Registered Phenomena Code: 269

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazards: h-ecological.png Ecological Hazard h-organic.png Organic Hazard h-grouped.png Grouped Hazard h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard h-mind-control.png Mind-Control Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-269 is to be contained on the Biological Wing of Site-031-2. Due to the high saturation levels of RPC-269-1 found in the containment chamber's air, an output ventilation system with a harvester filter has been installed in the containment chamber alongside an entry airlock. The water pump and cleaning team are to check for any residual spores or instances of RPC-269-2.

Personnel taking part in cleanup efforts of the containment chamber must be equipped with full body hazmat suits including air filtration masks of designation P-A-2 color brown with an incorporated microphone.

Any instances of RPC-269-2 detected in the ventilation system/water pump are to be extracted and stored in a Level 4 bio-hazard container with a magnetic lock.

Personnel with Level II clearance credentials are allowed to collect up to a total of 2500 grams of RPC-269-1 and 5 leaves of RPC-269-2 for testing and interrogation purposes; Under no circumstances are any personnel to ingest RPC-269-1 for any purpose without formal permission granted by the current Site Director. Any ingestion for recreational purposes is forbidden unless medical authorization is given.

All testing with RPC-269-2 must be carried out utilizing only CSD personnel, given formal request from Research or Protection personnel, and permission granted by current Site Director.

If a containment breach occurs during experimentation, the containment cell of RPC-269 must be put on lockdown and all instances of RPC-269-2 minus one be incinerated. The entity(s) responsible for the containment breach must be displaced by force. Amnestics are to be dispensed to any affected individuals and put in the medical bay for immediate treatment and examination.

Wild instances of RPC-269 and RPC-269-1 are to be burned down by protocol "Sleepytyme" and all RPC-269-2 entities must be administered the relevant amnestics and treatment.


Image taken from a camera in Site-031-2.

Description: RPC-269 are anomalous instances of the Blechnum1 of the vascular plant taxonomy tree. RPC-269 can grow to 5 meters in length, feature purple chlorophyll pigmentation and has no observable roots.

All instances of RPC-269 constantly secrete a spore-like substance, designated RPC-269-1. Studies performed on RPC-269-1 show that the spores are sterile and not related to RPC-269's reproductive system.

When RPC-269-1 enters the body of a sentient/sapient life form, it induces short-term memory loss followed by temporary loss of consciousness, ending with the entity falling into REM sleep. While unconscious, they will enter a state similar to sleepwalking in which they will start producing unintelligible vocal noises and move their limbs without any discernible pattern.

Small quantities will lead to a state of unconsciousness for a period of 3-4 hours for human subjects, while considerably larger quantities can cause a sleeping period of 12 to 15 hours. Reports from experimentation show that people affected by RPC-269-1 display the effects of a well rested sleep, while longer RPC-269-induced sleep will result in secondary effects consistent with longer non-anomalous sleep2.

Upon overdosing on RPC-269-13 the person will enter a temporary coma; the status of an RPC-269-1 induced coma is the same of as persistent vegetative state4. The coma will end after a period of time varying between 4 to 40 days if the dose was excessively higher than recommended.

RPC-269-2 is a deceased instance of RPC-269. While it does not show any signs of spore generation, RPC-269-2 functions as an offspring of RPC-269. Studies performed on RPC-269-2 show a slow manner of "drilling" movements into soil to establish a germination process of a new RPC-269 instance.

Should any biological entity consume RPC-269-2 in any type of ingestion (via smoking, eating or drinking) the entity will experience a complete loss of consciousness and independent thought generation, allowing the subject to be easily manipulated by voiced commands.

The entity who consumed RPC-269-2 will attempt to follow most orders given to it without trying to analyze its well-being or pausing to consider the difficulty of the order presented; the only feats that the entity can't perform outright are metaphysical and memetic types of actions.

If the affected subject is capable of speech, it will respond to all commands given with limited variation. Common responses include "Right away, sir", "Of course", "Can do", "I obey" and "Yes master". The affected subject will respond with extreme clarity when asked a question, and will obey commands with accuracy consistent to the best of its knowledge and capabilites. If ordered to heal, or recover from an injury, the affected subject will gain a minor placebo effect, in addition to attempting recovery through any medical knowledge at hand.

Once the effect of RPC-269-2 ends, the entity will faint and fall asleep on the spot. After 2 hours of aforementioned rest, the entity will return back to normal with no memories of the previous events/questions.


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