RPC-317 in an inactive state.

Registered Phenomena Code: 317

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Ideological Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Radiation Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-317 is to be stored in one of Site-016's standard containment lockers when not being used in testing. During testing, RPC-317 is not to be used on any individuals with depressive disorders, or those with any mental conditions impairing basic mental functions1, without approval first from a Site-Director. If RPC-317 is to go out during testing, batteries can be found in RPC-317's storage locker. Any corpse that has been transformed into an RPC-317-2 instance is to be shot on sight and incinerated.

Description: RPC-317 is a large black flashlight, with no company brands or logos on it. When turned on RPC-317 will emit somewhat of an "Anti-Light" (Henceforth noted as RPC-317-1), emitting darkness from the bulb instead of light.

RPC-317's real anomalous property is when it is shone on a living being. When RPC-317-1 is shone on someone, they will feel an immense sense of dread and anxiety, describing a feeling of "being watched". After approximately 1 minute under RPC-317-1, the subject will begin to experience depressive episodes. People at this amount of time exposed, however, will not be in this state permanently. After around 2-3 minutes, subjects exposed to RPC-317-1 will become notably panicked and will commonly note the feeling of being "touched" or as if something is breathing on them. At this state previous depressive episodes have a high likelihood of becoming permanent. Further exposure to RPC-317-1 is not advised, as, after around 4 minutes, subjects exposed to RPC-317-1 will experience violent seizures and brain hemorrhaging2; subjects will also experience bleeding of the eyes, ears, and finger/toenails3. This cannot be stopped, even after removing the light, and after around 50-55 seconds of the aforementioned happening, the subject will expire.

1 hour after death, subjects will begin to reanimate. These "subjects" will further be known as RPC-317-2. Once reanimated, RPC-317-2 will usually stay either, completely still, or wander about in a small area, until they come into visual contact with another living creature. At this point they will violently attack the creature until either itself or its victim is dead. After killing said victim, RPC-317-2 will begin to spew a viscous black liquid into the mouth or any open cavity of the victim, and then continue to resume their position or wandering. It is not currently known why RPC-317-2 instances do this, as it has seen to have no effect on victims of RPC-317-2. All scans of RPC-317-2's liquid show signs of blood, bone marrow, and [REDACTED] mixed together.


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