Registered Phenomena Code: 339

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Psychotronic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Electromagnetic Force Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Teleportation Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard

Containment Protocols: The [REDACTED] Penitentiary is to remain under Authority ownership until a more effective method of containing RPC-339 can be established. No unauthorized persons are permitted within 1 kilometer of the penitentiary at any time. Personnel are to be stationed within the observation and security rooms located on the complex's roof at all times to monitor RPC-339's position. If RPC-339 is not detected within the complex, efforts to locate RPC-339's new whereabouts are to begin immediately. Should any personnel be found to have entered any part of the prison lower than the rooftop areas, they are to be considered lost and no retrieval efforts are permitted.

Should RPC-339 enter an active state, it should be immediately determined if this was caused by the presence of an individual within the facility. If activated by the presence of a person, the location of RPC-339, the person in question and the temperature throughout the site are to be monitored. If the cause cannot be identified, the complex and a circular area 1 kilometer in radius centered on the building are to be evacuated for a period of 24 hours. A security perimeter is to be established outside this range to ensure that RPC-339 does not approach this range. Should RPC-339 attempt to approach this perimeter, force is authorized.

Description: RPC-339 is the designation afforded to an electric chair currently located within the basement of the [REDACTED] Penitentiary. RPC-339 is identical to a non-anomalous electric chair in appearance, with the exception of several blood stains present on RPC-339 at all times. The position of these stains is inconsistent, reported to change between blinks. The chair is constructed of an unknown wood and equipped with straps composed of leather. RPC-339 possesses a metal helmet hanging above the chair's seat, seen in some electric chair models. RPC-339 possesses the ability to administer a lethal shock despite having no apparent source of power.

When no person is present within the [REDACTED] Penitentiary below the rooms situated on the complex's roof, RPC-339 remains inert in the prison's death row. However, in the event that a person is present in the facility, and occasionally on random occurrence, RPC-339 will begin to relocate throughout the complex. This relocation occurs through instantaneous teleportation. The locations RPC-339 relocates to appear random before gradually shifting towards any individual present within range. RPC-339 behavior following this point depends on the circumstances of its activity.

If RPC-339 has become active due to the presence of an individual within the facility, RPC-339 will gradually begin to shift towards the target. RPC-339 is capable of communication through telepathy, described by victims as a deep male voice with a subtle, ambient static sound. This communication is extremely manipulative, at first demeaning and insulting the individual before attempting to persuade them to sit on RPC-339. RPC-339's ability to influence is phenomenal and likely anomalous in nature. Victims have described communication with RPC-339 as causing a variety of effects, including severe emotional trauma, shifts in beliefs, alterations or creations of memories which are negative in nature, and loss in the belief that the victim exists. In extreme cases, contact with RPC-339 can result in a radical shift in behavior that has been theorized to be a form of mind-control. Individuals who make contact with RPC-339 within the facility have invariably been convinced to sit on RPC-339, which is followed by RPC-339 electrocuting the victim. This is repeated until the victim has expired, at which point RPC-339 will relocate, leaving the body at the location of death.

If RPC-339 becomes active without an identifiable cause, RPC-339's movement is much more erratic in nature, occurring without clear purpose and much more frequently. In this state, RPC-339 has been observed to relocate into regions of the facility it would previously not appear in, such as the security and observation rooms found at the top of the site. RPC-339 has also been observed to relocate outside of the facility in this state though to date has not moved to any location more than a kilometer from the complex see Incident-339-B13.

Several anomalous properties have been observed during both behavior patterns. In addition to the several cognito-hazardous qualities of RPC-339, RPC-339 has been noted to be capable of minor feats of telekinesis, though nothing more notable than opening nearby doors has been observed. RPC-339 also possesses a regenerative quality, quickly recovering from all damage including that sustained from explosive devices. Finally, RPC-339 appears to have control of temperatures within a kilometer of its current position. On the outer edge of this range, the temperature begins to gradually drop before reaching temperatures of -4° C around 25 meters from RPC-339. After this point, the temperature begins to gradually increase, reaching sweltering heats around RPC-339 and reaching temperatures of 95° C within the immediate area around the chair of RPC-339.

Document 339-A: The following is an exploration log conducted within the [REDACTED] Penitentiary shortly after the discovery of RPC-339. At the time, it was believed the entire site was anomalous due to the low temperatures.

Test Subjects: CSD-9213, CSD-8756

Observers: Dr. Grannet

Date: 05/07/1999

Notes: Log begins after the test subjects have already entered through the site's front door. Subjects are each equipped with flashlights and mounted video recording equipment.

<Log Begin>

Dr. Grannet: Describe the environment within RPC-339.

CSD-9213: Well, it's a prison, it looks like. There's no lights. And it's cold. God, it's really cold, what kind of air conditioning do they have in here.

Dr. G: 9213, we'd like to alert you to the fact that an entity currently designated as RPC-339-1 became active when you entered the facility. This entity has not been analyzed in full, so be on the look out.

CSD-9213: Great, this is one of those places. Any other dash whatevers we should know about?

Dr. G: Not that we are aware of.

CSD-8756: Are we allowed to know what dash one is?

Dr. G: RPC-339-1 is an electric chair. Currently we are only aware that it possesses the ability to spontaneously relocate. Though we suspect that it might have electrical properties.

CSD-8756: Hmph. I don't doubt it would.

CSD-9213: Is there a way to turn on the lights in here? These flashlights don't help a whole lot.

Dr. G: The lights around the facility do not appear to be functional. From what we know this is not the result of any anomalous effect, but we can't risk—

CSD-9213: Yeah, yeah, you don't know what would happen, something bad could happen, whatever. What are we even looking for? Some chilly temperature machine, some chair?

At this point, observation equipment observes that RPC-339 has relocated in a room 30 meters from the test subjects.

CSD-8756: Jesus…

Dr. G: 9213, you—

CSD-8756: It's cold as shit in here, damn.

CSD-9213: Yes, doctor?

Dr. G: You should be aware that RPC-339-1 has located to a position close to yours. We want you to investigate. Please proceed down the hallway to your left.

CSD-9213: (pauses) Y-yeah, sure thing, doc-c.

Dr. G: Anything wrong, 9213?

CSD-9213: (slight pause) No, no, i-it's just… cold, and I… I thought I heard some whispering for a second.

Dr. G: Describe what you heard.

CSD-9213: Y-yeah, it was just some whispering sound, thought I heard some broken TV sound too though. It was probably just my head.

The test subjects continue down the hallway. RPC-339 remains in place.

CSD-8756: Ahh, that's better.

Dr. G: 8756, what is "better" about the region you are in.

CSD-8756: It's not cold anymore, in fact it's a little warm here. Really loosens me up a bit… what the fuck?

Dr. G: 8765, what's the problem?

CSD-8756: Just heard a voice, clear as day. Just said my name, nothing else.

CSD-9213: Yeah, I heard it too, except I heard my name.

Dr. G: Strange, we didn't pick up anything on your audio equipment.

At this point, RPC-339 relocates directly in front of the test subjects.

CSD-8756: Jesus fuck!

CSD-9213: Shit, that thing came out of nowhere. Is that our dash one?

Dr. G: Yes, that would be it. I suggest backing away from RPC-339-1, we don't know what it can do.

CSD-9213: Shit shit shit, do you hear that? It's talking! Doc, do you hear this? What? Fuck you, chair, I've never done that. She doesn't… what?

CSD-8756: God, it's covered in blood… is the blood moving? Holy shit. God, it's hot.

Dr. G: 9213, 8756, what you are describing appears to be traits of a cognito-hazardous entity. Please get away from it, immediately.

CSD-9213: Yes, fuck yes, I hate this thing. It's got a lot of fucking nerve saying some of those things. It says that shit and dares to call me worthless?

CSD-9213 begins to run away from RPC-339. CSD-8756 does not move.

Dr. G: 8756, what are you doing? You need to get away from the chair.

CSD-8756: This thing hates me. It fucking hates me. Can you hear it? God. It really wants me to just be dead.

Dr. G: 8756, please move away from RPC-339-1. You don't know what it can do. If it hates you, you do not want to be around—

CSD-8756: It says it doesn't matter. Am I real? I think so. It doesn't. It hates me, so much. If I'm being honest with you doc, I think I hate it a little too.

Dr. G: 8756, please—

CSD-8756: Oh my God… (CSD-8756 moves to sit down in RPC-339).

CSD-8756: Fuck, it's hot…

RPC-339 flares to life, releasing an electric shock before relocating towards CSD-9213. CSD-8756's body falls to the floor, presumably deceased.

Dr. G: 9213, 8756 is dead. RPC-339-1—

CSD-9213: What? How did he die?

Dr. G: He… sat on RPC-339-1. Anyways—

CSD-9213: Why the fuck did he do that.

Dr. G: We don't know. RPC-339-1 appears to be a cognito-hazard. Although your experiences with temperatures have led us to believe that the building you are in may not be the anomaly here.

CSD-9213: Fuck, it's the chair, isn't it? God, why did you send us in here? I'm just going to hide in this room, you send some of your people in here to get me out. You never should've sent us in here.

CSD-9213 enters a nearby closet and sits down. Shortly after, RPC-339 relocates outside the door.

Dr. G: 9213—

CSD-9213: Oh, fuck you. I'm mad. And… and I'm fucking sweating.

At this point, RPC-339 pulls down the closet's doorknob and jerks the door open.

CSD-9213: Fuck you, you stupid fucking chair. You have the nerve to talk like that while you go around killing people? Telling them they're trash? Fuck you, fuck you so much.

Dr. G: 9213, please calm down. Move aware from RPC-339-1 and get to the exit.

CSD-9213: No, fuck you too. I'm not gonna stand here and take this shit!

CSD-9213 begins to look around the closet before locating a fallen pipe, which he quickly picks up and begins to approach RPC-339

CSD-9213: You think you can get away with saying all that bullshit? You think?

CSD-9213 begins to beat RPC-339 with the pipe, causing several pieces of wood to break off. Damages are observed to quickly repair, as temperatures are detected to be rising.

CSD-9213: You can't make me! Fuck you, I'm worth a hell of a lot more than you, just some moldy chair sitting down here, collecting— Gah!

CSD-9213 is seen dropping the pipe while reaching to cover their ears, before wailing in pain.

CSD-9213: Ah! Stop! I… I don't care if they killed you! I don't care! I hate you! I fucking hate you!

CSD-9213 takes off their monitoring equipment and throws it towards RPC-339. The camera breaks upon contact with the floor, but audio communication remains intact.

Dr. G: 9213, get out of there immediately. There is still time.

CSD-9213: I'm done with you! I'll have you die again!

Audio recording equipment picks up the sound of CSD-9213 running towards RPC-339 and attempting to assault it. During the process, RPC-339 activates, electrocuting CSD-9213. CSD-9213 shrieks in pain before another shock silences him.

<End Log>

Closing Notes: Following the exploration, CSD-9213 was presumed dead due to the events heard towards the end of the incident, though no body was recovered. Data collected during the exploration was used to justify reclassifying RPC-339-1 as RPC-339. This request was approved shortly after.

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