Registered Phenomena Code: 335

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Electrical Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-335 is to be enclosed within a standard item containment chamber outfitted with a fully enclosed faraday cage at Site-016 and monitored daily for tampering and/or the supposed sign of a theorized RPC-335-2.

As of October 2nd, 2020,1 RPC-335 has not been approved for its use on any off-site operation without the direct authorization of the Site Director, as well as the written consent of whoever would be in contact with RPC-335.

In the event that RPC-335 is activated outside of its containment chamber, all Site-016 personnel must be informed of potential temporary electronic equipment failure, as well as the risks regarding long-term exposure to RPC-335 in a powered state.

Description: RPC-335 is a small, plastic, hand-held children's novelty radio that weighs 3.56 ounces and is 9.6 by 2.5 centimeters tall. When sufficiently powered and activated, it is able to create a transmission of indeterminate frequency, which disrupts any sonar or radio signals within a 10-meter range; attempts at syntonization to discern and/or replicate the type of transmission wave made by the device have been unsuccessful.

This effect is only present when RPC-335 is provided with sufficient power in the form of two AA batteries, and its on/off switch is switched to the on position. Currently, as long as there are two AA batteries of any brand within their proper receptacles the effects of RPC-335 will manifest when powered on.

RPC-335 was later discovered to have long-term side effects that directly correlate to continued use of the device. The discovery of these long-term effects have prompted a re-designation from Alpha-Yellow-Utility to Alpha-Yellow, and the requirements to use RPC-335 out in the field have been greatly increased since their discovery.2

The secondary effects of RPC-335, designated RPC-335-1 are as listed:3

  • Auditory Hallucinations, such as, but not limited to: Previously spoken words either by the personnel afflicted by RPC-335-1 or others within it's radius while in affect, indecipherable and seemingly incoherent whispering, footsteps increasing in volume from behind the subject's field of view, etc.
  • Semi-Transparency of the subject for indeterminate lengths of time, the type of which has the entire body become semi-transparent, with viewers being able to somewhat perceive what is behind the subject with some difficulty.
  • Paranoia
  • Temporary loss of Auditory Sensations. The longest recorded instance of hearing loss in personnel with long-term exposure to RPC-335-1 was twenty eight minutes and fourty six seconds, with a minimum recorded time being only thirty seconds, regardless of the length however. It has been reported that in all currently recorded subjects, when auditory sensations return a noise similar to the activation of a standard hand-held radio is heard. Study into this phenomenon has so far been inconclusive.
  • Nausea.
  • Vertigo.
  • It has been noted that potential long-term use of RPC-335 can result in the eventual deterioration of the body, to the point where all physical and/or sensory interaction with the world around them becomes increasingly difficult. This however has only been seen in one individual since RPC-335's containment as discussed in Addendum 335-A; research is still undergoing to determine whether RPC-335-2 is an outlier when it comes to RPC-335-1's effects or a one time exception.

RPC-335-2 is a theoretical state of being that would occur as the result of extreme, long-term exposure to RPC-335 and a possible end-result correlated with continued long-term exhibition of the secondary effects prescribed in RPC-335-1.

It is theorized that such a state of being can exist after the incident described in Addendum 335-A and the POI involved in said Addendum. Said effects would be the natural progression of RPC-335-1, as RPC-335-2's only documented instance displayed the same, normal effects of RPC-335 but amplified onto the user.

Potentially all matter would ignore the presence of anyone in a RPC-335-2 state, as a result light, electromagnetic waves, sound waves, and any other such wavelengths would all pass through the RPC uninhibited. While potentially impossible, any and all future documentation of a potential RPC-335-2 instance is to be sent to the Site-016 Director.4

Noted upon discovery was a receipt tucked within the belt buckle strap of the involve POI, marking a recent purchase dating from June 20th, 2020.5 The connection between Amazing! Co. and Demonymless is currently still under investigation; the following text has been copied from the receipt:

"Gratitude for customer payments, for purchasing one (1) Amazing! Co. Brand 'Not so Talkie, Walkie-Talkie'; for the silent sniper in every rascal! Enclosed within, you will find one owner's manual with detailed instructions on how to use this valued product,6 complete with wonderfully illustrated pictograms in full technicolor by our fantastic artists!

This set of four (4) handheld radios7 is sure to make games of manhunt with the pals in your neighborhood a cinch! Simply insert two (2) AA+ batteries into the appropriate receptacle for each radio; when all four are activated, only you and your buddies will finally be able to communicate within your own closed ten (10) meter radius - no more need for worrying about that pesky eavesdropping ever again! Note: Batteries Not Included, All purchases are final after fourteen (14) days after purchase regardless of item condition, All queries regarding this item are to be taken to [PHONE NUMBER ILLEGIBLE]."

Discovery: RPC-335 was discovered July 8th, 2020 after Authority personnel received multiple reports of electromagnetic failure within the small town of [REDACTED], Virginia that appeared to be anomalous in origin. Said reports of electromagnetic failure would later be directly correlated to use of RPC-335 and the activity of the known GOI 'Demonymless'.

During said investigation, the vital signs of several Authority personnel suddenly flatlined for roughly five minutes, only to reappear. Using the loss of contact, Authority personnel were able to triangulate the source of the signal disruption. The anomaly was later discovered to be abandoned by POI-4120,8

POI-4120 has been confirmed to work specifically for 'The Establishment' branch of the GOI, and has been deemed a high priority target. It is currently unknown whether POI-4120 will resurface any time soon but any information regarding the potential appearance of POI-4120 should be reported to the Site Director.

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