Registered Phenomena Code: 299


Hazards: Extra-dimensional Hazard, Extra-terrestrial Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard, Info-Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: All RPC personnel are to not interact nor exchange any information with RPC-299. Subjects who have been visually impaired by RPC-299 are to be isolated within a special containment ward in Sector C of Site-015. When in the presence of subjects who have been afflicted by RPC-299, personnel must not disclose any sensitive information.

Regarding Incident-299-1, all personnel are to remain clear of interrogation room-4A. Report any fractalized disturbances of baseline distortions that exceed beyond a 10 meter radius from the interrogation room to site director Daniel Hines. All personnel operating within the area of interrogation room-4A are to report to their supervisors if there are any instances of acausality1 effects of any kind. This includes instances of paracausality2 or any break in standard causality.

Description: RPC-299 is described as an extra-dimensional entity recognized as 'Uut'L'iithra', by a group known as "Cult of L'iithra." RPC-299 has no discernible physical form and its appearance is only indicated by scrawling of religious text, which described the entity comprised of an immeasurable number of eyes, many of which are extraterrestrial in origin; however, it is likely that this is only an extension of its appearance as far as the cultists have discerned. While the entity cannot exert direct physical contact within baseline reality, an exception is made when the entity is operating within members of the cult. Other means of interaction are currently being investigated.

RPC-299 will exchange information with those who seek it. It will exchange information in return for either new information it has not acquired, or the subject's eyes. RPC-299 will then impart the desired knowledge into the individual's memories via telepathic means.

RPC-299 will attempt to structurally redefine physical space in an affected region the entity has been summoned in. RPC-299 will break down matter and sort them into microscopic, or even sub-atomic particles in self-contained, localized spatial-tears made by RPC-299. Note that the entity will at times, recompile concepts and objects resulting in physics breaking causality effects. Video or auditory playbacks of subjects who have been afflicted by RPC-299 will produce pictographic imagery of various sources being one instance of this causality effect in motion.

It is unknown exactly where RPC-299 originated from, but a likely explanation is that the entity operates within a ACS-3 Class Reality. It is theorized that the space is a self-contained pocket-dimension existing within the baseline. Based upon the information procured from the cult, the dimension in which the entity inhabits is described as a library, with information constantly being updated, categorized, and translated into literary works in seemingly infinite aisles of bookshelves. According to the cult, it is possible for one to physically enter into the entity's dimension. Doing so however, will cause one to compulsively read every volume produced by RPC-299. They will ignore all their bodily needs until death. The cult described that if one were to die in RPC-299's dimension, their spirit will remain there.

Addendum 299-01:
The Authority engaged with a cult cell operating within the Arizona region. MST Echo-21 ("Sleeping Sirens") traced the most recent reports of disappearances and homicide to a town called [REDACTED] Arizona, in which the cell compound was located. Echo-21 conducted a silent raid on the compound, capturing seven high priority targets and neutralizing the remaining members. Hostages found within the compound were recovered, questioned, given amnestics and returned home to their families.

All attempts to obtain information from the targets were unsuccessful. Four of the seven high priority targets all succumbed to overdose after the site was authorized to use specialized interrogation techniques. Psychology Department head Dr. Apth was tasked with interrogating the priests on account of his occult expertise.

The interrogation led to the discovery of RPC-299 and the process required for a ritual to communicate with it. The requirements for the ritual are as follows:

  • The diagram can be drawn using any method.
  • The diagram must pertain to the ocular system.
  • The diagram must depict intertwining appendages in the form of bookcases.
  • A pedestal or lectern must sit in the center of the diagram.
  • A book must be on the pedestal or lectern in order for the ritual to properly commence.
  • Ten runes that properly translate into RPC-299's name, structured in an infinity symbol.
  • The runes can be of any ink in the phrase proper, so long as they are legible.
  • This ritual must be performed in private.

Communication with RPC-299 will be possible as long as the criteria has been met. The book will transform and take shape into any form that RPC-299 will use to communicate with the user.

Addendum 299-03:

Test Log 299-01:
Subject: CSD-5081 with an audio recorder.
Procedure: CSD-5081 was instructed, after having to perform the ritual, to exchange information with RPC-299. The subject follows the procedures of the ritual. After the procedures were in place, and the subject began to inscribe into a blank page, the visual feeds were cut. The only recorded instances that were recovered were via audio logs. However, several minutes after CSD-5081 conducted the ritual, he began to scream ceaselessly.
Results: Several minutes later, the subject emerged from the containment chamber, his eyes missing. CSD-5081's vocal chords had been torn due to excessive screaming. CSD-5081 was unable to answer any questions and was immediately transferred to the medical-bay for proper treatment. Playback of the recording shows a one sided conversation between the subject and RPC-299. It is believed that the entity was communicating with him telepathically.

Note by Dr. Apth.
Don't trust 'gods' like these.
See how the eyeless subject turns their gaze to follow. See how they listen.
It's watching us.

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