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A decensored portrait of RPC-316, circa late 1700s.


Registered Phenomena Code: 316

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazards: Auditory, Sapient, Visual

Containment Protocol: There is no goal to be achieved by containing RPC-316 and the effort to do so would be too cost-prohibitive for an otherwise harmless and beneficial RPC. He is free to enter and leave Authority facilities as he so chooses. Kindly urge him to keep away from unsafe areas of any site facility that he visits and to have him be supervised at all times. Please treat him with the utmost due respect and consideration accorded a being of his stature and importance. RPC-316's requests for food, drink and luxuries are to be entertained by site administration as long as said requests fall within budgetary constraints.

RPC-316 is to be accompanied by no less than four (4) personnel of high standing/position within the site at all times, to record his words and advice as well as to attend to his every need, provided it falls within reason and budget.

Description: RPC-316 is a humanoid entity bearing similar morphological similarities to a human. RPC-316 features dwarfism with a height of 0.█m, but it does not diminish the prominence of his presence any less. Unusually unique traits of his include arms of notably longer-than-average length that reach down to his knees, as well as a horizontally-extended cranium that gifts him with advanced wisdom and charisma.

RPC-316 has claimed to be over ███ years old, which does much (alongside his prodigious cranial protuberance) to explain the deep depths of his sagacious wisdom. He has a tendency to recite tall tales and spin fantastical claims (including being the creator of multiple conflicting GoIs), but what is the harm in producing these harmless boasts? What cannot be denied, however, is RPC-316's claims of being the Sole True Founder of the RPC Authority. While it is unknown why such a vital figurehead would travel alone on his own, RPC-316 nevertheless must have his reasons.

It is highly suggested to encourage and welcome RPC-316's return to Authority facilities as much as possible. The benefits and improvements in personnel motivation, morale as well as elevated devotion to the RPC Authority that RPC-316 induces cannot be denied. Also, it would guarantee a reliable rate of monitoring of his activities and maintaining his highly-welcome presence among us. Would that not be a form of containment in and of itself?

Discovery Log: RPC-316 made himself known at Site-███ within Japan, captivating personnel into willingly entertaining and hosting him for the day. It is with great joy that he continues to return to entertain and provide advice of varying levels of usefulness.

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