Registered Phenomena Code: 325

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Ideological Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-325 is to be kept in a 15x15x15cm glass display box on a single purple velvet pillow, with no less than three combination locks attached to the box, one per non-hinged side. The glass case will be stored in the ██████ Wing on Site-088. Any testing made to RPC-325 must be approved by either by Senior Researcher Thompson, or by Director Roberts.

Description: RPC-325 is a single pair of round lens sunglasses, with a purplish hue for the lens. RPC-325 came to the Authority's attention when the staff at the ██████ Nursing Home For The Elderly found a pile of ashes in a wheelchair, along with RPC-325, sitting on top of the ashes. Staff who were nearby described the event as "like hearing banshees escape that poor man's soul". The staff was treated with Class-A Amnesiacs, and the family of the victim was informed of their loss due to "poor fire safety precautions".

RPC-325’s anomalous factor comes into play whenever a subject wears RPC-325; they assume the role of a woman who is seemingly living out their normal life. This woman is acknowledged as RPC-325-1. RPC-325-1’s age and physical appearance reflects that of the subject. This means that the exact age and timeline of RPC-325 and the subject's will be the same. More so, the subject will also feel what RPC-325-1 is feeling as well, depending on what is going on with RPC-325-1's timeline. The full extent of "feeling" has yet to be fully explored.

Under the request of Director Roberts, RPC-325 will undergo testing immediately. Test will include subjects of various ages wearing RPC-325 for 10 minutes, and have them describe the event in as much detail as they could. Testing will begin in ██ days.

Test #325-1:
Subject's Age: 25 years, 3 months, 5 days
Description Of Event: RPC-325-1 is currently in a cafe of sorts, later learned to be located in ██████, New York. Subject describes it as cold and frigid, despite lab temperatures being at 25°c. Subject also describes the current drink RPC-325-1 is drinking as coffee, light with sweetener and heavy in cream.
Conclusion: Subject can taste and feel what RPC-325-1 can taste and feel, no matter the current state of the Subject. Will proceed will more testing.

Test #325-9:
Subject's Age: 17 years, 1 month, 13 days
Description of Event: Subject begins crying, and proceeds to assume the fetal position, remaining there for the remainder of the test. After testing, Subject describes holding a picture of an unknown man, in his early 20’s. Subject says she feels “immediate regret", describing it as a feeling someone would have immediately after a break-up in a relationship.
Conclusion: more insight in RPC-325-1’s teenage years would help with research. Permission from Director Roberts is still in discussion.

Test #325-18:
Subject's Age: 35 years, 7 months, 5 days
Description Of Event: Subject immediately begins laughing upon wearing RPC-325. Subject describes it as a dinner party amongst 5 individuals. The description of one such individual matches that of the individual in the picture in Test 325-9. Subject describes the dinner party as a wedding anniversary, as she describes the ring RPC-325-1 is wearing. Upon ending the test, the Subject describes the feeling as “overwhelming joyful”.
Conclusion: RPC-325-1 seems to have what many would describe as a Full Life, albeit a non-unique one compared to most. Discussion on finding RPC-325-1’s exact moment of postmortem is ongoing.

Test #325-24:
Subject’s Age: 7 years, 3 months, 25 days
Description Of Event: Subject begins screaming, repeating the words "Get away from me!" Subject was then [DATA EXPUNGED] [See Addendum ██-██-20██. LEVEL 4 SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED]. After testing, subject ran to Professor ██████'s arms, refusing to leave her sight for several hours.
Conclusion: Any testing with Subject's under the age of 13 years will henceforth be restricted, as the risk of triggering a [REDACTED] event is too great. Decision to reclassify RPC-325 is ongoing.

Test #325-██:
Subject's Age: ██ years, ██ months, ██ days
Description Of Event: Subject begins to scream in agony. Subject's body beings to contort violently, limbs twisted to the point of breaking a bone. Subject dies abruptly within 3 minutes, body remaining in the contorted position after the removal of RPC-325.
Conclusion: Due to the Subject's old age, the chances of reaching a point past RPC-325-1’s date of death was great, however, we were not expecting the result that was presented to us. Discussions to continue testing are ongoing at this time.

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