Rate-Determining App





Registered Phenomena Code: 328

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the digital nature of RPC-328 making conventional containment impossible, MST Oscar-5 ("Web Nerds") are to monitor mobile software shops, music enthusiast forums and audio pirating websites and scrub any mentions and files referring to "Pulse Beats", "Pulse Beats - Free Music Player", and "PB - Party Edition". Coordination with the hosts of aforementioned platforms and Internet service providers is recommended to expedite the process and acquire poster information. Repeat sharing of the application by a singular source is to result in shutting down the operation by way of MST Oscar-5. Involving local authorities is considered safe.

To further limit the spread of RPC-328, a minor disinformation campaign is to be undertaken. Automated bots and agents are to use low ratings and pre-recorded messages to discourage individuals from downloading the application; currently, the most effective methodology involves claims of stolen personal information and software corruption.

In the event of RPC-328 being suspected as the cause of a fatality, the electronic equipment of the deceased is to be located and wiped, destroyed, or acquired by any means available.

Description: RPC-328 refers to the audio playback software called "Pulse Beats". The software, hereafter referred to as an application, presents itself as a superior alternative to the default music players available on most modern phones by way of desirable features such as multi-format support. Inspection of the application files does not reveal nor trigger any anomalous properties; these are only exhibited through use of the application.

The anomalous property of RPC-328 comes in the form of the listener's heartbeat being synced to the currently playing song's BPM1. This property persists until the end of the song's listed runtime, even if it is paused partway through. The property does require the listener to be in very close proximity to the source for full effect (such as when wearing headphones), with the conveyance through loudspeakers having a negligible outcome. (See Addendum RPC-328-A.) Although music in the approximately 70 to 120 BPM range can be considered 'safe', the extremes in either direction can quickly prove to be fatal by way of oxygen deprivation in the low range or and strokes, heart attacks, and stress in the high range. Please refer to Testing Log RPC-328-B for recorded results.

Discovery: On 02/01/20██ the Department of Communications has received a missive that purported to have come from The Academy of True Art; it contained a warning in regards to an anomaly that might surface in the coming days on the domain [REDACTED]. MST Oscar-5 was set to monitor the situation, and on 05/01/20██ the first instance of RPC-328 known to the Authority has been encountered. Transcript of the missive can be found below.

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