Image of RPC-347, ██/██/████, showing typical video signal degradation and distortion.

Registered Phenomena Code: 347

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Explosive Hazard, Radiation Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-347 is to be contained in a modified high-security containment chamber on OL-Site-1010, occupying an area of seabed 24km offshore of Crotone, Italy. The walls of this chamber are paneled with high-resolution video screens constantly displaying mathematically-generated white noise images. All structural members and internal walls immediately adjacent to the chamber itself are to be inscribed with regular geometrical patterns centered around the repetition of the number 10. The chamber is equipped with a sound system which will constantly broadcast white noise at a volume no lower than 120db. Areas of OL-Site-1010 immediately adjacent to the RPC-347 containment chamber are to be constructed with curved or rounded floor plans, and equipped with audio systems capable of broadcasting white noise at 120dB should RPC-347 breach containment. Floor units on OL-Site-1010 are designed to collapse during a containment breach to further hinder the entity's movement.

As the entity disrupts observation via electronic methods, all containment areas are fitted with armoured periscope systems to allow for direct visual observation of the interior of the chamber without risk to Research and Containment staff.

MST Papa-10 ‘Sophists’ is stationed in perpetuity at OL-Site-1010 until such time as RPC-347 can be contained more effectively. In the event that the entity breaches containment, Papa-10 will engage using Aethalides Type 3 SASER1 weaponry and attempt to lure RPC-347 offshore to minimize the risk of civilian casualties. Should the entity grow to a size where it protrudes beyond the surface of the water, Papa-10 personnel are authorized to deploy their fleet of armed Zubr-class hovercraft and Augusta A129/Tonal attack helicopters, all armed with SASERs, against the entity. Units of MST Alpha-2 'Maritime Praesidio Subvehi' and Echo-21 'Sleeping Sirens' are to be made available in the extent of major breaches to assist in large scale containment and damage control. Any personnel or civilians found to have been affected by RPC-347-1 are to be interrogated and may be provided with amnestic or glyph treatments if necessary.

In light of data recovered by Project Aethalides [See Document Aethalides-R-294 below], personnel from Research and Containment divisions are currently developing an alternate legume-based containment measure.

Description: RPC-347 is a hostile, animate entity capable of actualizing certain principles of Pythagorean philosophy and mysticism in an aggressive fashion. RPC-347 is amorphous in form, and can be of variable size, though its exact outer dimensions will always fit within a cuboid area of space with side lengths forming a ratio of 2:3:5. At its largest recorded manifestation, RPC-347 measured 455m tall, 141.5m across and 75.6m long. When not exposed to intense white noise, RPC-347 will continually grow at an irregular rate, with its average rate of growth diminishing as it grows larger. It is currently unknown if RPC-347 has a maximum size, as it does not appear to be affected by the square-cube law.

The entity is difficult to detect on electronic recording devices2, and its physical appearance consists of an assemblage of constantly rearranging Pythagorean solids3 composed of white marble, with each surface marked with a pattern of regular dots believed to represent the Pythagorean tetractys4. At all times, RPC-347 emits a series of varying pure tones with a frequency between ███ and ███Hz, with all tones falling somewhere on the Pythagorean tuning scale5.

The entity is capable of rectilinear movement6 at a maximum observed rate of 0.77m/s. RPC-347's containment area has been designed to exploit this fact, as it is unable to rapidly traverse curved or non-linear spaces. The entity appears unable to move directly upwards or detach itself from ground contact, and appears significantly slowed by movement over ditches, holes, or other abrupt depressions in ground level.


RPC-347, ██/██/████, demonstrating 'clumping' or 'clustering' pattern characteristic of exposure to high-intensity SASER fire.

RPC-347's level of intelligence is unclear. It has demonstrated partial comprehension of written or spoken human language, and since the events of ██/██/19██ has not attempted communication with Authority personnel [See Addendum 1 below]. RPC-347 is repelled or injured by exposure to mathematically-generated random noise in any form, especially sound at volumes of above 100db or images of visual white noise with uneven side lengths. Exposure to such sound is accompanied by a sudden and rapid decrease in the entity's size. It has also demonstrated a noted aversion or hesitation towards attacking objects clearly marked with representations of the number 10, and the numbering of the Site in which it is contained and the MST assigned to contain it have been modified to reflect this.

RPC-347 is capable of violently altering the composition of matter, although it appears to follow certain patterns or templates of alteration. This property has been designated RPC-347-1. RPC-347-1 converts volumes of non-living organic or inorganic matter into significantly larger volumes of white Grecian marble7. This effect manifests as the projection of beams of intense white light (up to 60,000 lux) from the flat surfaces of the entity. Any inorganic object touched by these beams will immediately be converted into a random assortment of platonic solids, all composed of marble. The shift in volume appears to be explosive and nearly instantaneous, with the conversion of larger objects causing violent concussive shockwaves and the destruction of the solids. The activation of this effect does not appear to violate the laws of conservation of matter and energy, as the entity appears to draw off the surrounding atmosphere each time its beams activate, causing an audible implosion.

Any living being caught within the beam of RPC-347-1 suffers an intense and disorientating cognitohazardous effect in the form of the sudden acquisition of memories which the subject immediately recognizes as being from past lives or incarnations. While the process is not physically harmful, the memories are of such vivid emotional and physical detail that they tend to be mentally overwhelming, producing intense distraction and disorientation. Exact details recalled vary from person to person, and show very little internal order or structure, but all include extremely detailed knowledge which can be confirmed through historical sources. "Past lives" show no geographical consistencies with the national or regional origins of those who experience RPC-347-1 effects.

Addendum 1: Attempted Communication with RPC-347: On ██/██/19██, testing in an attempt to communicate with RPC-347 was commenced under the supervision of Dr. K█████. The medium of communication used was the nonverbal/symbolic version of the Lincos-III constructed language, developed by the Research Division following detailed study of RPC-701.

The Lincos-III project was intended to enable functional communication with mathematical and computational intelligences. Given RPC-347's seeming basis in the mathematics of Pythagoras- or at the very least some derivation thereof- a language of simple mathematical logic strikes me as a natural starting point. -Dr. K█████.

The establishment of initial communication with RPC-347 proved successful, with RPC-347 apparently comprehending the initial (Stage 1) Lincos-III mathematical dictionary/lexicon. Personnel were able to approach RPC-347 unharmed, and it repeatedly reconfigured its body plan to provide model reconstructions of several of the mathematical definitions provided. Once the complex (Stage 2) dictionary/lexicon was displayed, however, RPC-347 became hostile, apparently reacting negatively to the section on mathematical probability, more specifically a definition of Bayes' Theorem. Following the subsequent containment breach, in which Dr. K█████ and four of her research team were killed when their observation room was converted by RPC-347-1, further communication attempts were discontinued.

Addendum 2: Document Aethalides-R-294: Project Aethalides is the ongoing work by OL-Site-1010 Research and Containment personnel to develop sonic weaponry suitable for combatting RPC-347, and protection against RPC-347-1. A small secondary team within the organization catalogues information from RPC-347-1 victims which could be of use to the Authority. What follows is an excerpt (translated from the original Italian) from Papa-10 member V████ A██████, a combat helicopter pilot exposed to RPC-347-1 who claimed to have gained memories involving the creation of RPC-347 by a group of ancient Pythagoreans.

[…] Bear in mind this is all fragmentary, still trying to wrap my head around it. I'm still not sure who I was, but I know I lived in Crotone, and attended regular meetings with the other followers of the old man- Pythagoras, that is. This was just after the city had won a victory against some other Greek town in the area, and the democrats in town were trying to push for a democracy now that Crotone proper could stand on its own.
Pythagoras said no of course- who needed voting when enlightened mysticism could rule instead? Things got violent- this part is hazy, but I remember the meeting hall burning, and I was so furious at the damned peasants who just couldn't grasp the higher mysteries we were all making. I'm not sure if the old man died in the fire, or soon afterwards, but…
They tried to rebuild their center, the man holding them all together. Tried to capture all his ideals into one perfect geometrical god. And they- I, I think, made it wrong. It couldn't properly grasp the world, that things don't always follow perfect numerical patterns.
We wanted it to think like the old man thought people should think. All those meaningless rules, impossible contradictions for a non-living thing. Reality must be aggressively, blasphemously wrong to it. It was never all sane. Bits of it were falling apart the moment we started. How could a construct be a vegetarian, or…
We never should have left the task to Digleios. He did not finish it.
We- we made it to be afraid of beans?8

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