Registered Phenomena Code: 333

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Regenerative, Mechanical, Teleportation Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard


The abandoned facility leading to RPC-333 from the surface, before perimeters were placed by the RPC Authority.

Containment Protocols: The perimeter of RPC-333 (10 meters away from the door in every direction) is to be lined with electric chain-link fence no shorter than 3 meters tall. The chain-link door is to be monitored by two Authority Security personnel from ASF team "Petrol" and locked with a working padlock using the following numerical code: ████, at all times. The tunnel to RPC-333 is to always have a fully functional lift at all times.

The facility1 holding the entry point to the tunnel is to have a barbed chain-link fence surrounding it in every direction, leaving 3 meters of space between the perimeter and walls of the facility. The perimeter surrounding the facility is to be guarded by half of ASF team "Petrol" at all times. ASF team "Petrol" may organize their shifts however they need so as long as they meet the prior requirements. All Authority Security Personnel to be added to ASF team "Petrol" are required to read Incident Report Petrol-23 and 31.

Description: RPC-333-A is a 12.1x24 meter convenience store approximately 12.2 kilometers below the surface of the Earth at the bottom of the ███ branch of the Kola Superdeep Borehole within the ██████ District in Russia. The convenience store goes by the name of "Beelzebub's Gas and Goods". Despite the name, there are no gas pumps, tanks, or methods of fueling a vehicle whatsoever. The front of the store is lined with glass-panes, windows, and 2 glass sliding doors in the front. However, at the time of the discovery of the store in 19██, it appeared to have a more fitting appearance for the time.

RPC-333-A seems to have transformative properties, as it changes to fit the current appearance of a common convenience store. Despite this, the inside of the store never changes. Inside, the floor is checkered black-and white, though some tiles have been worn out from erosion and fallen stones. The walls are made of an unknown material that most closely resembles concrete. The walls regenerate when broken, letting the structure stay intact overtime and not be crushed by the weight of the land above it.

The only non-damaged items within the walls are 2 rows of shelves, a cashier machine (RPC-333-D) and a modern ATM, RPC-333-B. RPC-333-B exchanges 10000 Russian Rubles2 for one instance of its own currency, "bloodstones". (RPC-333-E)3, that can be given to RPC-333-D to purchase various items in the convenience store.

Each item in the store, or an instance of RPC-333-C, is held within a cardboard box with a translucent plastic opening on the front. Each box has bold black lettering above the plastic opening, each one a label for the item inside of the box. There is also an image of the item on the back of each box. Each box varies in size and shape for every item. The following list is a collection of the items available for purchase or items purchased from RPC-333's shelves. This list is to be added onto as more items are discovered.4

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