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Registered Phenomena Code: 344

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols

RPC-344 is to be held in a standard low-threat containment chamber with minimal security in place. The chamber is to be fit with a custom, negative-pressure ventilation system, directing the air away from central HVAC and out of the building. Non-344 staff are to be fitted with non-rebreather, N-95 grade respirators for entry into RPC-344's containment chamber, until they feel as though this is no longer necessary.

RPC-344-1 instances are to be housed in the adjacent Humanoid Containment Suite.

Sobs and whimpers from RPC-344 are to be ignored.

RPC-344 is to be entered.


RPC-344 is an antique chest produced circa 1900. RPC-344 is made of elm wood and painted in a glossy, pastel yellow with floral decorations on its anterior and superior surfaces. The underside features the name “Ray”, which has been carved with, and then struck through by, a crude implement.

RPC-344 is sealed by a locking brass latch on the lid which indexes with the chest’s body. Despite this simple locking mechanism, RPC-344 is unopenable by all tested means and is impenetrable to radiographic analysis. The chest has a significantly heavier weight than its construction should dictate.

RPC-344's primary anomalous effects begin when in the presence of females, hereafter RPC-344-1. Instances will invariably desire to:

  • sit or rest near RPC-344
  • persuade others to gather clothes and other items for placement in RPC-344

Investigations are ongoing as to why some do not want to enter RPC-344.


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