Guineafowl depicted in recovered flyers "advertising" RPC-345.

Registered Phenomena Code: 345

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Memory Alteration Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Teleportation Hazard, Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to RPC-345's unpredictable nature of manifesting anywhere in the United States of America anywhere within the northeastern area of the United States of America, plainclothes Authority agents have been assigned to infiltrate "music scenes" around the New England area, tasked with pinpointing the location of RPC-345. However, with repeated sightings in ███████, CT covert listening devices have been placed in several prominent entertainment venues within the area. Authority personnel are expected to monitor anyone who mentions RPC-345, from now on classified as RPC-345-1, detaining them if RPC-345-1 attempts to persuade anyone to follow them and other possible instances of RPC-345-1 to see RPC-345. Detained instances of RPC-345-1 are deemed Alpha class and will be temporarily housed with CSD personnel while awaiting interviewing.

RPC-345-1 is to be interviewed by no less than two Authority staff members holding a security clearance of Level-2 or higher regarding current manifestations of RPC-345 and the locations of other instances of RPC-345-1. After successfully interviewing RPC-345-1, Authority staff are required to administer a Grade-D amnestic that has shown to reverse the effects of RPC-345's influence and subsequently release RPC-345-1 into the civilian population. Instances of RPC-345-1 who lack the ability to provide adequate information will be guided through similar amnestic procedure but repurposed to CSD personnel duties. Occasionally, detained RPC-345-1 may be further utilized temporarily in field operations by the Authority to locate future occurrences of RPC-345. RPC-345-1 is not to be further utilized in field operations after Joint Operation ██████████ compromised 7 agents including Lead Researcher ████ █████. Authority staff compromised while handling or interviewing RPC-345-1 are to be administered a Grade-A amnestic and dismissed for reassignment. Authority personnel are also required to administer a Grade-B amnestic to anyone informed of and subsequently interviewed about RPC-345 and RPC-345-1. Any further "advertising" of RPC-345 such as flyers are to be recovered and promptly preserved in a Level-1 storage facility or otherwise destroyed.

Description: RPC-345 is a traveling musical festival named "Scwupnuh" that is believed to have first appeared in ███████, CT in 20██ and has also been sighted in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. RPC-345 has been described by captured instances of RPC-345-1 as an annual festival, taking place in a different location every year. Despite this claim by RPC-345-1, Authority surveillance has observed RPC-345 manifesting several times a year; one instance in 20██ recorded RPC-345 manifesting in two different locations on the same day. RPC-345 has free admission and advertises "all ages are welcome" and is always described to be located in a bar or tavern, even with claims by RPC-345-1 that RPC-345 has been able to attract up to several hundred participants in a single instance.

RPC-345 has been described to have an aesthetic similar to heavy metal music festivals however those exposed to either RPC-345 or RPC-345-1 noted that they were convinced that their favorite musical artists, living or dead and regardless of musical genre will be in RPC-345. RPC-345 will typically attempt to gather an audience by employing RPC-345-1, which appears to be anyone who has been exposed to RPC-345-1 in the past, to persuade others via "word-of-mouth" advertising to visit RPC-345. Because of this method, there is little physical evidence of its existence besides several recovered flyers depicting a monotone guineafowl as its "mascot" accompanied by the text "Scwupnuh" followed by the current year. Aside from the year, there appears to be no address or date of RPC-345's manifestation indicated on the flyer whatsoever. Authority staff have noted that the year indicated on the flyers in Authority possession changes automatically with the new year, occurring in Eastern Standard Time. Civilians interviewed explained that instances of RPC-345-1 were regarded as close friends or romantic partners to them, while Authority investigations confirmed that said interviewees have never interacted with RPC-345-1 before.

Once RPC-345-1 has successfully coerced a number of civilians, it will escort them to the venue RPC-345 has supposedly manifested in and both RPC-345-1 and anyone accompanying it will vanish from existence for an indeterminate amount of time. Upon questioning patrons in the bar about RPC-345, as well as RPC-345-1 and anyone following it, they will claim there is no such festival taking place and did not observe anyone matching the description entering or leaving. After a certain amount of time has passed within the range of 48 hours to several years later, subjects exposed to RPC-345 will appear in a different location or state altogether and attempt to gather potential subjects for the next occurrence of RPC-345, effectively being converted into RPC-345-1.

When detained and interviewed by Authority agents, RPC-345-1 will recall the event as if it actually occurred and note that their favorite band/artist was first to perform. All instances of RPC-345-1 interviewed so far have noted that the second act consisted of a slender and white female humanoid figure standing approximately four and a half to five feet tall and wearing only a veil similar to one worn with a wedding dress as what is described to be “Can The Circle Be Unbroken” by The Carter Family plays through the speakers. The figure was described to be standing motionless and remained speechless throughout the performance. Interviewed RPC-345-1 would also frequently mention how they felt enamored of the figure and despite the performance lasting approximately 3 minutes, instances of RPC-345-1 would insist that the experience was "the joining of two souls and the subsequent creation of an unbreakable eternal bond" as noted by one select instance of RPC-345-1. Further events during RPC-345's manifestation after this performance were unable to be recalled by any RPC-345-1 interviewed.

Addendum: According to reports from undercover Authority agents injected into both █████, VT and ████ █████, MA for covert field operation, several instances of neutralized RPC-345-1 have been suspected of involuntarily teleporting to the surrounding area of RPC-345 as well as experiencing intimate bonds with people they have not encountered before even after rehabilitation by the Authority.

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