Registered Phenomena Code: 318

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: All 45 41 instances of RPC-318 are contained inside 23 21 standard humanoid containment chambers at Site-028. Each chamber shall contain two instances of RPC-318 with an exception of one chamber, which only contains one RPC-318 instance. Experiments on any instances must be approved by the Site Director. All RPC-318 instances' handcuffs and blindfolds must not be removed to avoid aggressive behavior.

Should one or several RPC-318 instances breach containment for any reason, including because of the absence of restraints, personnel must apply restraints and return RPC-318 to its chamber. If more than 10 instances breach containment, termination is allowed. Severe head injury is usually sufficient to terminate any instance of RPC-318.

Description: RPC-318 are a collective of humanoid entities with pale skin coloration. All Instances wear various kinds of clothes including shirts, sleeveless shirts, etc. All clothes that they wear are torn with several blood stains on the surface. All RPC-318 instances have one or several bullet wounds on their bodies. RPC-318 instances do not demonstrate a high level of intelligence, though one instance is capable of speech1.

If their vision is impaired or blocked, instances of RPC-318 are entirely passive and will seldom move or act of their own volition. When their vision is not blocked, however, instances of RPC-318 show hostility toward any humans and will attempt to attack any person on sight. Attacks by RPC-318 are attempted via biting the target’s neck and striking the target’s upper torso, throat, and head using its hands or legs until the target has expired. RPC-318 instances are capable of simple problem-solving and cooperation, such as removing other RPC-318 instances' blindfolds and handcuffs. Several instances have shown the capacity to employ simple melee weapons such as sticks and knives.

RPC-318 instances are resistant to pain, and can only be permanently neutralized by destroying or detaching the head. Autopsies of RPC-318 revealed that their internal organs exist in a state of advanced decomposition, though their skin shows no obvious signs of age of degradation.

Discovery: The Authority first discovered RPC-318 on 20/06/2017 after receiving reports of numerous missing persons in Alas Roban road, Central Java, Indonesia. Several local investigators were also reported missing. Many disappearances occurred at night, and pervasive rumors about ghost sightings led to Authority intervention.


The area during discovery. Image captured by MST Echo-25.

MST Echo-25 ("Dreaded Out") was deployed2 to explore the Alas Roban road area. At 09:00 P.M local time, to find the cause of the missing person report. MST Echo-25 encountered several damaged vehicles and torn clothing in the forest near the Alas Roban road. Shortly thereafter, personnel made contact with 11 RPC-318 instances. Most entities showed bullet wounds and several were restrained with ropes or fitted with blindfolds. Three instances without restraints attacked the MST and were terminated.

The MST personnel discovered a total of 58 RPC-318 instances in the area, terminating 13 instances that were not previously blindfolded. The rest of the instances were taken to Site-028.

Addendum 318-1: During the discovery of RPC-318, one instance, designated as RPC-318-45, proved to be capable of human speech, communicating in Indonesian. RPC-318-45 resembles a male human wearing a torn Indonesian police uniform. Two bullet wounds are visible on its back. Although it was not wearing a blindfold at the time of discovery, it did not show hostility when encountered by personnel. Instead, the instance kneeled and repeatedly shouted "Jangan tembak!"3 when approached. The instance was interviewed soon after recovery.

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