Registered Phenomena Code: 278

Object Class: Alpha-Black

Hazard Types: Climatological Hazard, Ecological Hazard, Contact Hazard.



h-climatological.png h-ecological.png h-contact.png


Containment Protocols: RPC-278 is to be contained in a standard containment unit, placed upright and on display. The object is to be designated as extremely fragile and only handled from its base. Under no circumstances are any personnel allowed to touch the globe portion of RPC-278.

The containment area must be kept at a temperature between five (5)°C and twenty (20)°C at all times. If the containment area cannot be kept at these levels, then RPC-278 is to be relocated immediately. The securing and safety of the object is to be considered top priority.

Description: RPC-278 is a stylised model globe of planet Earth. Its names (which are written in German) and depictions of landmasses, nations, and their current borders and capitals are current and accurate. In addition, landmasses, borders, and even nation capitals will adjust themselves to fit with the world's current state.

RPC-278's main anomalous property is its connection to the real planet Earth. It appears as if any changes to the object will also affect Earth. This includes changes in temperature, any contact with RPC-278 and possibly any damage to RPC-278. Based on incidents 04-01 and 05-12, it is theorised that, should RPC-278 break, or be severely damaged, the earth would experience several massive natural disasters and undergo an end-of-the-world scenario.

Addendum 1: Incident 04-01:

Addendum 2: Incident 05-12:

Addendum 3: Test Log 278-04:

Addendum 4: Test Log 278-16:

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