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Registered Phenomena Code: 277

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-277 is to be kept locked in a standard secure container, currently located at Site-███ and only be removed for testing purposes. Researchers must read the testing procedures manual and receive permission from current Lead Researcher before being granted access to RPC-277. As of ██/██/20██ testing has been suspended until improved testing procedures have been drafted and approved (see Addenda).

Description: RPC-277 is the collective denomination given to three bottles of shampoo. These bottles are standard, made of white plastic, 500 ml. in volume, with the words "for test!" written on each bottle with a black marker, currently designated RPC-277-A through C. Their anomalous properties manifest when applied on hair in the same manner as standard shampoo. While each have distinct effects, a common property manifests as a severely modified metabolism.

Effects begin as an increasing feeling of hunger which will eventually become a constant craving for food accompanied by hunger pangs, described by subjects as "almost unbearable" and only mitigated by the constant consumption of food items. In spite of this marked increase in metabolic requirements, the rate of digestion remains unchanged, meaning that subjects are at risk of incurring the side effects expected from excessive feeding. After reaching the food craving stage, assimilation of nutrients will also change with the body giving priority to bodily hair and allocating as much nutrients as possible to sustaining hair. These changes will remain at an incremental rate and eventually become unsustainable, with initial side-effects being an acute case of malnutrition, compounded by the consequences of excessive feeding, and damage to the digestive system. At that point subjects will die of starvation, unable to hold their food down due to these afflictions, usually within the span of one or two weeks after usage.

Animal testing is currently unsuccessful as nearly 95% of testing with subjects other than humans yields highly diminished effects. The remaining tests display none of these properties.

It is currently believed that these changes are made by RPC-277's active component, as chemical analysis of each instance has revealed the existence of [REDACTED]. Attempts by Authority researchers to synthesize this bio-chemical compound have been met with failure, though recent developments hint at the possibility of a breakthrough. The currently accepted hypothesis is that this active component reaches the bloodstream through dermal absorption and begins affecting subjects after reaching both the nervous and digestive systems.

The remaining descriptions and effects of each RPC-277 instance are as follows:

  • RPC-277-A is identical to non-anomalous shampoo. Using RPC-277-A has the effect of forcing the body to constantly grow hair, this growth will increase until reaching a rate of approximately █ cm. per day, corresponding with the increasing hunger. Hair affected by RPC-277-A is generally described as very healthy, even when subjects are experiencing severe malnutrition. Hair growth will continue until death of the subject. See testing log.
  • RPC-277-B has the consistency of hair gel. After using RPC-277-B, hair will become abnormally resistant to damage. Hair growth will begin to slow down until stopping completely, at which point nutrients will focus on increasing hair width and density, and hair will also begin to harden. These effects will eventually reach all body hair, and are described as extremely painful due to tears and skin damage caused by the widening hair filaments. These injuries will compound further as the effect increases in severity, with hair becoming chitinous plaques and the added weight tearing the skin further. In spite of the side effects, hair density will continue to grow until death of the subject and will retain its resistance to damage. See incident report.
  • RPC-277-C is a substance similar to hair conditioner. Usage of RPC-277-C leaves the hair in optimal health despite previously existing damage and has been described as aesthetically attractive. However, further changes manifest as a powerful chemical compound that coats the hair and permeates the scalp. This substance acts as a repellent, effectively impeding infestation by ectoparasites as well as microbial and fungal infections, not only keeping the hair in excellent health, but also keeping it completely sterile. While growth rate is not anomalously affected, metabolic changes ensure that nutrients not only prioritize hair but also the production of the chemical repellent through changes made on hair follicles, which eventually leads to intoxication through dermal absorption. Since the production of this substance does not stop, subjects die due to said intoxication effects on top of the previously described metabolic complications. Hair remains in pristine condition in spite of this.

Recovery: RPC-277 was recovered after an incident at the local hospital in the city of ███████, USA where a man, Sal █████, was admitted under the effects of RPC-277-A. Embedded Authority agents moved in to take over the situation, but since the nature of RPC-277 was unknown at the time, Mr. █████ died shortly after. Authority agents then started interviewing the victim's family and acquaintances. Information obtained helped secure RPC-277 and agents afterwards proceeded to employ Class-B amnestic agents on all civilians directly involved, with the cover-up of a uniquely severe case of hypertrichosis being fed to the media.

Gathered testimonies state that Mr. █████ received RPC-277 in an attempt to alleviate his balding head. It was assured that Mr. █████ described the products as a complete treatment but never discussed in-depth who gave it to him. Further evidence revealed the packaging utilized in the delivery of RPC-277 bared markings commonly associated with Amazing! Co., along with the following note:

We give thanks to you, Sal, for giving your signature up for Amazing! Co. testing! As you told us, you have a balding head, and we hope our Ultimate Hair Repair prototype helps you get the better, more strong, and pretty looking hair you want! Please let us know if you present problems in testing, we only want the greatest for our costumers!

For the tests you make for us, you get our special 25% discount on other Amazing! Co. products, enjoy!

Addendum 277.5: Incident 277-X1

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