Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-031-1

Director of Research: Dr. ████ "Iceberg" ████████

Assigned MST(s): Charlie-2 "Fire Fighters,
Alpha-21 "Wolf Pack"

Director of Containment: SFA. Pali


Registered Phenomena Code: 340


Object Class:


Responsible Departments:

Biology2.png Department of
Chemistry.png Department of

Hazard Types:

h-aquatic.png Aquatic Hazard h-organic.png Organic Hazard h-explosive.png Explosive Hazard h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature Hazard

Containment Protocols:

RPC-340 is to be held within a 5m3 room with 20 cm thick walls made of several refractory materials in Site-031-1. The room is to be kept at all times under 20 degrees Celsius by a set of air conditioners, with a spare set ready to activate should the previous one deactivate or malfunction. Any sudden changes in the temperature of RPC-340's containment room are to be investigated and reported. In the case of RPC-340 activating inside the chamber, automated fire extinguishers will activate and attempt to extinguish the fire. Should this fail, alarms and alerts are to be activated, and MST Charlie-2 "Fire Fighters" mobilized.

RPC-340 may be accessed by all Level 2 Authority personnel (Excluding 2A personnel.1). Any personnel entering the chamber are to be searched for carrying liquids. Water is to be introduced only once weekly, and each instance is to be watered with 50 ml of water.


RPC-340 instances 1-16 resemble premature carrots with small glints of red shining through the creases, holding a temperature of 19-21 degrees Celsius at room temperature. RPC-340 is able to increase its size through the absorption of water, increasing its volume by a 1:100 gram to milliliter ratio, with a maximum weight of 120 grams.

If an instance reaches the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius it will violently combust and detonate, the size and intensity of the explosion being influenced by the proportions of RPC-340. The water absorbed by an instance of RPC-340 acts as fuel, keeping the instance and the fire caused by the explosion burning at a length from 20 min to 1.2 hrs depending on the amount of water absorbed. Any attempt to extinguish the fire with water will only increase the size, strengthen the flame, and extend its longevity.

RPC instances do spoil, but at a much slower rate than a regular Daucus carota2, with the observation that regular watering increases their survival even further. Whilst there have been attempts to reproduce RPC-340, no results were yielded mostly due to the absorption property of the instances. Should any uncontained instances of RPC be discovered, MST Alpha-21 "Wolf Pack" are to be sent for retrieval.

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Recovered footage prior to object's recovery and containment.


RPC-340 was located by the RPC Authority after an explosion inside of a grocery market in [REDACTED], California. Recovered security footage show the box containing RPC was being transported to the shelves without an adequate ventilation, causing the box to heat the RPC to its activation temperature. The following explosion killed [REDACTED] people inside the supermarket. RPC-340 instances 1-12 were recovered by a Delta-4 "Garcas" field agent placed within the [REDACTED] Police Department. The instances were taken to a safe spot where they were then transferred to Site-031-1 for containment before getting official RPC classification after further research.

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