Dr. Matteo Bianchi, acting Authority Crisis Lead for Vesuvia

Registered Phenomena Code: 284

Object Class: Varies, see Description

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-284 is currently in the possession of the Order of St. John the Hesychast. As per the Authority's agreements with the Order, the acting WESTCOM Director will visit the monastery in an attempt to negotiate cooperation or transfer of RPC-284 to the authority on January 1st of each decade. RPC-284, after Incident-12-25-284, is currently unable to be contained in any significant measure and is no longer in the possession of the Order of St. John the Hesychast. Currently, MSTs November-8, Golf-4, and Julliet-7 are to be stationed in South Lazio searching for POI-284-1, in cooperation with local Italian military units and civilian Law Enforcement. ASFs India-3 and Victor-13 are to be stationed in Naples and Vesuvius National Park, in order to assist the Order of St. John the Hesychast in damage control, as well as to prevent Authority and Order activities in the region from becoming public knowledge. All artifacts recovered by any Authority force are to be returned to the Crypta sub Vesuvia as soon as possible.

Authority: WESTCOM Director █████ Ramalho; OHR; The Board of Directors
Current Focus: POI-284-1, alias of Sig. Angelo Lombardi, true identity [REDACTED]

To: Dr. Matteo Bianchi
From: WESTCOM Director Ramalho
Subject: The Vesuvius Monastary

Dr. Bianchi,
I know these last few days have been rough for Napoli, but unless we do something, and do it now, it is going to get much, much worse. Matteo, you need to take what the Order has done these past centuries and figure something out to get things under control. Protection's monitoring the provinces for Lombardi, and Containment's keeping the park clear of civilians while you work with Research at the monastery. As far as The Board is concerned, you have a carte blanche right now. Use it wisely.

-Director Ramalho, Authority WESTCOM

Description: RPC-284 is a collection of a variety of anomalous objects created by the Italian Renaissance Polymath Leonardo Da Vinci during and after his tenure under various Italian guilds and workshops, particularly towards the end of his life and during the Auctoritas Apolistic Crisis1. These range from memetic imagery to heavily anomalous weapons and tools developed for various patrons as well as his own curiosities. The most notable of these are as follows:


A diagram of what is presumed to be RPC-284-7's early model, titled Auctoritas Man, drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci circa 1492


Subanomaly Registration: 284-7

Object Class: Beta-Orange Neutralized

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard

Previous Containment Protocols: RPC-284-7 is to be kept dismantled and prevented from regeneration via a system of braces holding the metallic parts of its limbs in place, separate from its body. These braces must be maintained triweekly.

Updated Description: RPC-284-7 was a fully autonomous construct thought to be confirmed to have been modeled after RPC-094 as a personal defender of Leonardo Da Vinci's workshops and self. The higher-level reasoning of RPC-284-7 proves to be lacking, as it does not possess any sapient traits whatsoever and appears to attack purely at random. Containment jurisdiction granted to the Order of St. John the Hesychast as of the Auctoritas Apolistic Crisis. RPC-284-7 was neutralized shortly after Incident-12-25-284, as on January 6th, 2019, RPC-094 breached its containment and left OL-Site-94 moving south towards MST-Golf-4, which at the time was engaged with POI-284-1 and multiple other anomalies, including RPC-284-7.

Combat Operation Debrief: 1/6/2019 - POI-284-1

Units Involved: MST-Golf-4

Subjects in Debrief: Dr. Matteo Bianchi, MST-Golf-4 Commander █████

<Begin Transcript>

(the shuffling of papers is heard, someone can be heard pulling a chair out and taking a seat)

Dr. Bianchi: Good Morning, Commander. I'm Dr. Bianchi, I'm currently acting as the Crisis Lead for-

Commander █████: (slightly irate) I'm going to cut you off there, sir, but we were all briefed on your identity. We all know what's going on.

Dr. Bianchi: That's all well and done Commander, but I need you to act at least slightly civil here; Lombardi isn't going to wait on us to sort things out between us.

Commander █████: (sighs and then begins speaking normally) True enough, I guess. If Ramalho can trust you eggheads, we're probably in good hands.

Dr. Bianchi: Let's just move onto the actual debrief, (more papers are heard shuffling) you were engaged with Lombardi by the Abruzzo National Park, where he had used the anomalies stolen from the Order against you.

Commander █████: I think we were on the Lazio side of the border, actually. Had to get them away from civilian ski resorts, especially with all the new toys he had.

Dr. Bianchi: I've read your report, yes. Let's talk about 094.

Commander █████: Yeah, Marbleboy. Guess he didn't like the automaton stealing his thunder and decided to go do something about it. Of course, it was easy to tell them apart in the heat of things.

Dr. Bianchi: How so? We know for certain now that the Subanomaly was modeled directly after 094, surely there-

Commander █████: (interrupting) One has a face, the other doesn't. Not to mention Lombardi decked out that thing with God-knows-what, trying to tear us all apart. It was about to decapitate ███████ when Marbleboy came in and punched a hole through its chest. It tried fighting back, but it didn't really work out in the end, thing got torn to pieces. (Commander █████ shudders and audibly winces) I can never get used to the sound of metal tearing, it's like nails on a chalkboard for me.

Dr. Bianchi: By "Marbleboy", do you mean 094?

Commander █████: Not like there's any other marble soldiers in Italy, but yeah, 094. Once he showed up Lombardi fled and we were unable to pursue.

Dr. Bianchi: Right, in your report you mentioned that 094 was "yelling" at some of your men. Care to elaborate?

Commander █████: He doesn't have a mouth, I know, but you get the point. He seemed pretty pissed that someone let things go downhill since then.

Dr. Bianchi: Did it say any names in particular?

Commander █████: "The Foolish Creator." I asked it what the hell it was talking about, and it just looked at me and said it was "the one you call Lombardi." Pretty obvious then what it really meant.

Dr. Bianchi: Very well, I think we're done here. Commander, step into my office for a moment after this, will you?

<End Transcript>


Following the termination of POI-284-1, Sig. Angelo Lombardi and the reacquisition or neutralization of all phenomena relating to Incident-12-25-284, the crisis relating to the Crypta sub Vesuvia has been declared to be resolved by Authority WESTCOM. The Authority thanks Dr. Bianchi for taking action during these trying times, and has assigned him to relocate all phenomena left from the Order of St. John the Hesychast to proper Authority sites and containment facilities. All involved teams are to go about business as usual.

-WESTCOM Director Ramalho

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