Registered Phenomena Code: 324

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Contact Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard

Containment Protocols: Personnel stationed within Cair Aisling during winter or around the Ashwood area are to be equipped with several wooden torches, as well as any other available portable sources of heat. Field deployment of other incendiary equipment, such as fire-enchanted weapons and runic artifacts, is also recommended. Any form of physical contact with RPC-324-1 instances is to be avoided; sections of the body exposed or injured by RPC-324-1 instances are to be amputated at first notice. Failure to do so immediately will result in termination of the affected subject.

Outside of the winter season, personnel are to stab patches of recently unearthed land repeatedly to prevent RPC-324-1 instances from later emerging. Said patches may be encountered all around the Cair Aisling region.

Combined diplomatic and armed efforts with both Spire Elves and Dwarves are underway to negotiate for the complete neutralization of RPC-324.1

Description: RPC-324, otherwise known as "Kryoparxy" by the native population of Cair Aisling, is an Ashenfolk sage featured in several books from the Cair Aisling series as the main antagonist and an influential political figure in the Ashwoods. The main threats posed by this anomaly are its expertise in different fields of magic, political leeway in the Ashwood area, and the ability to create RPC-324-1 instances—also referred to as "Argolos"—, which are necrotic creatures, having been reanimated through Cryomantic rituals.2

According to local testimony and book references, RPC-324 was Mathieu Felldust, a former Ashenfolk mariner, who after gaining power over an extremist monarchical faction within The Ashwood, due to the death of its previous leader, claimed to be the reincarnation of a legendary Seer-King. Over the course of books 3, 4, 5, and the Ash and Ice side-book, Kryoparxy starts to amass great political power and followers across North Ashwood by performing miracles and several other feats of magical prowess. However, during the later books, Kyroparxy begins dwelling into the dark arts, stealing several Dwarven relics and crystals to infuse into his own body, as well as causing an increase of violent attacks against the Ashwood government by its faction.

Over the course of book 5, a Mathieu Felldust driven mad by thoughts of grandeur is seen to have uncovered a way to gain control over the actions and will of its faction members, whom he commands into a siege towards the Ashwood Council. In the events of Ash and Ice, Mathieu is seen killing all councilors that oppose his rule before taking power for itself. The book ends with the now self-proclaimed "Seer-King Kryoparxy" casting a spell over the corpses of all dead Ashenfolk in the council room, resurrecting them, before ordering a search for "The Cave."3


Sketch of an RPC-324-1 instance by Dr. V. Locke.

During books 5, and Ash and Ice, Kryoparxy is shown to be able to revive any deceased individual into an RPC-324-1 instance with the use of Cryomancy.

The physical attributes of RPC-324-1 instances vary between races, but share similar attributes amongst one another:

  • All instances are clinically dead, but remain animated regardless of heavy bodily damage, with some instances lacking vital organs or a substantial amount of skin and muscle. Critical damage to either the nervous system or skeletal structure is required to neutralize them reliably. However, eyewitness reports claim that even when severed, body parts from instances continue to independently chase their victims.
  • RPC-324-1 instances display abundant signs of pre-mortem hypothermia, often missing several pieces of flesh from their limbs. Most instances also appear to have their skin covered in small fragments of ice, resulting in their common blue coloration.
  • RPC-324-1 instances begin to melt when within temperatures above 5°C outside of the Ashwood area. During hot seasons, instances will dig themselves underground as insulation from the heat, and remain completely inert.
  • All instances have minor abilities in Cryomancy, on top of the magic capabilities inherent to their race.
  • Exposure to heat has shown to be invariably lethal to RPC-324-1 instances. Rather than approaching it, instances will opt to employ ranged offensive tactics, or will simply retreat from the area.

Mentions of RPC-324-1 instances expanding their reach beyond Ashwood appear during the end of book 5, alluding to them becoming a major threat the protagonists would have to face during book 6, in their journey towards the Castle of Dreams. Information from the books, alongside fan speculation, thereof suggest the possibility of an oncoming organized uprising of RPC-324-1 instances, and a potential advance into the Castle of Dreams as an attempt to consume its energy, in a race against the heroes. These events never came to fruition within the book series, and Gowering never provided a definitive answer regarding their validity before his death.

RPC-324-1 instances are capable of spreading "Kryosis", an infectious disease similar to necrosis in function, by physical contact. However, rather than causing sudden death in cells, infected wounds freeze, and the body progressively lowers in temperature as it starts to develop small ice protrusions. This results in death by hypothermia over the course of 5 hours to 3 days. Kryosis normally affects necrotizing matter in the same way that it affects live matter. Dismembered parts of RPC-324-1, as well as their weaponry, are still able to spread the disease. The latter suggests that this disease can also infect inanimate objects after prolonged exposure, or that it works in a similar way to magical curses.

It is theorized that RPC-324-1 instances are controlled in some capacity by RPC-324, and as such, expeditions are ongoing to locate it. Local legends differ on whether RPC-324-1 resides in a "castle of ice and flesh" within the Ashwood Jungle, or underwater near the Sirencoves. Exploration of both areas is currently underway but has shown to be difficult due to the aggressive native population and rough geography of the areas.

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