Designated Survivor





Registered Phenomena Code: 314

Object Class: Gamma-Purple (Utility)

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sapient.png Sapient h-temporal.png Temporal

Containment Protocols: RPC-314 is to be contained in isolation in the underground facility built ██ km northwest of Site-███ (designated as Site-███-A "Exolvuntur"). Its containment bunker must be fitted with all items the site manager deems necessary for proper humanoid containment, including all sensors and surveillance elements. The presence of any elements that may represent a danger to RPC-314's life and physical integrity are strictly prohibited, this includes any kind of lethal ammunition, as such operational ASF personnel are to be equipped with non-lethal rounds.

Description: RPC-314 is ████ ███████, an American male of Egyptian descent. It has symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression. RPC-314 claims to have the anomalous property of sending its consciousness to the moment of its birth upon death, causing its life to effectively loop. It has corroborated this claim by providing knowledge that could only be obtained through such means, and has advised authority personnel on how to avoid containment breaches on past occasions. RPC-314 claims to be sent from the Remnants' timeline, in order to secure this timeline for refugees, as it was told by Authority personnel from the Remnants' timeline to consider it a lost cause.

Discovery: On ██/██/19██, Authority surveillance satellites detected a spike in low Anderson Coherency Scale activity in an uninhabited part of the Great Basin Desert, North America. Authority personnel were dispatched, and located RPC-314 amid some heavily damaged and seemingly improvisational machinery. RPC-314 was a child at this time, though due to the nature of RPC-314 it displayed behavior more expected of adults, and requested to be treated as such. RPC-314 was very cooperative with RPC personnel, though it declined to inform any of them of its status until it had contact with Level 3 personnel. A log of initial contact with RPC-314 can be found below. Once brought to the nearest site, and examined, it was interviewed by Dr. Vergara, and the interview log can be seen below.

Addendum: Upon searching police records, there is a missing person's report for a ████ ███████ in Las Vegas. The case was never solved.

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