Amazing! Co. Jello-O





Registered Phenomena Code: 298

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-contact.png Contact Hazard h-replicating.png Replicating Hazard h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-298 are to be kept in an airtight, temperature-controlled, anomalous-objects containment locker at a constant temperature of 2°C at Site-002. Although occurrences of RPC-298 instances melting have proven non-hazardous, such an event is to be considered a containment breach and treated as such. In such an occurrence, the temperature of RPC-298's containment locker is to be brought down to -10°C and is only to be reset with the validation of at least two personnel with level 2 security clearance or higher one Head Researcher. All testing to be done involving RPC-298 instances must first be approved by at least two personnel with level 2 security clearances or higher.

As of ██/██/20██, all testing to be done involving RPC-298 must first be approved by at least one Head Researcher and must be carried out in reinforced testing chambers only (See Incident Log-298-2).


A pack of RPC-298-A instances.

Description: RPC-298 is the designation given to ready-to-eat gelatin products by Amazing! Co. under the guise of Kraft Foods Jell-O1, with the words "It never ends!" written on the box the instances were discovered in.

The box contains thirty-eight (38) packs of ready-to-eat gelatin products, produced in four (4) different flavors: Strawberry (RPC-298-A), Madagascan Vanilla (RPC-298-B), Golden Pineapple (RPC-298-C) and Crispy Cola (RPC-298-D), all provided with exclusive designations.

Once an entire instance of RPC-298 is consumed by a subject belonging to the Hominidae2 family, its anomalous effects will manifest in the gradual, irreversible transmutation of the subject, as shown by the script tabulate below:

Transmutation process
Minutes Notes
5 Minutes (Stage 1) Subject experiences a slight case of fever, with the subject's core temperature elevating to 38°C.
7 Minutes (Stage 2) Subject's core temperature will dramatically increase, reaching temperatures of 50-55°C. The subject also loses its inherent capability to breathe due to respiratory failure.
10 Minutes (Stage 3) Subject undergoes necrosis at this stage due to asphyxiation and hyperthermia, reaching a core temperature of 100°C. Subject's skeletal structure rapidly transforms at this stage, the sudden increase in the subject's body temperature gelling the collagen reserves. The resulting gel will begin to spread to and contaminate tissue, incapable of gelling by, anomalous means.
10-15 Minutes (Stage 4) Subject is now fully transformed, all bodily tissue being converted to the anomalous gel substance.
+15 Minutes (Stage 5) Collagen bonds within the gel mass will rapidly begin to deteriorate, resulting in a horizontal spread of the gel mass. This process cannot be prevented by any means and all attempts to preserve un-deteriorated gel masses thus far have proven unsuccessful.

Discovery: RPC-298 was discovered in a residential home in ████████, USA on ██/██/20██ after an EMS call was logged by a suspect who's daughter started suffering from hyperthermia after consuming an instance. The victim was later confirmed deceased mid-transit, which is when she started showing signs of "gelling" and was brought to the attention of the Authority. The caller and EMS team were immediately called in for questioning and administered amnestics directly afterward (See Interview Log-298-1).


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