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The following document is subject to Level 5 reclassification and may only be accessed by authorized personnel. Unauthorized access without proper credentials will result in administrative action.

Authority personnel seeking to access this document must request authorization from GD-██.


RPC-342-1 & RPC-342-2

Registered Phenomena Code: 342

Object Class: Theta-White

Hazard Types: Extra-dimensional Hazard, Info-Hazard

Containment Protocols: As part of an international agreement with the United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee, along with administrative orders from the Global Directors, RPC-342-1 and RPC-342-2 are to be housed in an undisclosed location only known by a handful of people within the Global Directors and the hierarchy of the UNAAC.

Due to security measures, security within this location are to always remain on high-alert. Any documents or files referencing RPC-342, or any of the instances, are to be subjected to a Level 5 reclassification.

Additionally, any pending requests to use RPC-342-1 or RPC-342-2 for whatever purposes are to receive unanimous approval by the Global Directors before said requests may be fulfilled.

Description: RPC-342 refers to two (2) empty file folders that are designated as RPC-342-1 and RPC-342-2. Both RPC-342-1 and RPC-342-2 appear to be produced from manila paper, however, analysis could not determine the materials composed from RPC-342-1 and RPC-342-2.

Both instances of RPC-342 do not display any form of anomalous effects until subjects (designated as RPC-342-A) places a message within RPC-342-1 or RPC-342-2 that contains a request for information, specified within the message, that can be acquired regardless of the location or restriction of that information. Within 2-8 seconds, depending on the length of that information, RPC-342 will acquire the information via USB key or within a stack of paper.

However, even when RPC-342-A has placed specific keywords via date/time stamp of that information, RPC-342 will also include information from three (3) years prior of the information's timestamp.

Item Keywords Obtained Via Results
Transaction documents Church of Malthus, Regional references USB Key Information in regards to transactions made by various shell companies appear to be allocated within ████████, Colorado.
Government documents Ministry of Paranormality (MoP),1 Internal information re. Authority Physical Documents Numerous intelligence and geographical references to confirmed Authority facilities within Russian soil, and list of past/active assets within the Authority.
Personnel documents Global Directors [REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED]
Letters American Revolution, George Washington Physical Documents Letters references to numerous leaders within the Continental Congress. However, one letter contains the order to assassinate King George III.
New Testament apocrypha Accounts of Jesus Christ, Religion, Last Supper Physical Documents Item was obtained, however, an empty page was only included with the Latin phrase: Sanguis bebimus, Corpus edimus, Tolle corpus Satani, Ave, ave Versus Christus! Ave Satani!2

Addendum 342.01. Discovery

On May 3rd, 1943, RAVAAF3 forces carried out an assault on a warehouse that was believed to be operated by GARD.4 Following the assault, RAVAAF forces discovered the warehouse to be a housing facility for artifacts that had been looted across Europe in the interwar period of the 1940s. Some catalogued objects had exhibited anomalous behavior, and were transported to a RAVAAF facility.

At the orders of Colonel Thomas Cartwright, the anomalous objects had been transferred under the custody of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and were instead transported to an American outpost in █████, France.5 In the process of transfer, one of these anomalous objects was RPC-342.

Following numerous experiments conducted on RPC-342, on May 22nd, the OSS deployed RPC-342 under SI Branch as part of Operation Alsos.6 By October 15th, 1945, Operation Alsos concluded its operations with the eradication of GARD experimental projects with the assistance of RPC-342.

In 1949, during the transfer of RPC-342 to the CIA's Directorate of Operations, a group of Soviet agents ambushed the convoy which resulted in RPC-342 being successfully captured by Soviet agents, and later transported to Moscow, Russia. While the incident has been largely denied by the Kremlin, according to British Intelligence they reported that RPC-342 had been acquired and used by the Soviet-GOVI under the Committee for State Security (KGB). In 1952, the Venona project7 obtained sensitive information that the Soviets were aware of American military plans to advance into Hamhung, North Korea, during the Korean War. Plans to invade Hamhung were eventually pulled back in fear that the military plans might be shared with Communist China.

Eventually, in August 2nd, 1958, double agents for Monarch Security carried out a foreign intelligence operation in the Headquarters of the KGB, which resulted in the destruction of American and British information obtained through RPC-342, and the securing of RPC-342 itself. During a session in the United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan called for a resolution on the transfer of RPC-342 to the RPC Authority following decades of government scrutiny in foreign intelligence operations caused by RPC-342.

While delegates from the Soviet Union and the United States opposed the transfer to the Authority, the resolution was eventually enacted by the World Security Council and resulted in RPC-342 being in the custody of the Authority in 1960.

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