of written "Fan Fiction" scenarios.

This theory is further supported by the fact that every instance of RPC-360-A encountered thus far had a scroll comprised of cyperus papyrus2 forcefully inserted into their esophagus upon initial discovery. These scrolls contain personalized messages and are written in a prose that is inconsistent with the dialogue style regularly seen within Randolph Gowering's work.

At this time there appears to be no viable method to subdue RPC-360-B and all attempts at communicating with the entity have failed to yield palpable results. Interviews with the inhabitants of Thievesport suggest that RPC-360-B is an entity commonly known as a wraith.3 According to information provided by a native blacksmith, wraiths are susceptible to weapons forged from "Celestial Orichalcum", a type of thaumaturgic alloy that can only be obtained from meteorites that land in Cair Aisling. Due to the scarcity of such metals, it is currently impossible to test the validity of this claim.

Per eyewitness testimony, manifestations of RPC-360-B will ignore any bystanders present in favor of RPC-360-A. Should RPC-360-A attempt to escape, RPC-360-B will continue to pursue them until it has fulfilled the task of terminating RPC-360-A. Once RPC-360-A is confirmed to be deceased, RPC-360-B will then proceed to vanish.


RPC-360 first came to the Authority's attention during a diplomatic visit to the city-state of Thievesport. It was during exploration of Thievesport's slums that Agent ████ discovered the disemboweled remains of a middle-aged Caucasian male in an alleyway. The corpse had been stripped of clothing and local authorities were unable to identify the remains. The presence of this cadaver did not coincide with any of the plot points previously described by Randolph Gowering's narrative and the hand-written scroll found with the cadaver made references to ██████████.net, a website dedicated to sharing and critiquing works of fan fiction.

This, in turn, led to Authority assets launching a supplementary investigation into the identity of the deceased. Forensic analysis revealed that the remains belonged to one Morgan Starlington, an English professor who had been reported as missing since 9/25/20██.

Five identical incidents have been documented since RPC-360's initial discovery.

Please see Addendum-360-1 for an archived log of all known RPC-360 incidents.

Following the appearance of RPC-360-A-6, MST X-Ray-6 "Annullifiers" was able to locate the ██████████.net account affiliated with the author of the epitaphs. This allowed Authority assets to track down the POI's physical address through the use of a related I.P. address. On 1/29/20██ a raid was successfully conducted at the ██████ apartment complex in San Antonio, TX, but upon entry it was discovered that the unit had been abandoned for some time. The website account affiliated with the POI has since then become inactive and no new leads have emerged. Following this incident, MST X-Ray-6 "Annullifiers" has been placed on interim standby and is to monitor all activity on ██████████.net until 20██.




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