Registered Phenomena Code: 291

Object Class: Gamma Red

Hazard Types: Destabilization Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Emotional Hazard.

Containment Protocols: RPC-291 is currently held in a standard humanoid containment cell on Site-062's humanoid anomaly wing. Permission to interact with RPC-291 will require the approval of level 4 personnel. The purpose of each interaction must be properly documented and provided prior to authorization. Any interactions are to be made with protective gear1 provided by NUCORP staff. Any individuals intending to interact with RPC-291 are to be escorted by no less than 2 ASF members for the entire duration of their visit. This is imperative to ensure the safety of both the visiting individual and RPC-291. Personnel are prohibited from using the phrase "I disagree." when in the presence of RPC-291, as this particular phrase appears to cause great mental distress to the subject, which can lead to the spontaneous manifestation of its anomalous properties.

RPC-291 is to be supplied with a minimum of 2 instances of CSD personnel every week, so RPC-291 can show them "true harmony." This is put into place so the appeasement of RPC-291 anomalous effects is established.2 After the anomalous effects are activated, both subjects are to be administrated amnestics immediately. Members of MST Uniform-01 ("Through God's Eyes") are to remain on standby at Site-062 in order to engage RPC-291 in the event of a containment breach. The use of tranquilizer rounds in place of lethal ammunition is preferred when engaging RPC-291. Any requests made by RPC-291 are to be redirected to Lead researcher █████, this includes requests pertaining to its living accommodations, medical inquiries, and dietary preferences.



Following the events of Containment Breach-291-1, subject's containment cell is to be inspected on a daily basis for any signs of breakage or deterioration. Furthermore, RPC-291's containment unit is to remain under 24-hour CCTV surveillance. On-site ASF is to patrol the surrounding perimeter of RPC-291's cell on a daily basis as an added security measure to local staff surrounding RPC-291 cell.


Description: RPC-291 is an 8 year old Caucasian girl of Libyan origin, standing at 1.24m and weighing approximately 25kg. RPC-291 is capable of speaking Arabic and English, with the former being more fluent than the latter. Despite its limited understanding of the English language, RPC-291 is capable of communicating with English-speaking staff. However, it still prefers to speak Arabic when given the opportunity. RPC-291 will remain docile during regular interactions. However, the subject is prone to experiencing episodes of severe aggression when confronted about its personal ideals and ethics. During these aggressive episodes, RPC-291 will attempt to use its anomalous abilities to harm any individuals present.

RPC-291's primary anomalous property manifests through a form of reality warping which appears to be capable of materializing physical objects.3 RPC-291 has previously used this ability to breach containment and to "punish" any individuals who "disagree" with it. RPC-291 refers to these creations as "simple things" and appears to only be capable of producing objects with elementary4 compositions such as metals, graphite, and substances such as water, alcohol, █████ and grape juice.

RPC-291's secondary anomalous property manifests in the form of mental manipulation, including the ability to construct false memories, ideals, and concepts within the minds of any individuals within a 3.5m radius. However, these effects cannot effect individuals with low mental capacities or cognitive disorders.5 These secondary effects appear to create long-term defects to afflicted individuals, as they appear to retain altered concepts, ideals, and memories even after administration of amnesics. Those affected by the anomalous effects are to be taken away from RPC-291 immediate area of effect and start the recovery operation.6 It is to be noted, RPC-291 anomalous effects 'build up' if it doesn't use it on a regular basis.


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