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Registered Phenomena Code: 320

Object Class: Beta-Yellow Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Teleportation Hazard

Containment Protocols: The area in and surrounding the suburban areas of ██████, Wisconsin is to be combed weekly by ASF “City Sweepers” with priority given to neighborhoods in which RPC-320 has been known to manifest frequently. These searches are to happen every Monday at 3:20 AM EST. If at any time MST personnel encounter milk jars in front of a home it must be assumed to be a byproduct of RPC-320 and sent to Site-002 for safe storage through a secure, Authority-run channel. If any cows or cow-like people are found in the area they are to be assumed to be an instance of RPC-320-1 and placed in an area in which they can be collected by RPC-320 without incident.

In the case that individuals or news outlets spread information pertaining to a sighting of RPC-320, or any reports of "cow people", X-Ray-6 "Annulifiers" is to be deployed to silence any persons involved and relay the information to “City Sweepers”. Utilizing this information, “City Sweepers” must search for and collect the rumored RPC-320-1 instance.

In the case of RPC-320 becoming aggressive towards “City Sweepers”, permission is granted to terminate RPC-320 at the force’s own discretion. Once this is done, weekly patrols for milk cartons for the next three weeks are unnecessary.

Under no circumstances are Site-002 personnel to ever to conduct tests in which an instance of RPC-320-1 is created purposefully or transferred from ██████, Wisconsin (see Addendum B).

Description: RPC-320 is a tall, featureless, pale humanoid wearing attire reminiscent of a 1950's American milkman, and displays abilities indicative of either teleportation or dematerialization.

Manifestation most frequently takes place in suburban neighborhoods. Once this happens, RPC-320 will appear from an area or space not currently in view by any organisms carrying a carton of milk jars in either hand and deposit them onto a nearby doorstep. Currently, it is believed these deliveries happen at a consistent schedule which is Monday every week at 3:20 AM EST with a one or two-hour margin of error.

Upon completing this task, RPC-320 will walk to an area currently not in view and disappear a minute after materializing.

Due to the effectiveness in recent times by “City Sweepers” in stopping normal citizenry from consuming the milk, RPC-320 has become increasingly more agitated and has been making deliveries in greater quantity. The subject has been observed to remain visible and tangible for nearly 30 minutes at a time. Various dashcams and home security systems have recorded this and have been confiscated and wiped by Authority personnel. The anomaly is now considered a gamma type.

The subject has now started occasionally materializing and attacking MST personnel who tamper with the milk cartons and has been temporarily killed multiple times by gunfire. Upon being killed, the subject turns into a white liquid which quickly seeps into the ground before it can be collected. The "death" of RPC-320 has shown to halt the manifestation of milk cartons for a minimum period of one month. However, once they are tampered with again, the aggression has a higher chance to persist the proceeding time “City Sweepers” displaces said cartons again.

This anomaly has not been known to occur outside ██████, Wisconsin. In all cases observed, RPC-320 deposits milk jars onto the doorsteps of homes currently vacant.

Analysis of the milk deposited by RPC-320 when compared to its non-anomalous counterpart has revealed no major physical, visual, or chemical changes that could explain its anomalous effects. However, it is notable that RPC-320’s milk, in particular, doesn't spoil.

It has currently been determined that it is in the best interests of the Authority to turn over any instances of RPC-320-1 already infected as it seems this has been effective at temporarily stopping the attacks on MST personnel confiscating cartons of milk placed by RPC-320. However, the deliveries are bigger in quantity and harder to confiscate the more times this happens.

Addendum A:

Incident Report: RPC-320 #1

On 3/2/2004, RPC-320 showed aggression toward Rapid Response Team “City Sweepers” for the first time. According to MST personnel, RPC-320 appeared from behind a corner and flung an MST personnel which was in the process of confiscating its milk jars from a doorstep into a wall. The agent died instantly from the impact. The force reportedly fired on the anomaly until eventually it dissolved into a white substance and disappeared into the ground.

Update as of 4/2/2004: After three weeks of no milk jars being found, RPC-320 has started manifesting and depositing milk jars again. The attacks still persist occasionally.

Addendum B:

Incident Report: RPC-320 #2

On 5/4/2005, Authority personnel requested that Rapid Response Team “City Sweepers” transport a fully-transformed instance of RPC-320-1 to an area outside of Wisconsin where it can be transported to Site ███ for testing. Several hours after leaving the boundary of █████, Wisconsin the vehicle which was transporting RPC-320-1 was attacked. Two personnel were fatally wounded and three were critically injured. The RPC-320-1 instance was taken behind the vehicle out of view by RPC-320 before they both disappeared.

For the month proceeding this incident, attacks by RPC-320 had not manifested while ASF Rapid Response was confiscating its milk jars.

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