A redacted portrait of Our Grand Director created by artist Toriyama Sekien, circa late 1700s.

Registered Phenomena Code:

Regally Pledged Certification: 316

Object Class:

Accompanying Titles: Our Great Founder, Doctor above all Doctors, The Global Director of all Global Directors, Sole True Founder of the RPC Authority, The First Researcher Protector and Container

Hazard Types:

Clearance Permissions: All Regional Site Access Permissions, All Declassified Document Access Permissions, All Asset Requisition Permissions, All Personnel Dossier Access Permissions, All Financial Affairs Access Permissions, Global Directorate Direct Communications Priority Clearance, Level 5 Security Clearance

Containment Protocol:

Etiquette and Interaction Protocols: All Authority facilities across Japan (pending clearance for application to a global basis) are to spare no expense in preparing an exclusive VIP suite for exclusive use by Our Grand Director (hereby abbreviated as OGD, praise be upon his peerless leadership) and must be kept readied on a 24-hour basis for the possibility of his unannounced visits. The suite must contain a luxury bedroom, spa and massage parlor and be staffed by a designated team of personnel chosen by OGD to wait and attend to his needs and requirements, including a professional chef skilled in the creation of luxury food dishes equivalent in quality to that of three-star Michelin restaurants. In addition, the suite is to maintain a stock of luxury items: high-grade wine, sake, chocolates and condiments, as well as luxury cooking ingredients: black and white truffles, lobster, caviar, saffron, kobe beef, gold leaf and more.

Should OGD deign to appear at one of our humble facilities, all staff therein are required to temporarily halt all non-critical activities in order to greet, address and bow towards OGD, then to resume work1. All site personnel are to be respectful and address OGD with the proper accolades and titles, and are to pay attention to whichever accolade he chooses to be addressed with at that moment. Any personnel who is proficient in taking dictation is to follow OGD at all times to record his every word upon any form of suitable writing medium; OGD prefers, where possible, for said writing medium to be in the form of traditional Japanese calligraphy. Should OGD find a certain amenity to be lacking in any way, form or manner, the Site Director is not required to kowtow and prostrate for forgiveness, though it is appreciated.

At the end of OGD's visit, all suggestions made by him must be adhered to and all new requisition forms made by his excellency is to be fast-tracked to the Directorate for immediate approval.


Dossier: Our Grand Director of all Global Directors is an enigmatic figure whose mere presence galvanizes the loyalty of all personnel within his vicinity, a living testament of the Authority's great vision and scope. While his past is utterly untrackable and doubtlessly highly classified (as befitting one of his station), he has claimed to such lofty goals as [REDACTED] as well as being the leader of several other GoIs, including the UNAAC, Project Blue Book, GEAR, GARD, the Church of Malthus, Amazing! Co., Nucorp Industries, L'Acadamia Della Vera Arte and so on. When asked why he would create so many groups of interest with conflicting or similar goals, OGD remarked that he simply wished to make "the world more entertaining", and that the goal of the Authority was simply to ensure the status quo did not fly out of control. Truly, such remarkable foresight that he possesses that led to our creation!

Our Grand Director claims to be over ███ years old! The authority of OGD is prominent and inescapable; despite his secretive ways, no personnel are incapable of recognizing him as anything less than the true leader and creator of the RPC Authority! Such is the veil of secrecy about him that personnel are unable to comprehend his highly [REDACTED] presence, such that he may escape the notice of his attendants and inspect Authority sites on his own. While he has the clearance to do so, it is not recommended to be done without the safety, attention and supervision of all Authority personnel. This power that OGD wields is representative of the secrecy of the Authority, an act we must all strive to maintain as a homage to OGD's prowess.

Tragically, we humble and unworthy personnel are doomed to forget his visit once he leaves a site, with the evidence of his passing being his cryptic suggestions and recommendations to improve the facility! Also, any assets he may have requisitioned for his personal use in his secret duties as the True Founder of the Authority - advice and requests that all personnel will strive to implement to the best of all of our ability.

Despite this curse, OGD does possess additional unique features that make him stand out immediately as our one and only leader; aside from his unusually short stature (truly, representative of his long, long life!), he also features an elongated parietal that results in an astounding cranial length! Certainly, this explains his depthless capacity for sagacity and wisdom, along with the far reach of his wizened arms!

Discovery Log: Our Great Leader behooved himself to grace our midst once more with his highly classified presence, appearing spontaneously out of the blue at Site-███ upon the date of ██/██/201█ and prompting zealous efforts by unprepared staff to clean and make ready the humble site for His Peerless Grace, while apologizing for the conditions unbefitting of a figurehead most vital to our organization.

Highly pleased by the attention lavished unto him, Our Grand Director has made several return trips to Site-███, each time requesting further and further knowledge of the Authority's organizational structure, goals, assets, strengths and more, claiming to require an update to our workings ever since he allegedly went on a temporary retirement for the past █ centuries, claiming to have simply "fallen asleep on my favourite chair". Such a silly jest did not fall upon deaf ears, and has entertained all at the remarkable wit of OGD.

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