Registered Phenomena Code: 297

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: A 12-kilometer wide perimeter is to be established around RPC-297 and all unauthorized personnel are to be excluded from the area. Regular patrols are to be sent into instances of RPC-297 to track the spread of its perimeter, and the wildlife is to be regularly culled to an appropriate extent. If RPC-297's radius increases beyond 3 kilometers, all living creatures within the perimeter are to be exterminated through the use of appropriate bio-weapons. Non-disposable personnel are not to travel beyond the perimeter.

In the event that RPC-297-2 displays erratic behavior to research staff, Head Researcher ████████ must be informed to deal with the situation as necessary.

Description: RPC-297 is a reality-altering anomaly located in ████, UK., and designates a zone that is impossible to leave upon entry. RPC-297's sphere of influence appears to be exponentially proportional to the amount of living creatures contained within and shrinks when said living creatures expire. In addition to this, there is a secondary effect which manifests in sufficiently sentient creatures which leads to distortions in local space-time dimensions relative to the subject, the severity of which increases over time. Such altered creatures are designated as RPC-297-1.

Upon entering the designated area, occupants are unable to leave through any currently known means. When trying to leave subjects are incapable of navigating a straight line out of RPC-297, despite clear instructions from staff, with attempts by the subject to leave resulting in them tracing an almost perfect circle around the center of RPC-297. Subjects at the edge of RPC-297 are unable to see geographical landmarks outside of the zone, and instead, describe locations that are known by researchers to be in the immediate radial vicinity of the subject. Trying to remove the subject by mechanical means results in the object manipulating the subject being perfectly separated at the boundary when it applies force away from the center of RPC-297. This is assumed to be an extension of RPC-297's primary effect.

After approximately 2 hours, the secondary effect of RPC-297 becomes active and any sentient creature is considered an instance of RPC-297-1. The progression of RPC-297-1 is considered to be made up of 3 stages.

  • Stage 1: Deviations begin to occur immediately in RPC-297-1's perception of, and interaction with, spatial dimensions. Distances become subjective to the instance, allowing them to traverse great distances at what appears to be casual walking speed as an extreme example. This subjection of reality is relative entirely to the direction in which RPC-297-1 is facing, and is known to change over time.
  • Stage 2: After approximately 1 day, RPC-297-1 undergoes similar deviations in experience and perceptions of time. Instances report an intense headache, followed by a disconnect between themselves and the flow of time of their surroundings. Shortly following this, instances that are still able to communicate are reported to experience any combination of the following: severe and frequent déjà vu, memory of events that have not happened, seemingly precognitive abilities, or a perception of seemingly superimposed realities.
  • Stage 3: After approximately 3 days, instances of RPC-297-1 experience drastic distortions to their body, with stage 1 symptoms becoming internalized. Continued testing suggests that both the rate and type of mutations experienced by the subject throughout the experiment are linked to the mental state of the subject, with mentally unstable subjects experiencing a much faster and more dramatic change to reality. Common mutations are bloating, elongation and twisting of the limbs and the flattening of body parts to a two-dimensional state.

Testing has revealed the existence of entities believed to be at least partially responsible for the creation of RPC-297, designated RPC-297-2. Information surrounding these entities is to be limited to personnel clearance level 3 and above only.

Testing is currently suspended following the results of Test 7 and the implications of the appearance of RPC-297-2. Under no circumstances is a subject allowed to proceed to a theoretical Stage 4.

Addendum 297-A: Testing is to be resumed under strict supervision by Head Researcher ████████.

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