Whale Carvings





RPC-350-1 during initial recovery.


Registered Phenomena Code: 350

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Aquatic Hazard, Contact Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: There are currently 3 instances of RPC-350 in containment, designated RPC-350-1, RPC-350-2, and RPC-350-4. All instances of RPC-350 are to be stored in three separate standard Yellow-class Anomalous Item containment lockers in Site-095. The remains of RPC-350-3 are to be stored in Site-095's research center.

Instances of RPC-350-A are to be contained in a large aquatic enclosure simulating an open ocean environment. The enclosure is to contain a steady population of krill. In the event of a containment breach, all instances of RPC-350-A are to be relocated to an identical enclosure whilst the primary enclosure is repaired.

Description: RPC-350 is the designation given to 4 wooden carvings of unknown origin, resembling a cetacean believed to be Orcinus orca1. Carbon dating of wood samples taken from RPC-350-3 date the carving to be about 5000 years old.

Sapient individuals who maintain prolonged eye contact or who make physical contact with RPC-350 will enter a state of considerable emotional distress. Affected individuals have described feelings of loss or sorrow. In addition, affected subjects gain an affinity for aquatic bodies, in particular the ocean. Class A amnestics have proven effective at alleviating these effects, but if the individual later becomes aware of RPC-350 through any method, the effects will resume.

After a period of time ranging from 1 to 3 hours after exposure, exposed individuals will begin to report intense pain in their chest, many of which have likened to being impaled by a harpoon. This effect does not subside, and at this point amnestics are no longer effective at alleviating effects. Shortly after this point, affected individuals, from this point on designated RPC-350-A, will begin to grow large amounts of blubber underneath their skin. RPC-350-A's skin will expand to properly enclose this new flesh. This effect continues long after the individual expires via asphyxiation by their own mass, and can only be stopped should the instance be terminated in early stages of growth, or the instance reaches a mass of approximately 30 metric tons, though higher weights have been recorded. At this point, folds along the instance's skin will begin secreting a digestive enzyme. At this point the subject's vital signatures resume, although far less brain activity is detected. When placed into water, RPC-350-A instances are capable of movement, though no propulsion method has been identified. Instances will attempt to "swim" through groups of krill, as any krill caught within an RPC-350-A instance's folds will be digested, and then presumably ingested. Should any instance of RPC-350-A be malnourished, they will begin to buildup gas within their body before spontaneously bursting, usually causing a large amount of damage to surrounding objects including RPC-350-A's containment chamber.

Individuals who are placed under the effects of RPC-350-1 through -4 and subsequently administered amnestics, thereby avoiding the RPC-350-A conversion process, will still occasionally express the emotions associated with RPC-350 exposure, though to a far lesser degree. Certain subjects have expressed feeling regret about events that they are unable to recall. Many affected individuals have gone on to join marine conservation groups, while others decided to [REDACTED]. While most individuals said these actions alleviated their symptoms, they still expressed dissatisfaction.

Addendum 350-A: RPC-350-1 was recovered in █████, Japan in a presumably abandoned warehouse. Alongside it was a dead Japanese male identified as Shigetoshi N████████ who had committed suicide via a knife to the heart whilst in early stages of the RPC-350-A conversion process, and what is presumed to be an incomplete journal, which is entirely illegible due to water damage and poor handwriting. However the journal is known to contain ramblings about an unknown entity which either resembles or is RPC-350-1.

RPC-350-2 was recovered in ██████, Norway in the possession of an unidentified male 51 years in age. Upon confrontation, the man dropped RPC-350-2 and ran from the location. All attempts to locate this individual have thus far failed. It is unconfirmed whether or not this individual was affected by RPC-350's effects.

RPC-350-3 was recovered in ████ ██████, New York in the possession of a group of individuals who identified as "Cetace's Kin". During recovery, the individuals attempted to protect RPC-350-3 and assaulted the recovery team. When this failed, one of the individuals took RPC-350-3 and ran away from the recovery team. Upon relocation, RPC-350-3 was found sawed in half next the individual in question, who was promptly terminated. The other individuals disappeared during relocation efforts. Their current whereabouts and identity are unknown, as is how they were unaffected by RPC-350's effects. Further investigation into any groups or organizations that identify as or associate with Cetace's Kin is ongoing. See here for more info. The remains of RPC-350-3 were confirmed to have no anomalous properties and are currently stored in Site-095's research center.

RPC-350-4 was recovered in █████, Japan in a similar location to that of RPC-350-1. The item was recovered without incident.

Addendum-350-B: An additional RPC-350 instance was seen being utilized by a member of Cetace's Kin during the Security Breach on a transport ship bound for Site-095 on ██-██-19██. The instance seemed to have been deliberately used as a weapon, creating RPC-350-A instances to create blasts when required. These RPC-350-A instances were created from fellow Kin members, with the process seeming to advance at an accelerated rate. It is unknown if this is caused by the properties of this particular RPC-350 instance or by unknown properties of the Kinsmen themselves. This instance was not recovered for study, having been destroyed along with the Kinsmen by RPC-670.

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