Oracle Breakfast




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Registered Phenomena Code: 321

Object Class: Alpha-yellow

Hazard Types: Grouped hazard, Sensory hazard, Tychokinetic hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-321 are to be put inside a steel crate opened by a special key provided to trusted personnel.

These crates are to be placed inside the vault at site-021. Upon the situation of any space in the armory being taken up, further crates are to be taken to the site-033 armory. Any civilians who have consumed instances of RPC-321 are to be given class C amnesiacs.

If any instances of RPC-321 are found to be widely advertised or commercialized, any instances of RPC-321 are to be found and taken to the armory. Any citizens will be given class C amnesiacs, and a "raid" is to be provided as a cover-up.

Description: RPC-321 is a series breakfast pastries boxes trademarked by Amazing co. called "Oracle Breakfast!" Any and all instances of RPC-321 are marked as "flavors of your future" RPC-321 has been shown to mimic the taste of the next substance consumed by the subject.

It is unknown how instances of RPC-321 knows the next substance that will be absorbed by the victim, but it has been discovered to mimic the taste by changing the chemical reactions of the victims taste buds to the substance.

While instances of RPC-321 have shown to pose no threat to human subjects consuming them, it has been found that any life other than humans that eat an instance of RPC-321 will slowly start to deteriorate. The reason to this is unknown, but research teams are undergoing research to see how this is possible.

Addendum 321-01:
On the back of the box, the brand label and warning label are shown. These read as followed: "NEW! Amazing! Co. Oracle Breakfast! Do you wish to taste your future meal? With Amazing! Co. Oracle Breakfast, you will be able to relive the same satisfying meal twice over as our product will replicate that taste down to the very microbe! Warning: Amazing! Co. Is not liable for the loss of life of a family pet and/or damage to the environment. You agree to take full responsability for the cost of unforseeable circumstances that may or may not cause grief to your family."

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