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Registered Phenomena Code: 282

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard

Additional Properties: Aquatic, Ecological, Organic, Titanic

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-067 has been established in the waters surrounding RPC-282 disguised as an oil platform. As all attempts thus far to move RPC-282 by coercion or with force have failed, OL-Site-067 should operate with the presumption of permanency, though further attempts to relocate RPC-282 are under consideration. Unauthorized personnel are prohibited from entering any waters or airspace from which OL-Site-067 can be viewed. This is to be enforced by patrols consisting of 5 nautical vessels and one aircraft at all times of day. As RPC-282 is self-sustaining, maintenance on the anomaly itself is not required.

Attempts by the Group of Interest "Cetace's Kin" to access RPC-282 are to be given special attention. Due to the potential dangers that could arise should RPC-282 be replicated or utilized for alternative purposes, any members of the group attempting to reach RPC-282 or otherwise tamper with the waters within OL-Site-067 are to be terminated unless valuable information can be gained by taking the individuals into custody.

Description: RPC-282 is a unnaturally large baleen whale of unknown genus, though it resembles Balaena mysticetus1. It measures approximately 290 meters in length, and weighs an upwards of 3000 tonnes. Apart from its size, RPC-282 can be distinguished outwardly from non-anomalous baleen whales by its dark green coloration and the presence of an extra set of flippers. RPC-282 differs more dramatically in its behavior; RPC-282 appears to remain stationary near the water's surface unless threatened with significant force, in which case RPC-282 will flee rapidly in a random direction before eventually returning to its original position. It does not exhibit feeding behaviors, though this is most likely due to the fact RPC-282 does not require nutrients.

RPC-282 differs most in its internal structure. Aside from the brain, no normal internal organs are present within RPC-282. In addition, an additional baleen2 structure is present between the mouth and the internal area. This structure functions differently from normal baleen, allowing the passage of all organisms but extracting salt from water entering the mouth and reapplying it to water exiting. Additionally, the baleen prohibits the transfer of non-organic foreign objects entirely. It is unknown how this functions, and further study has been made impossible by attempted sample extraction resulting in RPC-282's fleeing response to threats.

Past this baleen layer, the majority of RPC-282's internal area can be accessed. The interior consists of a large open space which hosts a miniature ecosystem identical to that of the Yangtze river without foreign influence. The area includes an above water area where normal oxygen levels are present, brought in through RPC-282's blowhole. The most notable structure within RPC-282's interior is a large spherical organ situated above the water near the center of RPC-282. This sphere is a bio-luminescent organ, producing light in quantities that simulate that which is being produced by the sun at the time. The most notable residents of RPC-282's internal ecosystem are a pod of Neophocaena phocaenoides3 and a pod of Lipotes vexillifer4, the latter of which are thought to be the only remaining population of their kind left on Earth. Both groups are capable of venturing outside of RPC-282 to feed, though a self-sustaining population of feeder organisms are present within RPC-282's ecosystem.

Addendum 282-1; Discovery: RPC-282 was first located in the East China Sea 82.3 kilometers off the coast of Shanghai after transmissions from Cetace's Kin originating from the area were intercepted. When Authority containment teams approached the location of RPC-282, several vessels belonging to Cetace's Kin were noted around RPC-282's position. Once the vessels were identified as belonging to Cetace's Kin, recovery personnel began a cautious approach. However, one of the vessels fired a rudimentary harpoon gun at Authority vessels, which missed. After this, the vessels were engaged and capsized, though one member of the recovery team was rendered catatonic by an RPC-625 instance during the process. One member of the organization was recovered and taken in for questioning (See Document-282-2). All signals presumed to originate from Cetace's Kin communication ceased after containment of RPC-282 was attained, and no attempts to re-obtain RPC-282 have been made. However, multiple transmissions mentioning RPC-282 have since been intercepted, prompting the current security measures described in the containment procedures.

Document-282-2: The following is the transcript of an interview of the member of Cetace's Kin, who was binded to the interviewee chair by their feet, recorded shortly after the containment of RPC-282.

Interviewed: Captured member of Cetace's Kin

Interviewer: Dr. Andrews

<Begin Log>

Dr. Andrews: Could you tell me a little about the giant whale?

Cetace's Kinsman: (Silence. Individual is noted to be moving their hand throughout the inside of a blue cloak they were wearing.)

Dr. Andrews: I was notified that you people are a bit troublesome to get information out of. We've had some previous experience with your people. You'll find that that bone you had in your cloak is not present. You're going to have to talk eventually.

Kinsman: (Abruptly looks up towards Dr. Andrews, ceasing the movement within their cloak) What do you want?

Dr. Andrews: Nothing more than what I've already asked. Tell me about RPC-282.

Kinsman: I see the unenlightened have remained stubborn to their ways. So heartless, classifying His children as mere numbers.

Dr. Andrews: Tell me what you call it, then.

Kinsman: We call it… Cetace's children are above menial names, it would be disrespectful to give a name to something so high above ourselves.

Dr. Andrews: Surely you called it something when you were conducting your operations?

Kinsman: (Sighs) Our Pod overseer called it Organics Project 7.

Dr. Andrews: Hmph. Doesn't seem much better than what we call it.

Kinsman: It is not my place to question the Pod overseer's names. But I disagree with the current naming systems.

Dr. Andrews: Alright. But that's not what my question's about. Can you tell me about your operation? How did "Organics Project 7" come to be?

Kinsman: I can tell you little without jeopardizing our work. Please, allow me to end myself. There is little I can tell you while remaining clean.

Dr. Andrews: We will consider it when you give us the information that allows us to contain RPC-282. It is not our intention to harm it.

Kinsman: I… fine. The Guardians recently commanded the formation of several Continental Pods. We were told that His children in the rivers of the world had been neglected far too long. I myself worked in Pod 12, and we were assigned to lift the ones you call the Baiji from their torture in the Yangtze. Our plan was masterful, creating a new child of the Great One to protect those children in peril. We were sickened how few we could find. We had enough room for the porpoises you may have observed due to the remaining space.

Dr. Andrews: We noticed your organization remained active in the area, despite the project's apparent success. Why is that?

Kinsman: (Begins sweating) I cannot tell you these things. It would be foul, I cannot trust you Continentals. I know you would use that information to bring down our holy work. For me to tell you this information would secure me a place in the Great One's bowels. I already fear for what I've said, please do not make me answer.

Dr. Andrews: Fine, I'll spare you the question. But while I have you here, may I ask some things about your… Pod's motivations?

Kinsman: Please, anything but that which may allow your people to hurt our work.

Dr. Andrews: Your project was in the interest of conservation of the Baiji river dolphin, yes?

Kinsman: Y-yes, that's exactly why. That river was being ravaged by the filth of the Continents, we could not allow the Baiji to continue living in such threat. So many had already fallen.

Dr. Andrews: Okay. But tell me this: why is this project of your kin so… different?

Kinsman: W-what do you mean?

Dr. Andrews: I mean that your project was clearly done with the interest of conservation. But when you compare it to the other things your group has done, it's impossible not to draw the distinction. Do you happen to know RPC-575?

Kinsman: I would fail to recognize any of our work through your names.

Dr. Andrews: The Vaquita.

Kinsman: Oh. T-that would be, uhm, Organics Project 2. We had nothing to do with that one, Pod 1 conducted the creation of it…

Dr. Andrews: I would be correct if I assumed that both RPC-575 and RPC-282 were made to achieve very similar goals, yes?

Kinsman: Y-yes, that is the case. Organics Project 2 was made to… encourage the protection of the Vaquita, one of Cetace's most vulnerable creations… and Organics Project 7 was made to protect the Baiji.

Dr. Andrews: Mhm. Can you tell me then, why are they so different? RPC-282 is clearly more effective, in its current state it practically guarantees the survival of the Baiji river dolphins. But not so for 575. It only works by pressuring us to do the heavy lifting, threatening the end of life on land should we fail. It's quite senseless I'd say.

Kinsman: I told you, I had nothing to do with Organics Project 2. There is little I know for why it was made the way it is. What I do know, I cannot tell you. All I can say… is that it was heavily supervised by the Guardians. And some of their policies can seem very anti-human at times, but I assure you! Cetace has love in his heart and they only follow these ways because they have found them most effective!

Dr. Andrews: (Looking at the kinsman's eyes) Hmm. You're different from the others in your group, aren't you?

Kinsman: Y-you could say that.

Dr. Andrews: Alright, that's all I need to hear from you. I don't know what the guys outside have planned for you, but—

Kinsman: I know what they intend for me, doctor. I know what they do to us. I ask you for only one thing. Please let me leave through the door behind you. I can make you less 575's and more 282's. P-please.

Dr. Andrews: That's not something I am permitted to do.

Kinsman: I see that button that's on your desk. I know it lets me get up. I could just go the other way.

Dr. Andrews: I… I can do that. (Releases the binds at the kinsman's feet) But you won't make it far, they haven't left this vessel's exits unguarded.

Kinsman: We have ways to get places covertly. I'm better for your people and mine off of this ship. But please, just promise me they'll protect it.

<End Log>

Closing Notes: After the individual exited the interview room, a power malfunction occurred throughout the vessel. After the lights had gone out, it is presumed the individual used the event as a distraction to reach an escape raft positioned on the starboard, as evidenced by the disappearance of the individual and the aforementioned raft. It was also noted that the bone fragment typically used by Kin members for suicide, which had been extracted before the interview, had disappeared during the event. After the interview log was analyzed, Dr. Andrews was taken in for questioning over allowing the kinsman to escape. Dr. Andrews expressed the belief that the individual was not under the effects of RPC-625, and thus could be trusted to take more rational actions within Cetace's Kin. He stated that he believed allowing the man to go free would be "better in the long run" for the Authority. Dr. Andrews was suspended from work for a month following the incident, but was reinstated after a week following re-assessment of the event and was assigned to permanent work in OL-Site-067.

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