Registered Phenomena Code: 295

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to its isolated location, the agreement on cooperation between the Authority and the authorities for a village in the area nearby the RPC-295’s location, no containment is necessary. Location of RPC-295's manifestation is to be secured and maintained daily by one member of personnel, chosen from one of the local civilians residing closest to RPC-295’s location.

A small building requisitioned to function as the Authority’s local base within the area has been established, and is to be manned by two personnel, one being a local civilian and the other from the Authority. The building is to remain in the middle of the said village.

Due to the crucial factor of RPC-295’s location, all on-site personnel and local civilians are allowed to use RPC-295’s location for daily prayer. Communication with RPC-295 is also allowed with the condition that the conversation must be recorded and given to the local Authority personnel for posterity.

In the case of attempted information breaches, local civilians or outsiders who breach the information are to be apprehended by a joint operation with local authorities or Authority personnel who witness it, with the subject to be held for or questioning to the local base. Usage of Class A-1 amnesics may be requested if deemed necessary.

Should an Alpha event occur, Authority staff and local populous are to be advised not to approach RPC-295 nor interrupt the process.

Description: RPC-295 is an entity that manifests inside a mosque located in K██████ Village, D██████ Forest, Java, Indonesia.

RPC-295 takes the form of a male in his early 60's, wearing a white colored robe, and measuring approximately 160 cm in height. The entity is intangible. Any and all objects that make contact with it simply pass through.

RPC-295 consistently manifest at night, approximately 09:00 p.m local time, inside the mosque. RPC-295 will predominately sit on the floor of the mosque, but has been observed wandering around the building as time passes. RPC-295 will remain within the mosque until approximately 04:00 a.m local time, at which point RPC-295 will begin to fade until complete dematerialization.

RPC-295 is capable of communication while manifested, exclusively speaking the Javanese language. RPC-295 usually recommends that any person it interacts to engage in a midnight prayer inside the mosque. Conversation inquiring upon its anomalous properties, origins, or identity will invariably result in RPC-295’s responding with several vague answers such as “only God knows”.

Addendum I: RPC-295 first came to the Authority's attention after a group of builders from a local social foundation came to the K██████ village to improve the village's road access. Several builders claimed to have witnessed RPC-295 manifesting at night. The story came to an Authority agent embedded in the region and an Authority survey team was immediately deployed. Upon questioning, the civilians stated that the entity has been there since 19██, and thus is a deeply ingrained part of the village. Amnestics were applied to all builders involved, and the construction project canceled.

Due to the isolated nature of RPC-295's manifested area, the level at which the anomaly is embedded within the local village, and the willingness of local authorities to assist in maintaining the secrecy of RPC-295, the Authority has engaged in a partnership with the local populous in order to share information and ensure the containment of RPC-295.

Due to the anomalies' characteristics, the villager's capability1, and willingness of being isolated from the outsider, The Authority had erased K██████ village from the government's database in order to keep the secrecy of the anomaly.

Addendum II: Every ██th November, at approximately 11:00 p.m local time, a unique manifestation event, designated as Alpha event, occurs. During this event, seven (7) new instances dressed similarly to The Royal Netherlands East Indies Army, equipped with what it seems as M1941 Johnson rifle, begin to manifest from the nearby forest, few meters from RPC-295’s location. These entities are hereby known as RPC-295-1. Upon manifesting, RPC-295-1 will begin to approach RPC-295’s location.

While approaching, RPC-295-1 will attempt to assault mosque via constant bursts of fire from their weaponry. Despite the unrelenting fire, RPC-295-1 weaponry does not appear to require reloading. RPC-295-1 entities and their equipment share the same intangible characteristics as RPC-295, with the exception of the weapons discharged, which are capable of damaging other physical entities which are caught between RPC-295-1 and their targets. This damage does not apply to the mosque RPC-295 inhabits and simply passes through it. Contrasted with RPC-295, RPC-295-1 does not respond to any attempt at communication and does not appear to be aware of other entities beyond RPC-295.

When RPC-295-1 entities are considered to be close enough, RPC-295 will appear from the mosque equipped with a machete and begin to strike any RPC-295-1 instances within range. RPC-295 will invariably terminate all RPC-295-1 instances, receiving several wounds in the engagement, after which RPC-295 will return to the mosque, collapse, and immediately demanifest. RPC-295-1 corpses will disappear at the usual demanifestation time of RPC-295 and at this point, the Alpha event is considered to have finished.

Recovered Item: Found written on a wooden sign in front of RPC-295’s location during the first investigation. Tests have shown that it was made around 19██. Translated from the Indonesia language to the English language:

In memorial of:
H. ███████ (18██-19██)

Killed by the dutch while protecting the mosque during the invasion.

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