Registered Phenomena Code: 312

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazard Types: Gravitational Hazard

Containment Protocols: Site-███ has been constructed around RPC-312 under the facade of a waste treatment plant to disguise it from the general populous. RPC-312's inner perimeter is to be patrolled by at least two guards armed with nonlethal options. Unauthorized personnel found trying to enter RPC-312's containment are to be detained and questioned.

Description: RPC-312 designates a suburban playground in ███████, North Dakota. RPC-312-1 through -5 designates various pieces of playground equipment in the anomaly. Equipment within the playground exhibits a common trend of severely increased lethality.

RPC-312 Instance Description Anomalous Effect
RPC-312-1 Freestanding tube slide Individuals are accelerated to upwards of ██ km/h upon entering, usually leading to gross bodily harm or death when exiting out of the other side.
RPC-312-2 A-Frame swing set 30-60 seconds after swinging, individuals' heads are severed at the base of the neck by unknown means.
RPC-312-3 Polyethylene spring rider Individuals are violently thrown from the rider at speeds varying from 10-███ meters per second.
RPC-312-4 Wooden sandbox Sand behaves as a liquid once individuals fully enter, sinking them. It is unknown if it has a bottom as all recovery efforts have failed. (See Experiment Log-312-4-10)
RPC-312-5 Multicolored playground carousel. When ridden the carousel rotates at increasing speeds. Individuals riding are unable to let go leading to either the death of the individual or the removal of limbs attached to the carousel.

Addendum 312-1: RPC-312 came to Authority attention after its initial opening. An estimated ██ individuals expired before initial containment. The event was subdued under the cover story of a terrorist attack.

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