Registered Phenomena Code: 326

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Transmutation Hazard, Toxic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-326 is to be stored in a medium-security wall safe at the Site-016 when not in use. During training demonstrations, one member of on-site security is required to be present. Copper and human blood are not permitted to be used during research or training under any circumstances. Any individual requesting to handle RPC-326 is to be searched for samples of copper or human blood before permission may be given. Individuals with lacerations or bleeding on an easily accessible part of the body such as the hands or face are not permitted to handle RPC-326.

Description: RPC-326 is the designation given to an anomalous mechanical pencil. Notably, RPC-326 is capable of transmutation of materials placed into the pencil as a substitute for graphite. The materials RPC-326 transmutes are limited, and in all cases but one are harmless. In light of the relative lack of danger RPC-326 presents, it has become an integral part of the Authority's training program. Trainees that have enrolled in the bimonthly Introductory Seminar on Anomalous Objects hosted at Site-016 are given the opportunity to observe demonstrations utilizing RPC-326. At the end of the seminar these trainees are invited to conduct informal tests while under supervision by research and security personnel.

Discovery: RPC-326 was recovered following reports from a small newspaper of a "magic pencil" that turned graphite to ink. The newspaper article mentioned that the pencil came from a local general store. Interviews of the employees yielded that the pencil had been stored for an unknown period of time in the back room as it was not the same type as the ones currently for sale, and that none of the employees knew where it came from. Class A-1 amnestics were administered to the local populous, and all newspapers regarding the incident were seized.

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