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Registered Phenomena Code: 313

Object Class: Omega-Purple


The mean Integrated Sachs–Wolfe imprint of RPC-313 on the CMB, with color scale from -20 to +20 µK.

Hazard Types: h-extra-terrestrial.png h-infohazard.png h-extra-dimensional.png h-grouped.png

Containment Protocols: All terminals on which RPC-313-S is viewable require Level 3 clearance or higher to operate. Access to the areas in which the terminals are located will only be granted via formal request to a Site Director. The time allotted to access the terminals must not be exceeded for risk of disciplinary action up to termination. Extreme cognitohazard precautions are to be used for research involving Object S-01.1 Lead Researcher ███████ must be consulted before any testing involving S-01 is conducted. While RPC-313 cannot currently be contained, its rediscovery by non-Authority parties must be prevented, and to this end the ACI Information Control Sector have been tasked with suppressing its existence. These protocols hold until the probes ISO-Castor and ISO-Pollux have arrived at their designated destinations, at which point the Board will convene to determine how containment will be handled going forward.

Description: RPC-313 (known as the Fischer-Griess Void prior to containment) is an empty region of space located approximately 860 million light years from Earth, in the vicinity of the [REDACTED] constellation. Roughly ellipsoid with a diameter of 270 million light years, RPC-313 encompasses nearly 170,000 Mpc3 in volume. WMAP data implies that RPC-313's density of matter abundance is less than 0.01% of the typical universe average.2 The anomalous properties of RPC-313 are considered to be the causes of its abnormal lack of matter.

Said anomalous properties were first discovered when a constant long-wave radio signal being broadcast seemingly from the center of RPC-313 was received by researchers in ████. The signal, once decoded, contained a detailed list of instructions which researchers used to establish a remote connection between Authority computer terminal T77 and a separate server at a currently unknown location. The server was discovered to be running a single program: a complete, real time simulation of a large region of space approximately the same size and shape of RPC-313 (referred to as RPC-313-S). The simulation differed from RPC-313 in that it contained matter at a rate consistent with that of the universe at large, including myriads of galaxies each with a requisite number of stars and systems. Observation is made difficult by the lack of any graphical representation of RPC-313-S, but by utilizing the incredibly detailed data the program provides, some exploration of the space has been done. [See Addendum SA for a catalog of important objects].

Researchers that have observed significant amounts of data associated with the object at the center of RPC-313-S (referred to as S-01) have suffered from severe mental deterioration, and as such S-01 has been designated a cognitohazard. Further details of the mental effects of S-01 can be found in Addendum 01-A. Former Lead Researcher ███████ is considered the most intensely effected subject of S-01, and is currently held in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center ██. A full interview with ███████ is transcribed in Addendum 01-B.

The structure of RPC-313-S is also anomalous. Research has revealed that the Anderson Constant3 of the space simulated by RPC-313-S continuously decreases as one travels from the edge to S-01. Close to S-01 the Anderson Constant approached zero, and researchers hypothesize that the center of S-01 represents an absolute zero Anderson Constant. If this is true, it would be the first instance of a true ACS-0 Class reality to have been discovered. Research on this aspect of RPC-313-S is ongoing. weirdwatch.gif

Communication has occurred between researchers and one inhabitant of S-06, the only currently known planet within RPC-313-S to harbor life. It is unknown how the lifeform understood the messages of the researchers, or how it managed to contact them at all. Details of the conversation can be found in Addendum 06-A.

RPC-313 appears to be expanding at a currently unknown rate. Based on the observations of Asteroid SR-3486Y made by ISO-Parmenides [See Incident Log for details], it would seem matter is destroyed once it crosses the border of RPC-313. However, all matter that has passed the border of RPC-313 is also faithfully replicated within RPC-313-S, in complete synchronization with it's position and trajectory in the physical universe. ISO-Castor and ISO-Pollux were sent toward RPC-313 from Launch Site Stella-97 in ████ in order to more closely observe and conduct tests on the anomaly.4

Incident SR-3486Y Log:

Addendum 06-A: Communication with Lifeform Within RPC-313-S

Addendum S-A: Object Catalog



Addendum 01-A: Notable Instances of S-01 Worship in Alternate Realities

Addendum 01-B: S-01 Audio Transcripts

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