RPC-275 At 11:00PM


Registered Phenomena Code: 275

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Animated-Hazard, Ecological Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Biohazard, Contact Hazard, Temporal Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-275 is to be contained inside a 1-kilometer electric fence. The Authority site on the island is to never to be staffed by any personnel. The island on which RPC-275 is located is to be blockaded by Authority ships at all times. RPC-275 can be left alone for an extended period of time, however, it should be occasionally visited during a Class-E-Event for basic maintenance. No personnel are to ever come within 3 kilometers of RPC-275 before its usual day cycle starts. Any attempts by personnel to communicate with RPC-275 without explicit permission is to be met with restrainment and immediate termination, unless under the pretense of an experiment. If RPC-275-1 is seen performing a Class-A event, A priest of either the Catholic, Greek Orthodox or Anglican faith are to be dispatched in order to communicate with RPC-275-1 instances. Any unauthorized interaction between the dispatched priest and RPC-275-1 instances are to be met with Class A-1 amnestics, or termination, depending on the degree of infractions.

Description: RPC-275 is a 15th-century fountain of unknown origins, found 7 kilometers off the west coast of Guatemala on an uninhabited island. The island is undetectable by any modern means, including sonar, satellite imagery, or even ████. The island itself is memetic in nature, as the discovery of the island is impossible by personnel not actively aware, or physically searching for the island. As a result, the island was not fully discovered or contained by the authority until 19██.

The many creatures and plants found within the island are identical to their mainland counterparts. However, they are biologically immortal, still subjected to death by other means, but can live biologically forever. It is currently unknown what causes this effect, but it is anomalous in nature, as new animals introduced to the island do not inherit the same effect. The age of the island itself is also unknown, as any soil samples taken from the island will instantly disintegrate. However, carbon dating Prunus avium1 trees found on-site have revealed that they biologically, over 100 thousand years old.

At the center of the island, is a 15th-century fountain of unknown origin. The fountain appears to be visibly damaged from the bottom up, as it is not physically connected to the ground. However, it stays at a constant height of precisely 1.2 meters off the ground, regardless of the environment around it. It is impossible to move RPC-275 from its current location, any attempt of physical contact with the anomaly will be met with a Class-B event, See Class-B-Event For Further Details.

RPC-275 appears to be made up of impure marble, lacking a specific texture. In the middle of the fountain is a cupid angel carrying a vase. Below the main fountain, rests a stone tablet which has the same texture as the fountain itself. From time to time the text on the tablet will change, always in a way according to both its current situation and always directed to personnel physically on the island. The tablet will appear to be printed with what seems to be nonsensical writings. However, at random intervals and during both Class-A and Class-B events the tablet will change. Instead to be written in what appears to be ancient Latin.

RPC-275 between the hours of 1pm and 7pm on every day of the week, excluding Sundays and Class-F events, is completely static unless physically contact is made. At 7pm the anomaly will begin to show activity for the next 5 hours. The activity shown is documented in: RPC-275's Average Daily Cycle

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