Registered Phenomena Code: 334

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-334 is to be contained in the Mechanical Hazards Wing of Site-032 inside a high-security containment vault accessible only by a Level-4 key card with a built-in electronic chip.

Within the containment vault, RPC-334 is to be placed in a metal storage container. The container's electronic panel access is locked by a five digit pass-code, accessible only to level-3 personnel.

Automated sensors are placed within the hallway leading up to the containment vault. On-Site ASF personnel will be alerted of any attempts to access RPC-334 by unauthorized personnel. Apprehended personnel will be subjected to interrogation and/or sanctioning.

Description: RPC-334 is a red-colored scientific calculator with the words "Волковский промышленный научно-революционный калькулятор"1 printed on the back casing in a vertical fashion. The screen of the calculator is made up of PDCPD2 that protects the computer display from any sort of physical impact, scratches, and extreme temperatures.

RPC-334 is capable of performing normal functions of a scientific calculator as well as performing a number of theoretical mathematics including: fractal geometry, euclidean geometries, calculus, abstract algebra, complex analysis, and other more anomalous areas of mathematics.3

Based on documented observations and testing experiments, RPC-334 appears to have the ability to exert some degree of ideological control over individuals in an indeterminate range. Influenced individuals have been documented to have a higher volume of white and gray brain matter compared to baseline humans. CSD test subjects were given an IQ test before exposure to RPC-334, and when compared to their previous results, the subjects when exposed to RPC-334 were increased by 60 points, but the range of IQ increase fluctuates between individual to individual.4

Armed communes have been discovered by Authority agents embedded within a large number of left wing militias and organizations. Exposed individuals are known to practice "ideological purity tests" to test whether or not if individuals within their communes are capable of living within the confines of their commune. Failure typically results in the termination of individuals by firing squad or asphyxiation by hanging.

Affected individual communes are known to be publicized by exposed individuals as being self-sufficient and safe locations for disenfranchised individuals to seek asylum. These communes are known to be set up as sanctuaries and shelters for the homeless, but their true function has been discovered to be operation sites for weapon shipments and drug production. Undercover Authority agents have been able to infiltrate communes throughout the world and discovered a proportionate number of small arms and explosive weaponry being shipped to these locations.

It has been calculated that 2,000 people in the United States, 5,000 in China, 14,000 in Ukraine, 30,000 in Laos, 7,000 in Ethiopia, 4,532 in Cambodia, 8,000 in Mozambique, and 1,000 individuals in Kazakhstan have been exposed to the effects of RPC-334 before it was discovered by the Authority. Efforts to track organizations and persons of interests who deal in anomalous objects is actively being conducted to the present day.

Addendum 334.01: Discovery Log

Addendum 334.02: Recovered Text

Addendum 334.03: Journal Log

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