Retired Phenomena Code: 349

Object Class: Gamma-Red Neutralized

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sentient.png Sentient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-corrosive.png Corrosive

Containment Protocols: Both RPC-349 instances must be contained in a reinforced containment chamber with an interior resembling that of a ranch home. One or more CSD subjects must be placed within the containment chamber in order for both RPC-349 instances to manifest.

The CSD subject currently residing within the home is to be armed with one (1) SIG Sauer P220 pistol, and is tasked to defend themselves from RPC-349. RPC-349 instances can be efficiently terminated via food deprivation.

Description: RPC-349 is referring to two vaguely humanoid entities that measure approximately 4.5 meters in height. The RPC-349 instances each possess a mask-like growth over their faces, which display a neutral expression. The "mask" growth has been dubbed the "faceplate" and serves several functions, namely to act as extra protection of the head and to display facial expressions. This faceplate is an extension of RPC-349's cranium. Said faceplate is also flexible in nature. Both RPC-349 instances are pale and appear to have a mild case of malnutrition.

During the hours between 6 PM and 7 AM local time, RPC-349 instances anomalously manifest on the rooftops of residential housing in most countries. RPC-349 instances have never been observed to manifest on the rooftops of towers and skyscrapers. Despite this, RPC-349 appear to manifest in urban areas more than rural areas. Both RPC-349 instances produce an audible clicking noise that will increase in pitch, which serves as a method of echolocation similar to bats. RPC-349 instances will use said echolocation to pinpoint the exact location of any people inside the house. This becomes less accurate as the distance between the RPC-349 instance and the target(s) increases.

RPC-349 only manifests on residential housing occupying humans or human-like items. Facilities like the RPC Authority do not have a chance of having manifestations of RPC-349.

The noise RPC-349 produces has been recorded within its containment area:

Once an RPC-349 instance has successfully pinpointed the location of the subject, its faceplate will morph into a more intimidating expression, revealing two sets of sharp incisors and a large set of eyes which grant the entity an estimated 280 degrees of vision. RPC-349 instances will then pursue their victims at speeds which have been recorded to range from 48.2 to 96.5 kilometers per hour.

Both RPC-349 entities are able to dislocate and break any bones within their bodies, or to entirely dismember their own limbs, when advantageous, allowing for access into small and confined spaces. RPC-349 possess regenerative properties to reassemble their skeletal structures within an hour. Additionally, dismembered limbs are able to move independently and reattach themselves.

Once either of the RPC-349 instances has captured at least one of the targets, it will begin collecting and inserting prey into storage organs in its throat which resemble pouches. The pouches are assumed to be RPC-349's digestive system. RPC-349 will then begin turning its victims into an energy source fueled entirely by the pain and suffering of said victim. RPC-349 is capable of fitting approximately 4 5 6 subjects within its pouches at a time, both of RPC-349's necks being composed of a rubber-like tissue which can allow for them to expand.

RPC-349 do not seem to require any physical sustenance, instead deriving all of their energy from the suffering of their victims. Their digestive systems make use of gastric acid and digestive enzymes which begin to engulf the subjects and dissolve their skin and tissue, purely for the torturous purpose of energy-draining, as there is no intestinal system by which the digested material would actually be absorbed into the body. Once the RPC-349 instances are satisfied, they will begin to vomit the blob-like remains of the victims, hereby designated RPC-349-1. Further study has led researchers to the conclusion that RPC-349-1 instances still possess sentience although cannot speak or move but are still able to feel physical touch. These instances have been described as made up of melted flesh, organs, and covered in RPC-349's digestive acid.

Discovery: RPC-349 had first drawn the attention of the Authority after reports were received of multiple civilians who had gone missing in the town of Potsdam, Germany. The Deutsche Well reported on a substance in the homes of each victim which was described as a "melted flesh pile". Soon afterward, Mobile Specialized Teams were dispatched by the Authority to investigate and contain any anomalies involved.

During a nighttime investigation, MST units encountered one of the two RPC-349 instances. The entity had captured four MST personnel, and firing at the creature seemed to be ineffective. After five nights of containment attempts on the RPC-349 instances, during the sixth night, both RPC-349 instances were captured and contained at Site-███ for further research.

Test Log 349-1

Addendum 349-1: During recent observations of the remaining RPC-349 instance, it was noticed that the number of pouches within the anomaly has increased over the past 3 months of containment from 4 pouches to 6. If this continues to increase it will become nearly impossible to keep the last RPC-349 instance alive without wasting CSD personnel. Although it is still unknown as to how RPC-349 obtains more pouches as time goes on, it was in the Authority's favor to instead terminate RPC-349. Dr. █████ has stated that feeding CSD personnel to RPC-349 would be a waste and it is better off neutralized.

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