Registered Phenomena Code: 308

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard


Instances of RPC-308.

Containment Protocols: Every 15th of January, all personnel on OL-Site-308 belonging to MST Echo-25 (“Dreaded Out”) will standby on RPC-308-Alpha’s location at 06:00 A.M in preparation for RPC-308’s manifestation.

MST personnel are to remain inside positioned sheds near the RPC-308-Alpha location in order to maintain visual contact with RPC-308 without entering RPC-308's line of sight. Upon manifestation of all 30 instances of RPC-308, personnel are to identify the respective RPC-308-1 instance and disable it via blunt force trauma to the head using the equipped baton or any blunt object that available immediately. Approaching RPC-308-Beta is unnecessary for the personnel.

If any unauthorized person attempts to break these protocols, they must be subdued immediately. If any unusual phenomenon occurs on any day other than the 15th of January, personnel must inspect RPC-308-Alpha in case of intruders and secure the location immediately until everything is under control.

OL-Site-308 has been established bellow Mt. Cikuray, disguised as a storage facility, for housing researchers involved in RPC-308 research, security personnel, and 50 members of MST Echo-25. OL-Site-308 is to remain empty and unused for every month of the year save January, and is protected by local ASF assets.

Description: RPC-308 is the collective designation for 30 soldiers from the Indonesian National Armed Force(TNI) 32nd Infantry Battalion/Garuda Hitam which appear to originate from the year 1948. RPC-308 instances are humanoid entities characterized by pale skin colouration, designated RPC-308-1 through -30. All 30 instances of RPC-308 wear standard Indonesian Army uniforms from 1945.

RPC-308 instances do not display normal human behavior. Observations have shown that RPC-308 does not have a high level of intelligence and are unresponsive to normal human communication methods. RPC-308 are hostile toward any humans and will attempt to terminate any person on sight. Attacks by RPC-308 are attempted via strangulation and physical strikes towards the target’s upper torso, throat, and head. RPC-308-2 through -30 seemingly attempt to protect RPC-308-1 from any attacks.

RPC-308 manifests at an area on Mt. Cikuray, West Java, Indonesia, every January 15th. The time of RPC-308’s manifestation is irregular. RPC-308 generally manifests between 08:00 A.M and 09:00 P.M local time. Prior to initial appearance, dense fog will begin to form and encompass RPC-308's area of manifestation, effectively reducing visibility to zero.

After a period of time, RPC-308 begins to emerge from the fog. When an RPC-308 instance manifests, it begins moving towards a large man-sized mountain stone in the area, hereby designated as RPC-308-Alpha.

Once all instances have manifested and surrounded RPC-308-Alpha, RPC-308-1 will position itself in front of the group. RPC-308-1 will then begin to engage in various activities resembling acts of ritual worship (directed toward RPC-308-Alpha). This procedure begins with RPC-308-1 kneeling before it and beginning to vocalize in an unknown language. The worshipping process, as the Authority has ever known, takes approximately one hour. While the process continues, various unidentified entities will begin to emerge from the fog. These entities, hereby designated RPC-308-Beta, resemble featureless, black humanoids with red luminescent eyes. The highest number of RPC-308-Beta ever known by the Authority to date is more than 50 entities. This number, however, is suspected to increase as the worshipping process continues.


Two first instances of RPC-308-Beta. Manifested 5 minutes since the worshipping process occured.

These entities once manifested, will begin to speak in the Indonesian language. RPC-308-Beta will encourage RPC-308 to continue the ritual. RPC-308-Beta does not respond to any attempt at communication although it does appear to be aware of other entities beyond RPC-308. RPC-308-Beta remains within the fog all the time but is suspected to be capable of leaving the fog when the ritual is finished. RPC-308-Beta, based on several sources, are presumed to be extremely hostile if managed to leave the fog. Attempt to approach RPC-308-Beta through the fog is futile, as RPC-308-Beta is intangible.

RPC-308 instances exhibit resistance against injury from firearms, blasts, slashing, burning, and exposure to corrosive materials. However, RPC-308-1 are vulnerable to blunt force trauma inflicted upon the head. RPC-308's worshipping process can only be halt by knocking RPC-308-1's head with a blunt object. When successful, RPC-308-1 itself, RPC-308-2 to -30 instances, RPC-308-Beta and the fog surrounding the area will demanifest immediately

Addendum 308-1: The Authority was first made aware of the existence of RPC-308 on 20/12/2009, when a group of people, claiming from the Indonesian government officials approached one of the Authority's sites in that country. These individuals were forthcoming in explaining the location and nature of RPC-308, and confirmed that they had been attempting to contain the anomaly on an ad-hoc basis since 1983.

On 30/01/2010, The Authority approach Moh. A████, formerly in charge of the informal defence against RPC-308.

Incident report: On 14/01/2019, heavy rain suddenly occurred on Mt. Cikuray for more than 24 hours. This sudden weather change was not predicted by the Authority or local meteorologists. MST Echo-25 were unable to reach the RPC-308-Alpha location early for the yearly protocols. On January 15th, at approximately 04:00 A.M local time, all personnel inside OL-Site-308 suddenly lost consciousness. This effect remained until 09:00 A.M. Eleven personnel that were coincidentally outside the Site when the event occurred were unaffected and decided to carry out the containment protocol. The containment protocol were succesful with one casualties.

The following interview is conducted to understand what happened during the incident:

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